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It smells good in here! Prime fragrances for men according to their zodiacs

It all begins with a sense of fragrance, right? In that case, we have a luxurious listicle of fragrances for men pertaining to their zodiacs.

Gaining insight into one’s personality sure seems like an interesting domain to master in. Speaking of which, if you’re looking to determine a perfect gift for the man in your life, how about a fragrance perfectly suited to his personality? Mentioned below are some of the most luxurious fragrances for men pertaining to their zodiacs. So, have a look at these options to make the right choice. 

Fragrances for men as per their sun signs:

Aries: Creed by Aventus

fragrances for men

Well, it’s time to roll out the red carpet as we have the leaders on board, Aries. The men belonging to this sign are all about leaders in every situation with a fearless approach. Likewise, Creed Aventus is possibly the best fragrance suitable for their personality. The leading essence and the energetic aura of the spray accompany Aries and their zestful psyche. 

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Taurus: Alchemist Garden, Last day of Summer-Gucci

fragrances for men

The bull-headed regal personalities sure won’t settle for usual. According to the mighty sophistication of the men belonging to this zodiac, the Alchemist Garden – The Last Day of Summer from Gucci is the perfect choice for Taureans. Out of all fragrances for men, this one caters to the aura of these exotic men. 

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Gemini: Boss Bottled, Hugo Boss

Fragrances for men

Next up in line are the dual personas with consistent wit and a socially alluring aura. Gemini men and their consistency along with the ‘socialite’ personality perfectly compliment the “Boss Bottled’ Cologne from Hugo Boss. A professional spirit infused with #AfterParty charm is what makes this scent an ideal choice for a Gemini man. 

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Cancer: Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea salt

fragrances for men

Here comes sensitivity and calm ringing in! Since the cancer man is synonymous with being tactful, Jo Malone Wood Sage Sea Salt is the perfect scent for their personality. The urge for ‘being a couch potato’ or enjoying the ‘luxurious weekend escapades’ with your #Fam-Bam is what makes this soothing scent a perfect choice for Cancer men. 

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Leo: Bleu De Chanel


Beware, the Lion’s finally out of the cage! Leos and their dependable energy make them eligible for adorning Bleu De Chanel as their scent of success. This ode of masculine freedom sheathed in one bottle makes it one of the most appropriate fragrances for men belonging to the Leo arena. 

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Virgo: Sauvage by Dior


Is your man a perfectionist? Well, then he sure is a Virgo! These complex perfectionists are all about being particular about even the tiniest aspects. In conclusion to their personality, Sauvage by Dior sure qualifies as one of the best fragrances for men belonging to the zodiac. 

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Libra: Acqua Di Gio Absolu, Girogio Armani

Giorgio Armani

Best fragrances for men are the ones pertaining to a balanced nature and long-lasting effects. The term ‘balanced’ commands the mention of Libra men because of their quiet and moderate persona. Acqua Di Gio Absolu from Giorgio Armani seems like a perfect fit for Libra men, celebrating the union of warm waters and grounded woods. 

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Scorpio: Gucci Guilty

gucci guilty

Gear up ladies as this casanova is all set to woo you with his mesmerising scent. The not-so-guilty Scorpio men qualify for Gucci Guilty as their choice of scent. The intense and flaming hot fragrance of this guilty pleasure is all about attracting divas out there. Way to go Scorpios!

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Sagittarius: Tom Ford Wood Oud

Tom Ford
Tom Ford/IG

The adventurers and big-time explorers belong to this woody scented town from Tom Ford. Tom Ford Oud is one of the best fragrances for men belonging to the Sagittarius sign. This fragrance stirs up far-away mysteries making it a perfect choice for adventurous souls like Sagittarian man. 

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Capricorn: Terre d’Hermès

fragrances for men

It’s time to raise a toast for the hard-working class, Capricorns. Caps belong to the thoughtful clan, and Terre d’Hermès is their suitable scent. The vivacious woody essence and the gaiety of orange make this structured scent one of the best fragrances for men belonging to this sign. 

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Aquarius: Imagination from Louis Vuitton

men's grooming

We’re right where the land of imagination begins, the Aquarian land. Aquarius men sure seem arrogant at first. But they’re one of the most creative and imaginative souls on earth. ‘Imagination’ from Louis Vuitton is capable of turning your wildest dreams into reality with black tea at its core. This is exactly why it suits Aquarius men. 

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Pisces: Versace Eros


Continuing the dreamy streak we have the big romantics on board with us. Pisces man is all about a romantic streak and a dreamy setup. Versace Eros, named after the god of love is the perfect scent for a Pisces man. With a core of vanilla, this fragrance is the ultimate romantic explosion. 

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Hero Image courtesy: @diorbeauty/IG Feature Image Courtesy: louisvuitton.com. 

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