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Here’s a fool-proof guide to skincare for the body with the best products

When it comes to skincare, we demand the most advanced formulae and active ingredients and spend hours addressing our skin’s every need. So, why do so many of us neglect our bodies’ skincare? Let’s talk about body care for a change rather than facial skincare.

The ideal skincare routine for your body

skincare for body

Our bodies bear the weight of the world, but we frequently fail to pay them the attention they deserve. It’s critical to treat your body with the same nourishing ingredients and care that you give your face. It’s easier than ever to have visibly smoother, suppler skin from the chin down, thanks to the emergence of specific body formulas that provide both short and long-term benefits.

We’ve got soaps for lathering up in the shower and lotions for hydrating afterwards, and that’s about it. However, in 2022, whole body care routines that go above and beyond to treat a wide range of issues from the neck down are expected. “In the future, we will see the ‘skincare-ification’ of all beauty categories extend to bath and body. Customers will treat the skin on their bodies in the same way that they treat their faces.” predicts a trend-forecasting firm.

Keeping this in mind, let’s delve into the booming realm of body care.

Cleanse with a refreshing body wash

This first step is probably obvious if you already have a consistent skincare regimen for your face. No matter what area of your body you’re dealing with, the best approach to start is to be absolutely clean. For your body, it means using a cleanser created solely for cleansing your body—don’t expect your face wash to suffice. Look for a mild body cleanser that will not irritate or dry your skin. Lather up with a loofah or your hands, then rinse off before continuing.

Slough away dead skin using a body polish

Luckily, your body’s skin is more suited to exfoliation. Because your body is often tougher than your face, you don’t have to be as concerned about over-scrubbing. Exfoliate your body twice or three times each week by including a sugar scrub into your shower regimen and gently rubbing the scrub into your skin. Pay special attention to your elbows, knees, and heels, since these areas are more prone to develop rough patches that require more exfoliation. This method will also help you avoid strawberry skin.

Power up your skin’s defences

We need antioxidants in our body creams for the same reason that we need them in our face creams. Inflammatory influences are continually bombarding our skin, and the oxidative damage caused by this is one of the causes of ageing, illness, and dysfunction. To assist protect the skin’s resilience, add cocoa-seed extract, vitamin E, and vitamin C.

Hydrate your body generously

This step is critical in this body care guide. While your skin is still damp from your shower, this is an ideal opportunity to hydrate it. Slather a moisturising cream, lotion, or even cold-pressed oils over your entire body, from neck to toes, and allow it to absorb before putting on your clothing. Remember the sides and back of your neck, too, which are often neglected.

All Images: Courtesy Pexels

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