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Aanam Chashmawala on honest reviews, inclusivity in beauty, and her new makeup label

If there’s a beauty content creator whose beauty advice we seriously take, it’s Aanam Chashmawala. Her beauty vlogs on YouTube are the most candid. It’s for this reason that she always anticipates being kicked off PR gifting lists after her brutally honest makeup and skincare reviews. So when she launches her makeup label, you sit up and pay notice.

The tangible support bloggers and content creators lend to beauty brands is no longer an urban myth but a business reality. Add to that year of experience and expertise, and you have a winning formula for launching new labels. Which is exactly what Aanam Chashmawala did with her label, Wearified.

Wearified is Aanam Chashmawala’s baby that she’s nurtured for the last two years and only released into the world after verifying its competence. Wearified is not simply a collaboration with her name stamped on it but a full-fledged beauty brand where she has worked on everything — product development, campaigns and marketing. So if you take Aanam’s word on beauty as your holy grail, then here’s everything you need to know about her new label and their butter-to-matter lipsticks.

For Aanam, Wearified isn’t simply a beauty brand but a community of beauty enthusiasts who subscribe to her inclusivity thought process. “When it comes to beauty I feel like it is one size fits all, it is something that can be shared and can bring people together. For instance, when I’m with my friends the minute we start talking about beauty it creates a new comradery and the same is true for the digital community.”

As a content creator, Aanam started by blogging on both fashion and beauty but it was latter that helped her develop her niche. “People are quicker to buy beauty products than fashion. Even the feedback and response is quicker,” she shared. Years of interacting with beauty collaborators, bloggers, brands and users led to Wearified. “I wanted to be able to bring good products into the mix, products that were missing from the market and products that the audience pulled out.

Aanam’s approach to launching a beauty brand isn’t simply about the products but also the people behind them. “I used real people for all our communications and take a more holistic and inclusive approach to it.” From people belonging to the LGBTQI+ community to a friend who is an acid attack survivor, Aanam’s approach is to bring people together. “I feel brands in our country aren’t including all of these amazing, beautiful people who challenge the beauty conventions. I want to change the conversations with Wearified.

If a woman can conquer the world with the right shade of lipstick, then Aanam is on a great start. Her first collection is a range of Butter-to-Matte Longwear Lipsticks in sync with Aanam’s biggest pet peeve of having dry lips. “The idea behind this particular lipstick started subconsciously. Whenever anyone would ask me about my favourite lipstick, I would inevitably land up praising the pigmentation of A and the shade range from brand B. I would always mix-and-match hence wanted to create a product that would do the magic of everything else that I was loving.” A line of 10 lipsticks that feel like applying butter but quickly dry up to leave a smooth, matte finish. Nourished with cocoa butter, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, and jojoba oil, it’s extremely moisturising, long-lasting yet comes off with an easy single makeup remover swipe.

If you’re wondering if the launch of a new label is going hinder Aanam’s honest reviews, then she’s here to confirm that being a content creator is her first love and one that she plans to continue with objective and relatable content.

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Akshita Nahar Jain
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