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Grooming experts on how to get haircuts post-lockdown

Thinking about haircuts post-lockdown? We asked India’s top men’s hairstyling experts on new trends and pointers to take note of.

It’s been a few long months since our last official barber appointment, and well, a few things have changed. Since the lockdown, men’s grooming has turned into a domestic affair instead of getting it done in luxury salons. However, now that getting a haircut appointment is an available option, it’s time we get our grooming back in check. We asked India’s top hairstyling experts about new grooming trends on the block and what men should expect in terms of haircuts post-lockdown.

haircuts post lockdown

Understanding new trends on the radar

The unavailability of barber services during these months have pushed men towards choosing one of the two – being short and manageable or overgrown and lengthy. Due to which, a few anomalous styles will surface or would get more attention than usual. One should find a suitable hairstyle for their post-lockdown length. “In terms of shorter styles, the Ceasar cut and the Textured Top would highlight whereas longer hairstyles like the Man Bob, the Bro Flow, or a simple play of longer layers would be in vogue as well,” said Jaykishan Pawar, Master Barber at Truefitt & Hill India.

haircuts post lockdown

Before experimenting with something new, build its base

From a grooming perspective, the lockdown has been advantageous for men who’d been waiting to experiment. It’s a great time to let their hair grow naturally and grow past the ‘awkward phase’. With their haircuts post-lockdown, some may prefer sharper cuts while others, a more casual look. But before we experiment and aspire for hairstyles like Zayn or Nick Jonas’, we need to balance it out and think long term.

“If your hair is long and you’d like to try a different look, my advice is to let your first haircut be about basic shaping and balancing out the weight of your hair. This way, you can create a strong base for your new look. Every style is a trend these days, but you need to find a base for your new hairstyle before indulging further. It’s important to find a suitable hairstyle for our daily hustle. On the other hand, if you think you need some more time to grow your hair, I would suggest having the right products that can control and shape your length better as it grows,” says Delphine Sarroche, creative director at Jean Claude Biguine, Bangalore.

haircuts post lockdown

2021 is the year to grow out your hair

If you’ve been waiting to grow out your hair, this is the year. The process of growing out your hair is much harder than we think, and it demands a great deal of maintenance too. While it’s great that we’ve sat the ‘awkward phase’ out, our length may still be quite a mess. Ideally, during this process, one would need a few maintenance cuts to keep it fresh, which, hasn’t been possible during the lockdown. However, if you’ll be taking this endeavour forward in a more serious fashion, keep this in mind.

“You have plenty of options now that your hair has had some time to grow, but it’s advisable to seek recommendations from a stylist first. Long hair is an attitude as much as it is a look. If you’ve got the confidence to break away from the pack, then you’re halfway there. It’s important to have the right mindset and the right references. Finally, as your locks move south, it’s important to also invest in the right shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair strong and glossy as it grows. This also means separate bottles (no two-in-ones),” expertly put by Audrey D’Souza, Hair Lead Educator at Lakmé Salon.

haircuts post lockdown

How the staple undercut will evolve post-lockdown

The undercut is an immortal grooming icon, and even the lockdown can’t hold it back. Of course, it does take special attention to detail to bring out its flair that we know and love. The side faded undercut was its most mainstream form, but with the lockdown, things did change a little for the undercut.

“Fade undercuts mean the barber uses clippers to shave the sides and the back of our head to achieve a particular style, which of course, requires a great deal of skill to perfect. Other haircuts are entirely scissor cut all over including the sides and back. Unfortunately at home, that can be a bit of a tough task. On the other hand, you may want to opt for a tapered look instead of a fade. This may be easier to achieve at home. It’s also better to have shorter haircuts that are easy to manage. In terms of styling, natural-looking hairstyles require a lighter hold and matte finish pomades. You can also use a blow dryer at home for smoother flow and add some volume,” said Sareena Acharya, artistic head at Enrich Salon.

haircuts post lockdown

Are haircuts at home a good idea?

At home, you already know that this is a bit of a gamble. Haircuts in the 21st century require much more skill than what we domestically possess. However, given the situation at hand, it’s understandable if you’re sceptical about getting haircuts post-lockdown at a salon. As a temporary fix, if you dial back and aim for something simpler, it may just work. And the most common road men take in terms of his domestic grooming affair is the classic buzz cut.

“Always aim for even hair length when using a buzzer. From your attachment set, choose a clipper ranging from O-4. These are great to achieve the desired length, and you could even try a lower length on your sides and your temple. It is also a great time to experiment and match your stubble and beard with your buzz cut too. Although I would not recommend trying to cut your hair at home with a scissor, one needs to be careful while attempting a haircut on their own. Without the right skill, there’s a good chance it will end up in a disaster,” stated Audrey D’Souza, Hair Lead Educator at Lakmé Salon.

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