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In the relentless pursuit of excellence at work, at social situations and home, we tend to lose ourselves in this hectic corporate and hyper-urban life. Let’s be honest – everything perfect, or seemingly perfect, comes at a cost and at this very moment, we need a minute to de-stress and detox the mind and the body. Grooming and self-care is one way to meet your daily quota of wellness and we spent our day at a bespoke luxury salon in Mumbai, The White Door to try their most popular treatments. The salon, known for its celebrity clientele is situated in the heart of Bandra and is known for its hygiene, luxe facials, luxury skincare and more and they recently also introduced a ‘Gentlemen’s Menu‘ with enhanced grooming services. Here are the best ones we reccommend for men looking to add a bit of skincare and self-care into their routine.

TWD Face Contouring Massage
TWD Face Contouring Massage

Eating on-the-go, low fitness levels and a busy lifestyle can make you feel bloated and dull. Luckily for those of the bearded tribe, there are ways to sculpt and knead the facial skin to achieve more supple skin. To help men maintain a more structured clean-shaven appearance, The White Door offers unique face contouring massages.

About the process

We quite liked this four-step face massage for its use of new-age grooming tech, expert massage techniques, and high-energy strokes. It starts off with a simple cleanse and exfoliation process with the Foreo Luna 2. We proceed to what TWD calls an Animal Claw movement that warms up the face, boosting the epidermal layer. This is where, the relaxation comes in. It unknots all facial muscles and cures stress-related issues. Next up, a jade facial roller. We’ve always trusted this roller for its convenient efficiency in lymphatic drainage and to aid the absorption of the skin-care products. This allows us to now work on wrinkles surrounding the jawline, cheeks, and forehead while lifting the cheekbones and the brow area using a Butterfly stone. The final step in this process includes an EMS machine that stimulates electric currents that revitalize ageing or sagging skin. This provides an immediate lifting effect while eliminating superficial puckering.

What we think

My face did feel significantly lighter and tightened after the massages. We’d suggest you indulge in this treatment a day ahead of business meetings for best effects. For those looking for a pre-wedding grooming check, we’d suggest you try this on the day of the ceremony itself and abstain from foods that can induce bloating.

Price: Rs 2,500

Sportsman’s Pedicure
Sportsmen’s Pedicure

The basic grooming must-do? A good pedicure that trims the nails, cleans the grime and removes dead skin cells. The White Door offers a pedicure that’s very luxurious. The massage alongside the pedicure is great for men who are into fitness who experience muscle tension.

About the process

Like every pedicure procedure, they start with a hot cup of coffee and personal Apple iPad set with relaxing tunes. A classic clean up followed by a moisturizing massage all the way up to my shin. This takes care of all dead skin and relaxes you.

What we think

The Sportsmen’s Pedicure made my feet look presentable while loosening up my muscles. The relaxing music and the massage helped me relax. We’d recommend this once in two or three weeks.

Price: Rs 2,200

Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage
In-Chair Service: Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage

The corporate life and the desk-job setting leads to the ‘Computer Hunch’ that puts your neck and shoulders under severe stress. That means, serious posture issues. To take the edge off and revitalize our muscles, we’d recommend this massage.

About the process

This is a massage to strictly target our pressure points and unlock the tightness in our muscles. This also allows for better blood circulation around the neck and face. The efficient technicians at TWD ensure that right pressure is applied to grieving areas, promising a relaxing experience. Packed with the goodness of organically sourced coconut or almond oil, the application helps nourish your scalp and adds a little zing and lush to your locks. A warm herbal neck pillow is placed on your neck and uses heat therapy to increase circulation to soothe static inflammation.

What we think

While the menu also offers a deep tissue massage, I think it’s important for men and women to give importance to the upper spinal cord as much as the lower. We’d recommend this once in three weeks.

Price: Rs 700

All Images: Courtesy The White Door

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