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Pleased to inform that Harry Styles has launched a gender neutral beauty line, Pleasing

It is pleasing to know that Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Harry Styles is testing the waters of the cosmetics world with a line by himself – Pleasing! In its debut, Harry Style’s gender-neutral line includes skincare and different nail polish shades.   

Harry Styles is known and loved by many, all from different phases of his career. Once a part of the British boyband One Direction, he was definitely a heartthrob for several teenagers back when they were together. After their break-up, all the members tried their hands at solo careers and are certainly rocking it. While the boyband had won multiple awards, Harry Styles was the first out of the bunch to win a Grammy! 

 Harry Styles Instagram Pleasing
Image: Courtesy Harry Styles Instagram

Harry Styles has been super versatile since starting his solo career. Starring in movies like Dunkirk and Eternals, he is now stepping into the world of beauty with his own brand. His style is always fashionable, wearing dresses and nail polish almost all the time! So when his beauty line Pleasing launched, it was not a shocker that it included nail polish shades that resonated with him. He told Dazed that this is “a fun little project” that allowed him to express himself with nail polish colours inspired by “little moments of joy”. It will also have skincare products, like an illuminating serum along with a lip and eye treatment, spurred by the pearls he wears ever so often! 

harry styles-pleasing
Image: Courtesy Pleasing Instagram

Among Pleasing’s best features is that, first of all, it is gender-neutral, enabling it to serve both women and men. The website features beautiful images of both gender models donning the products. Additionally, Pleasing has partnered with a non-profit called Nest to support artisans globally and to contribute to a world of greater gender equality and economic inclusion.

Getting into the nitty-gritty of the products from Pleasing:

The Perfect Polish Set 

The set will include four polishes that together can make endless combinations. As per the website, the Perfect Pearl is a pearlized white with a glossy finish, while the Pearly Tops is clear with a subtle iridescence and a matte finish. Both these shades will also be available separately. Two other shades are Inky Pearl, a pearlescent black with a deep blue radiance and glossy finish, and Granny’s Pink Pearls, a pearlescent pink with a glossy finish. There are three alphabet decals also included in the set that you can place on your nails for a little extra oomph or even on any surface. Each nail polish is made with sustainable plant-based solvents and is biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty-free. You can now match your nail polish with that of Harry Styles, a dream-come-true for several fans! The marble-like tops on the nail polish bottles make the packaging look super cool, and at the same time, classy, perfectly reflecting Harry Styles’ personality. 

The Pleasing Pen

harry styles-pleasing
Image: Courtesy Pleasing Instagram

Harry Styles did not just stop at nail polishes in his beauty line, Pleasing. It also includes skincare items. One of the skincare products in this line is The Pleasing Pen. This product is a dual-use pen with cooling steel rollers to refresh and replenish the eyes and lips. Ingredients include fresh lingonberry, okra and hyaluronic salt that helps with the under eyes, ageing and hydration, and soothing marshmallows for the demi-matte lip treatment. The formula is vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free, following the principles of clean beauty. Suitable for all skin types, the products are also dermatologists and ophthalmologists tested. 

The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum

harry styles-pleasing
Image: Courtesy Pleasing Instagram

The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum is the second skincare product in this line. This moisturizing cream contains Vitamin B5, Antioxidants, and Amino Acids and is suitable for all skin types. The pearls encapsulated with lab-safe mica produce a subtle, smooth luminescence that dissolves into the formula when dispensed. It is appropriate for daily use, either alone or with a primer. Like the pen’s formula, this also follows the principles of clean beauty, being vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. The materials used in the packaging are almost all recyclable materials, is 100% compostable and made with a minimum of 70% post-consumer material, as mentioned on the website. It is nice to know that Harry Styles is doing his part towards sustainability and being transparent about the same.

We cannot wait to see what else is set out for Pleasing in the future concerning products and more!

Hero Image: Courtesy Pleasing Instagram; Feature Image: Courtesy Harry Styles Instagram

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