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Let your zodiac sign guide you to your next fun nail art design

Our nail art designs not only reflects our moods, but it also reveals a lot about our personalities. Consider the designs that you are naturally drawn to. Maximalism, colour clashes, and over-the-top glitters? Or how about white, earthy tones, and simple accents? Your Zodiac is one approach to focus in on the designs that are most suited to you. Each star sign can emphasise certain dominant features. Are you curious where yours will lead you? Continue scrolling below.

Try these nail art designs based on your Zodiac sign

With so many styles to pick from these days, it might be difficult to decide which one to go with. However, you may make things easy by choosing nail art that corresponds to your zodiac sign. Let the stars decode and decide.

From soothing manicure patterns and colour mix to embellished glitz and classics, there’s something for every sign. Discover yours ahead.



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Fire and ice pretty much describes you well. As a result, a red nail with glitter accent complements your personality. These killer nails are sure to turn heads.


Image: Courtesy Instagram/@nailzkatkat

As an earth sign, you are grounded, tranquil, and like peaceful and calming environments. Choose a soft floral nail art design that will put you in a pleasant mood every time you look at it.


Image: Courtesy Instagram/@heygreatnails

Geminis are expressive, playful, curious, and quick-witted. A mismatched nail art is ideal for this multi-personality sign.


Image: Courtesy Instagram/@bysarahnailartist

Soft pastels, especially a whimsical lilac that emanates beauty and tranquillity, would go well with your loving sensitive personality.



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You already know you’re a superstar, Leo, so it’s time to let others know. A little bling on your claws will help you feel and be regarded as the ferocious, regal, and amazing being you are.


Image: Courtesy Instagram/@glowbeautybath

Virgos are perfectionists who are organised, detail-oriented, helpful, and honest. This reverse French mani is not only impeccably neat and extremely precise, but it’s also quite chic.


Image: Courtesy Instagram/@naildby_jessicacotton

As lovers of balance, pick a nail art design that is fully in sync with you and all of your fingers. This Yin Yang design elegantly balances a minimalistic neutral manicure with delicate french tips.


You can pull off dark colours like no other. The most mysterious of all, your nails must match your degree of intensity, and nothing matches a dark hue like a classic bold black to turn a few heads.


Nail art based on your zodiac sign
Image: Courtesy Instagram/@evachristie_

Another fire sign, you’re adventurous and love trying new things, which makes you an ideal beauty consumer. You’re daring, lively, and entertaining, so something colourful and graphic like this design is perfect.



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This reflective chrome manicure encapsulates the Capricorn zodiac sign’s calm and practical nature.



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You’re an earth sign with the word “aqua” in your name, and you’re eccentric, preferring to go off the beaten path, and have a rebellious attitude. You prefer to do things your way and aren’t afraid to say so. Choose a nail art design that speaks to you the most, no matter how unusual it is, as long as it reflects the mood around you.


Nail art based on your zodiac sign
Image: Courtesy Instagram/@ginaedwards_

You’ll be psyched to try out pearl nail art this season because one of your planetary rulers is Neptune, who rules the sea. After all, what you find enchanting is a precious gem created in the water by its inhabitants.

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Let your zodiac sign guide you to your next fun nail art design

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