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Thinning hair troubling you? Here are 6 easy tips to manage that mess better

From hairstyling, picking the right product and more, we’ve listed six easy and everyday tips for men with thinning hair problems.

For most men, there’ll tragically come a day where their time of luscious locks and voluminous pompadours will be behind them. There may not be much of an escape. However, it’s a fate they can surely run from (well, at least for a while). You should know that hair thinning, most of the time, comes down to simple DNA. So don’t beat yourself about it. But what exactly is thinning hair? To put it simply, it’s acute hair loss in specific areas that cause a lack of thickness or volume. While most might tell you that it’s fate and there isn’t much you can do about it, we beg to differ. There’s a bunch of tricks one can use to tackle this patchy mess. Here are six easy tips for men with thinning hair they can simply follow in their everyday life. 

tips for thinning hair

Firstly, understand the difference between hair thinning and having fine hair and balding

Let’s set the record straight once and for all and give you a quick guide to these three hair perils. Thinning hair refers to having less hair. Balding refers to loss of hair. ‘Fine hair’ refers to well, simply having fine strands of hair. It causes a lack of volume and density creating the illusion of baldness. It’s quite an irk as it exposes your scalp to a degree where your peers think you’re losing hair. However, if you are suffering from thinning hair, you should seek cosmetic help as it may worsen.

Investing in quality hair products that suit your hair type

Once you’ve reached that point of having unhealthy, fragile hair, it’s almost like you’re walking a tightrope from there. The solution? Focus on rejuvenating and breathing new life into it. Stay away from chemical-packed products. In a situation like this, it’s always best to get an understanding of what hair type you have and what hair products suit it best. This understanding comes best from consulting a dermatologist. Just like skincare, haircare is also subjective to one’s unique characteristics.

tips for thinning hair

Choose a hairstyle that suits your hair density

Perhaps one of the best tips for thinning hair and quite literally one that’s in your own hands. Understand that thinning hair creates windows in hair density, exposing your scalp. Choose a hairstyle or haircut that counters that. You might think, going super short and tight might be an easy solution here. But no, we’d say create more density and play around with it. Aim for a length of 3 to 5 inches on top while keeping it short on the sides. This will create the illusion of more volume on top. More so, the texture is your best mate, it’ll add definition to your hair making it look more structured and fuller.

Use matte instead of wet-look but don’t go overboard

Hairstyling completely depends on one’s hair type and traits. In the case of thinning hair, the trick here is to use a product that assists with volume and creating the illusion of density. Go with a matte-finish product instead of a gel/wet-look product. The latter will simply worsen your case when dealing with this haircare problem, exposing your scalp further. However, while using matte products too, don’t overdo it. Overuse of matte products can use stickiness while will eventually contradict its initial purpose of looking voluminous.

Apply products before blow-drying

Here’s an expert trick you can use at home while hairstyling. By applying product first and then blowdrying, what you’re doing is blowing out the excess and unwanted moisture in your hair. This will leave you with a purely dry set of hair and product that’s already set in. More so, it will also make your hair look more natural and less sticky.

Avoid heat-blasting your hair

Ever heard of the damage that follows from over-blowdrying your hair? Well, it’s real and in the case of thinning hair, it can be even worse. Whenever using a blowdryer to set your hair, always set it to minimum heat or cool. Here’s a simple science class explaining why, when hot, it bends. And when cool, it’s rigid. In a situation where you’re aiming for volume, structure becomes your best friend and this tip certainly helps to retain that. It’s one of the most important tips for thinning hair styling, take note.

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