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Spotlight scents: The best men’s fragrances for this summer

As our style spectrum tilts towards the tropical notes of spring, it only fair that our perfume closet gets a summery update too. Though most summer scents have traditionally been about fruity notes, it’s important to indulge in the right fragrances. With that in mind, here are our top five fragrances for spring.  



A new line from the Italian style and scent artisans, this is Zegna’s take on a classic eau de cologne, and as the name suggests, bergamot is the predominant note here. You also have a little bit of neroli and vetiver. Not many perfumes these days work for both day and night, but the Italian Bergamot cracks serves the purpose effortlessly. The fragrance is fresh and sophisticated. 

Price: Rs 15,000 (approx)

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The words that best describe this scent are revitalising, refreshing, and relaxing, all pointing towards a beautiful summer perfume. Acqua di Parma’s legacy is over 100 years old, and throughout this journey they’ve been crafting scents to excite the urban man. The Blu Mediterraneo consists of an eight-piece capsule from which the Fico di Amalfi is our favourite. At its heart, notes of fig and jasmine blend to create a unique citric and grapefruit-like scent. 

Price: Rs 8,000.


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Vetiver, if you didn’t already know, is a tropical grass native to India. Usually, the root of the plant is where the oils are extracted from, but Creed actually infuses the root, the leaves, and the heart of the plant for this fragrance. The result, as you would expect, has a very beautiful grassy smell to it. 

Price: Rs 40,000.

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Louis Vuitton recently launched a three-piece perfume capsule as an ode to the sunny beaches of California. Sun Song, Cactus Garden, and Afternoon Swim are gracious eau de parfums that announce, enhance, and prolong the feeling of summer. Each scent is unique and aim to express the quintessential elements of spring. We believe this fragrance will work well for high teas or Sunday brunches. 

Price: On request.

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Finally, we have a phenomenal fragrance from Tom Ford – Oud Fleur. As nthe name suggests, you have both an oud note and a floral note. The floral note pops the most and is a very distinct rose. But do not think that because this has a pronounced rose note that it is feminine. The oud wood is what neutralises the rose, creating a base note for this scent. We’d prefer wearing this during the day than night. 

Price: Rs 16,000 (approx) onwards

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