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5 stunning makeup looks that you can easily recreate this wedding season

Weddings are all about ceremonies, dancing and glamming up with the correct attire and wedding makeup. It is finally that time of the year again that is awaited and cherished by all. 

Tis’ the season to start partying! It is the much-awaited wedding season, a season that gives us reason to dress up in the best lehengas and sarees we have. It is also the season to go all out and make a statement. This time of the year, everyone is scrambling to get their outfits in place, matching jewellery for it, and even what wedding makeup look would suit best! After missing out on the wedding shenanigans last year, it is safe to say people are ready to get on their wedding shoes and party.

Many people prepare everything from the outfits to the jewellery to the shoes they will wear days before the wedding. Choosing the perfect wedding makeup style to complement each outfit and ceremony is the next step in creating a cohesive look. Are you scrolling mindlessly on Instagram or Pinterest, looking to see what you can show your makeup artist for inspiration? Or are you looking at YouTube tutorials to recreate the wedding makeup look yourself? You need not look any further as we are here to simplify your life! You can wear these looks at any time of the day with any outfit you desire.

Take a look at five wedding makeup looks that you can easily recreate this wedding season

Don’t shimmer down the shimmer

Whether you have a ceremony to attend in the morning or night, this look is a sure cherry on the top of your entire ensemble. With just a few simple products, you’ll be ready to rock the wedding! While there is no specific rule to makeup, it is always encouraged to make sure one feature is kept in the limelight while the others follow through. In this look, the eyes take centre stage, so apply your eyeshadow in the form of a smokey eye and add some shimmer as well. Your shimmer could depend on the colour of your outfit and the time of the day. If you’re going for a morning ceremony, you can put some light coloured shimmer, and if it’s a night one, go ahead and add some gold and dark shimmer. While your eyes shimmer like never before, make sure your lips are nude to keep the whole wedding makeup look intact!

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Stating with the statement bold lips

Shades of red always make a remark, whether concerning clothes or the wedding makeup. Especially during the wedding season in India, red is considered a patent colour that the bride must incorporate into her outfit. This particular look will emphasise your lips, dressed in a shade of red lipstick you choose. Whether it’s the classic red, maroon, or even a poppy pink, it’s all up to you and the outfit you choose to wear. As we are already highlighting one feature, it would be advisable to go light on the others. A soft pink and browns throughout the face would work perfectly well with this look. Red and its shades are incredibly versatile, which is why they are great for any occasion and any outfit.

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The B & B technique

You can never go wrong with some Blush and Bronzer. With this technique, you will be giving your face the glow and flush it deserves. While keeping your wedding makeup look minimal otherwise, you can go into town with your bronzer and blush. Apply the appropriate warm-toned bronzer under your cheekbones, along your jawline and near your hairline to give your face structure. The warm-toned bronzer will result in a natural sun-tanned appearance. Add some colour to your look with your favourite blush, and you are ready for the wedding! Blushes come in varied textures, cream, gel, liquid, powder, and a few more. Choose the one you are most comfortable with, and you are sure to look snatched with this technique!

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Pop it like it’s hot!

This wedding makeup look involves applying just a pop of colour to your appearance, and we aren’t talking blush. Take the brightest palette you own and choose the poppiest colour from that. It could be yellow, pink, green, blue, purple, and the list goes on! Just make sure it is a rich colour. Rather than using the pigment on the lid, apply it to the inner corner of the eye. It will not only make your eyes look bigger but also make your appearance pop! You can choose a colour depending on the outfit you wear. Warm-toned colours like yellow and orange can be used during the day and cool-toned like blue and purple during the night. Your eye look overall can consist of a smokey eye or simply some shimmer.

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Strobe and Strut 

Strobing involves illuminating those parts of your face that the light usually strikes, for example, right above your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, the bridge of your nose, the upper lip to bring out your lips, the chin, and also under your eyebrow bone. In contrast to highlighting, which is generally accompanied by contouring, this technique is applied alone. Using illuminators, as the name suggests, will make your face look brightened and healthy. It will give your face a slight dewy appearance, a trend in recent times. Strobing gives a healthy glow and makes your look seem natural with a hint of shimmer! Whether you are wearing a dark coloured outfit or a light one, whether you’re going for a day ceremony or at night, this look is versatile and can be worn throughout the day. The highlight of this technique is that you can also pair it with the other wedding makeup styles mentioned above.

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Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Ojas Rajani Instagram.

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