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Interview: Bhumi Pednekar on the wellness mantra that she swears by and other beauty secrets

When you play the role of an overweight bride in your debut film, it’s difficult to break the mould and establish yourself as a star and not a caricature. An actress that has managed to brilliantly overcome this barrier is Bhumi Pednekar.

As a strong purveyor of a stress-free lifestyle, Bhumi Pednekar’s holistic approach to beauty and wellness is reflected all through her career. From the debut role in Dum Laga Ke Haisha to Toilet: Ek Prem Gatha, Pednekar not only commits to a role but immerses herself in the characters and their lifestyle choices.

So when it comes to switching between roles, it’s equally essential for her to break the mould with mindful choices. She does so by understanding her body and being mindful of what you put into it. For the actress, a sustainable ideology or habit is easier to adapt than trends. It is this ideology that led her to associate with Boddess as their beauty collaborator. We catch up with Bhumi Pednekar on how the multi-beauty platform influences other beauty enthusiasts and her secret mantras for beauty, skincare, and wellness.

A wellness trend that you love?

A holistic approach is key to wellness. Understanding your body and being mindful of what you put into it is more of a sustainable ideology or habit to adapt than it is a trend. Interestingly, this is one of the ideologies that are at the core of what Boddess aims to accomplish as a multi beauty and wellness platform, providing knowledge and insight through its platform to ease the process of understanding and enabling its audience to take a holistic approach towards beauty and wellness.

What’s your idea of beauty?

In my view, beauty as a word/concept is diverse, individualistic, subjective and isn’t limited to any standardised concept. It is about self-awareness, experimentation and comes from personal choices like creativity and self-expression. I am delighted to be associated with a platform like Boddess that is in sync with my ideology and is working towards making the beauty space more accessible, versatile and diverse.

What does your basic skincare regime entail?

I believe that the go-to skincare regime for a lot of us is to cleanse, tone, and moisturise. The biggest contributing factor, or let’s say the foundation of any beauty/skin/health care regime (that almost makes any advisor sound like a broken record), is hydration! Commit to drinking those two bottles of water. Supplement this with good quality products, and never leave your bottle of sunscreen behind, even on a rainy day.

Are there any DIYs you follow when it comes to your skin and hair?

The most honest, no-fuss, and authentic DIY ritual that would work for anyone, is to find ways to de-stress. All beauty, skin and health concerns can easily be tied back into one’s stress levels. There is no substitute but to do the work concerning that department. Besides that, I find it convenient to incorporate aloe vera as part of a DIY beauty regime owing to its easy availability.

What about your wellness routine – is there a process you follow?

As I mentioned earlier, de-stress! Being an actor and constantly on the go, interacting with different people on a daily basis and having to switch in and out of characters on sets can be taxing. To stay connected to my body and mind is key as that enables me to recharge my social, physical and mental battery. I ensure to start my morning with drinking water, followed by a power-packed workout/yoga session and supplement it with key vitamins and minerals through a nutritious diet.

Haircare routine you follow?

I keep my use of chemical-based products to a minimum. The products borrowed from nature’s bounty, such as argan oil and vitamin E, work for me.

How do you keep yourself fit?

I like working out and staying in shape. I do a combination of pilates, yoga, and hit the gym for strength training and conditioning my body. Every now and then, I substitute my fitness routine with long runs or brisk walks. Most importantly, I believe it’s the diet and what you feed your body that makes all the difference.

How do you stay mentally fit?

Meditation and chanting have been therapeutic during these past couple of months. I have developed the habit of quieting my mind during my meditative sessions through consistent practice. I hope to encourage my audience as well to take this up regularly and practice mindfulness.

How do you stay motivated throughout the day?

Nobody can wake up in full zest every day, but I try to keep my spirits high on most days by simply being grateful. I think energy transfer is real and believe you receive what you put out into the world, so I am definitely a preacher of a positive mindset.

What’s your productivity plan? How do you maintain a work-life balance?

My productivity plan is just putting my heart and soul into each project. Being an actor, sometimes it gets difficult to maintain a work-life balance, but I am learning to pave a lifestyle where I get to enjoy time with my family, my friends and the people I care about.

Talk us through your morning routine?

My morning routine starts with a glass of warm water, followed by meditation and a power-packed workout. I avoid gadgets or any other form of distractions for an hour after waking up as it’s a habit that enhances cognitive functions and enables clear thinking.

What do you eat in a day to stay healthy?

I prefer eating a very balanced diet, rich in key nutrients. My meals are simple, home-cooked, and seasonal. Along with that, I keep my body hydrated and drink lots of water throughout the day. I like to have a protein-rich diet, not excluding my carbs.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy exploring new destinations and spending quality time with my friends and family. Since I’m big on experimenting and getting creative with make-up, I tend to spend a lot of time putting together new looks and as a result, making Boddess my one-stop shop for all my beauty needs.

What are you reading these days — a few books you can recommend?

Currently, I am reading this book called Atomic habits. It’s a self-help book that guides you on sticking to good habits while eliminating the ones that hold you back from meeting your optimal potential, and it’s transforming the way I perceive things on a very micro level. I recommend people give this one a read. 

Header Image: Courtesy Limerick by Abirr n’ Nanki. All Images: Courtesy Bhumi Pednekar Instagram


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