With Instagram paring down ‘likes’; sustainability and eco-consciousness becoming buzzwords; fast-fashion fatigue setting in; and acceptance becoming the reigning zeitgeist, it’s evident what the mood of 2020 is like. We call it conscious simplicity, the path to minimal beauty in 2020.

Apart from inclusivity and sustainability being key, there is a big move towards a clutter-free, pared down beauty routine. No more using five toners, 10 moisturisers, and definitely no over-enhanced features. Koreans have even come up with a term for it — ‘skip-care’ is the tightening of a skincare routine with only the absolute essentials instead of the 10-step Korean skincare routine.

But what all does this idea of minimal beauty encapsulate? We spoke to five women, who in 2020 are defining beauty simplistically. From beauty YouTuber Debasree Banerjee, who wants to go au naturel to stay on the right side of beauty, to one of India’s top models Erika Packard, who is embracing her “flaws” and choosing her makeup accordingly, minimalism is big. Jewellery designer Mrinalini Chandra is looking to stick to basics, celebrity stylist Aastha Sharma wants her regime to be effortless, and singer-songwriter Lisa Mishra is adopting sustainable, mindful, cruelty-free products.

All these ideas define Minimal Beauty 2020, and these women showed us the first step to achieving it — we asked them to pick just three products and create looks that personified the idea for them.

Celebrity makeup artist Elton Fernandez, who worked on the shoot, reiterated the trend. “I have stopped using too much. I stick to a good base and top it up with simple details — a bitten lip, a nude eye, or a clean mascara look. It’s no longer overdrawn or overdefined.” His mantra of staying on the conscious side of beauty is simple. “I’ve stopped overindulging as far as purchasing cosmetics is concerned. Currently, I own a bunch of brushes but not a lot of individual types of products because I work around mixing, blending, and visualising at the spur of the moment. I play within a painterly space when it comes to makeup. Glamour that comes with effortlessness and ease; luxury with a lived-in quality and feel,” he adds.

So this year, go easy on your skincare and makeup. Work with your flaws, enhance them, redesign your look, and create a simpler regime that doesn’t hide behind layers of makeup. 2020 is about being real, easy, and effortless.


Editor: Preetika Mathew
Photographer: Pranav Bhasin
Hair and Makeup: Elton Fernandez
Beauty Editor: Latha Sunadh
Styling: Snehal Fernandes
Location: RV Studios, Mumbai 

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