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The 5-step guide to using hair wax correctly and the best ones to buy

A man’s world of hairstyling is a real rabbit hole. But, let’s go back to the basics. Here’s how to style it right with the best hair waxes in the grooming market today.

If you’re strutting a finely-trimmed undercut, you’ll know the importance of using the right styling product. Of course, you do have the options of clay, pomade, paste, and putty but for those who prefer a simpler hairstyling solution, there’s wax. Why wax? For hold, volume, and matte finishes, and the core details of a good undercut. Moreover, you have the option of not using a blow dryer for styling. Wax styling does come with rules from the grooming manual.

Start small

The first question, how much do you use? Take a small amount, just about the size of a peanut. Most men have a misconception that more wax equals more hold. In theory, it may but you’ll also be competing with Grease Lightnin’.

Warm it up well

As you scoop it, warm it up on your palms first. Cold wax has a tendency of lumping up if applied directly. Do this for about 7-10 seconds or so until you feel the heat and wax loosening up on your palm.

Rear-to-front first

This is essential for a good hold. Start applying at the back of the head first and slowly brush towards the front. By coating a thin layer at the top, you avoid clumping in one area. Also, be sure to close your hands as you reach the ends of your hair to ensure the tips get some product.

The actual process of styling

The art of hair waxing is all about layering, not a one-stroke fix. It’s a common mistake men make when using wax. They often take a big chunk and break it down. Instead, take smaller amounts and work the styling bit by bit. Ideally, this should take about 3 scoops of wax, more could be risky. The process of layering, if done right, can help to build volume too.

Fixing the strays

Finally, to attend to final details, take one final scoop and push the strays in. Don’t brush or pull, but press with a flat palm. Use this method to also wax the areas you’ve missed. Be warned, overuse of wax can create an extremely greasy and unfinished look, which may affect the health of your hair.

Now that you’ve mastered the tricks, here are the best tools of the trade:

The Man Company – Hair Styling Cream Wax | MACHISMO

The Man Company - Hair Styling Cream Wax | MACHISMO

Let’s start off this list with an all-rounder. Here’s TMC’s proud hair-waxing solution. Claimed to be juiced out of Beeswax, it offers a naturally strong hold and a matte finish as every good hair wax should. Induced with Vitamin E, it also nourishes your hair while keeping it stylish.

Price: Rs 375

Available at The Man Company’s online store.

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Flexwax Wax

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Flexwax Wax

If you’re looking to embrace the texture of your hair, this is one of the best hair waxes out there. It’s more creamy than wax, offering a slight sheen to the hair. It doesn’t compromise on the hold and is even re-mouldable.

Price: Rs 900

Available at Nykaa Man.

This Is A Strong Dry Wax by Davines

This Is A Strong Dry Wax by Davines

Davines has always been a favourite. This hair wax is a must-try for men who are yet figuring out which product works for them. It’s a simple formula – Zero residues, super stronghold, and an intense matte finish. Textbook undercut cues.

Price: On Request

Available at Davine’s online store.

L’Oreal Paris Homme – Force 2 

L'Oreal Paris Homme - Force 2 

While styling is important, L’Oreal has always prioritised hair-care before strong styling holds. Force 2 is great for men with medium or thick hair, as the hold here is lesser compared to the others on this list. Moreover, if you prefer a shiny look instead of a matte, pick this one.

Price: Rs 575

Available in select stores and L’Oreal’s official website.

Beardo Hair Crystal Wax

Apart from being a popular choice and one of the best hair waxes, it hits two birds with one stone here. It uses natural ingredients and offers a great budget solution. For men with haircare concerns, this would be our top recommendation.

Price: Rs 275

Available at Beardo’s official website.

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