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Review: Why you should try out the newest in-salon hair trend, K-Water by Kerastase

From hair loss to hair oiling, there are so many ways your hair needs constant care. But those are just the basics – long term hair benefits at best. And we’re not talking about that ‘kind’ of hair care. We’re talking about hair care that is a synonym for ‘self-care’, the kind of ritual that gives your hair that ultimate, the sunny bounce and makes you feel like a star every time you step out in 10 minutes? K-water is the newest treatment from Kerastase that almost gives your hair the million dollar makeover without making you salon-visit a tedious process. Because honestly, we needed a mid-week pick-me-up and nothing cures the blues like swishy hair and bouncy waves. Diamond-like shine and only an additional 10 minutes into your salon hair routine? Sign us up.

I worked my way to a salon after 8 months today. Honestly, it was a drag, I did not know how post-covid sanitisation at salons really worked. To top it off, an additional treatment did not seem like that big a draw to dress up (or down, depending on your mood) and get out of the house with a mask and a Korean playlist in hand. But I succumbed because I had read too much about this miraculous K-water treatment and the internet was full of positive reviews. Off I went to Geetanjali Salons, a new one just opened up in a spectacular spot in Lokhandwala and wasn’t really teeming with people, thanks to appointments on call and not too many people knowing about this new salon branch yet.

I was impressed by the care they took to sanitise and welcome you – the chairs were sanitised in between sessions, the hair stylists and staff in masks and PVC additions, the gloves while washing your hair and basically, all care taken to make sure your salon visit doesn’t give you fabulous hair nevertheless but with a side of anxiety. My stylist was Rohan Kaapse, a chatty chap with in-depth knowledge about everything hair – and he took in a Kerastase hair test and it immediately threw up insights into my hair history – hair is not too damaged ( I have not coloured my hair, so that added up) and oily on the scalp with dryness in parts. The mobile-like device gave me a lesson on hair care customised to my own hair – with all it’s nuances and peculiarities.

But first, what made me try this treatment? As a busy mom with homeschooling going on and a full-time job – my answer is, self-care. But not just any – the kind that requires just 10 minutes and whose effects can last a day or two long. So the bigger draw, it’s a treatment for women who have no time for elaborate ideas and those who sell want fabulous hair. Who said we can’t have it all?

Conventional treatments do make me anxious – the thought of sitting near a basin, Instagram-scrolling through eternity waiting for a mask to penetrate is just no longer appealing. Sometimes, we are looking at a 40-minute add-on and the mask formula is way too thick so you need a longer blow-dry. But with K-Water, it became a simple process. Rohan washed my hair with a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair from Kerastase and proceeded to give me a thorough wash with a mask and then, once it’s absorbed, a wash and a rinse with the coveted K-Water. The bottle of joy uses advanced lamellar technology, and upon contact with water, it immediately sets out to soften and smoothen your hair and gives you instant shine. I felt the weightlessness but the result completely came together once I blow-dried my hair – it felt easy and the shine was right there, staring at me.

The K-Water treatment’s Lamellar complex is a global first and is known to be fast-acting and reasonable – penetrating even the thickest of hair to give your hair that added lightness – almost like it’s been through a top coat. The surprisingly conventional last rinse with K-Water is easier on the hair only because it’s more like a clear water and not a lotion or cream-based product. Almost like a toner for your hair. The important thing to remember? It’s the last rinse after shampooing and the first one before you start your blow-drying process. It even helps your hair to get those blow-drying benefits faster.

The interesting bit is that, K Water is actually devoid of water and is a combination of glycol and caring agents that help deliver a smoother finish. This glossy shine with no breakage is a tempting affair because it’s a one-time benefit that lasts a day or two. One should try it if you are heading out on a big date or a wedding function or any other social occasion – the glow on your hair is real.

Launched this week in India, the exclusive in-salon treatment addition costs around Rs 1,200 ( The rates do change according to the salon you frequent though) and you can ask for it and top it up on your regular blow-dry, cut and colour. What does it do? It gives your hair that weight-less feeling and adds shine that can only remind you of hair ads on TV. At times like these, you just need to top your hair with a gloss to feel good – it’s just that simple.

Latha Sunadh
Deputy Editor
When she's not trying on a new serum, researching on yet another classic fragrance and sharing lip balms with her 5-year old daughter, Latha Sunadh keeps it reined in with a nice song and a good book. Special skills include obsessing over handmade, home-made and handcrafted luxuries.