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IPL 2020: 8 most stylish and well-groomed gentlemen on the pitch

IPL 2020 fever is on, and the world’s greatest cricket superstars gather for another battle royale.

With every wicket and super-six, cricketers certainly make a statement on the pitch. Like their stellar game on national television, they’re also hitting it big on the grooming and fashion radar. Indian cricketers are no slouch when it comes to being wellness icons to the nation’s youth. And with the IPL 2020 streaming, a few international personalities have also joined our list too. Keep an eye out for these 8 cricketers this year.

IPL 2020: 8 most stylish and well-groomed gentlemen on the pitch–

Faf du Plessis

IPL 2020

How does one work with a big forehead? Take some cues from the 34-year-old South African skipper. A perfect example of how one can salvage the irk of having a high hairline. Based on the undercut, Du Plessis has maintained a subtle side fade without a disconnected quiff and sported a beard.

K.L. Rahul

Manish Pandey

Sneakerhead, wicket-keeper, ace batsman, and absolute style icon – K.L. Rahul is a true all-rounder at Kings XI Punjab. When it comes to his grooming, however, he prefers it simple. A chin-pointed beard faded paired with an undercut. It’s also interesting to see how this beard shape adds a definition to his face. Definitely, a trick to be learnt there.

Dinesh Karthik

IPL 2020

Karthik may be a more seasoned player, but that doesn’t stop him from keeping his grooming in check. Karthik rocks a slick undercut with a side fade that’s perfectly blended with his beard. While that may be difficult to attain, it’s certainly a hallmark of great grooming. The Kolkata Knight Riders’ wicket-keeper is also well known for owning several luxury vehicles.

Lockie Ferguson

IPL 2020

Here’s a twist. In a world of undercuts and beards, Ferguson thinks different. How often do you see someone sporting a Salvador Dali-styled ‘stache? Upon close inspection, we can see that he’s still using a Number 1 on the beard trimmer. However, we’d prefer going clean; it lets the focus stay on the moustache. Certainly, a standout at the IPL 2020.

Jasprit Bumrah

IPL 2020

Bumrah may not be much, but his style is actually what a lot of Indian men aim for. It’s actually a simple faded undercut and a thicker version of a stubble. However, what stands out here is the upkeep and precision. As a fast bowler, keeping your hair in check can be difficult, no doubt, which is why Bumrah keeps it short and easily manageable.

Virat Kohli

IPL 2020

For Indians, a single day can’t go by without seeing our nation’s skipper’s face – whether on a billboard, magazine, and nearly any international sports channel. Virat’s style has truly evolved over the years and has groomed into being a much cleaner cut, better faded. If you tune in, you’ll notice that it’s the fade synchronisation between his beard and temple that makes it a style statement. 

Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan

Gabbar of Indian Cricket is quite the grooming icon. He goes super short – a classic buzz and a stubble, which is also his signature look. Dhawan likes to keep it easily manageable so he can focus on his game. If you’re wondering how he prepared for the IPL, we had a quick chat with him about it.

David Warner

David Warner

Warner is hands-down the most well-groomed gent at the IPL 2020. Right from his beard, the cut and the length to his undercut, it’s simply perfect. What he’s done here is gone with a classic sportsmans undercut, a number 1 or 2 on the sides, and a short length on top. Lightweight, easily manageable, and yet makes a statement.

All images: Courtesy Getty Images and Instagram

IPL 2020: 8 most stylish and well-groomed gentlemen on the pitch

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