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Fancy Rapunzel like tresses? Add these hair growth oils to your hair care routine

Bobs and pixie cuts are cool and trendy, but there’s something about long, mermaid-esque hair that we keep coming back to. Fancy long and thick strands? Read on to discover how to achieve them, plus best hair growth oils that are available in India.

We’ve all struggled to grow our hair out at some time. While a healthy lifestyle (i.e., hydrating, eating well, and sleeping enough) is the key to healthy hair growth, there are a variety of topical treatments, such as hair growth oils, that can be easily applied to the scalp to give your hair growth regimen an extra push.

Getting into the habit of putting your hair first is the first step towards healthy growth. Measures like using less heat, getting more frequent cuts, avoiding dry shampoo, and, most significantly, investing in a premium hair growth oil will completely transform your strands.

Benefits of oiling hair

Stimulates hair growth

Aside from the product itself, the massage technique used when applying oil offers a slew of benefits. It enhances or stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, which helps in the delivery of nutrients to the scalp, which subsequently acts to nourish the hair. It also helps as a stress reliever, which is one of the reasons of hair loss.

Helps to strengthen the hair

According to experts, oiling hair has a multi-dimensional effect. It benefits the hair by enhancing its tensile strength, decreasing frizziness, and avoiding breakage.

Hydrates the hair and prevents frizz

Oils high in Vitamin E and fatty acids, such as castor oil and olive oil, can form a physical barrier around hair cells, preventing moisture loss and leaving strands appearing dull and dry.

Protects the hair from heat damage

The oil coats the hair, forming a protective covering for the hair shaft. When people use hot styling equipment on their hair and other treatments on it, the hair becomes highly brittle and fragile.

Prevents dandruff

Dandruff is drawn to a scalp that is excessively dry and sweaty; this might be challenging since dryness can be caused by dust and pollution. Applying hair oil three nights a week overnight can help reduce the buildup of dead skin cells, which is another cause of dandruff.

Prevents hair fall

The primary reasons of hair loss include dry scalp, lack of hydration, and protein deficiency. These common issues may be alleviated by regular hair oiling. The advantages of a hair oil massage include scalp exfoliation, dead skin elimination, and nourishing and rejuvenating fine hair, all of which will help prevent hair loss.

What should you look for in a hair growth oil?

Most topicals containing active ingredients are designed to be applied to the scalp for maximum efficacy. Experts recommend choosing a product that is light enough to penetrate the scalp without leaving a residue on the hair strands, as well as one that is designed to stimulate cellular turnover, decrease inflammation, respect the natural balance of the scalp’s microbiome, and can be shampooed off.

Rosemary oil has been lauded as a hero ingredient, but it is not the only one. Peppermint oil, lavender oil, and even basic aloe vera have all been proved to promote hair growth. Argan oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Citrus oils, peptides, and amino acids can also help in the formation of strong strand bonds and overall growth. Hair oils containing biotin also promotes hair growth by supporting the hair’s natural keratin.

How often should you use hair oils?

When it comes to how frequently to use your hair oil, experts recommend carefully reading the instructions for your oil of choice. Following the directions on your hair growth oil is critical since some oils require you to use it once a week while others require you to apply it more frequently. To ensure that your hair is as clean and nourished as possible, pair your hair growth oils with a shampoo and conditioner routine. According to experts, clarifying shampoos in particular are ideal buddies for hair growth oils.

Our edit of the best hair growth oils in India

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Fancy Rapunzel like tresses? Add these hair growth oils to your hair care routine

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