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Barbie makeup hacks: Doll up with these 21 best cosmetic products

If Barbieland was an inseparable part of your childhood, then we’re sure dolling up like the iconic dolls must have been a dream of yours. And with the 2023 live-action movie, Barbie, bringing the Barbiecore trend back to life, it’s the perfect time to give it a try. Here are the best cosmetic products you would need to pull off a Barbie makeup look. 

With myriad tones and tints of vivacious pink to shimmer and glitter, the trend is sure to delight the makeup artist in you. Bag the best eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, blushes and other items to create Barbie-inspired makeup looks.

Barbie makeup step-by-step guide

Here’s an easy makeup routine to get the desired flawless look, just like Margot Robbie’s reel-life Barbie on the big screen.

Step 1: Using sunscreen, concealer and foundation, create the base makeup.

Step 2: By blending a matte eyeshadow, do your eye makeup. Top it up with a layer of matching shimmery pink.

Step 3: Wing it with your eyeliner; go subtle with matte shades or opt for an over-the-top look with pink or shimmer shades.

Step 4: Plump it up with a rosy blush and shine on with a silver or rose gold-based highlighter.

Step 5: Create the perfect Barbie pout with lipstick in a pink or nude shade and use lip gloss for some oomph.

Step 6: Carry all your Barbie cosmetic products in a makeup bag and go on to have the perfect day, every day!

The best Barbie-inspired makeup products for a pretty-in-pink look

Barbie Eyeshadow

Your Barbie makeup set is incomplete without an eyeshadow palette with dazzling shades. Baby pinks, shimmery pinks, beiges, golds and purples — you name it, these Barbie eyeshadow products have it. From NYX Professional Makeup, which offers an exclusive line, to MAC’s shimmery liquid eyeshadow, pick your favourite to complete your Barbie eye makeup look.

Barbie Eyeliner

Draw flattering lines across your eyelids using the most fashionable colours, ranging from lilac to dazzling gold. We’ve chosen eyeliners from NYX Professional Makeup, Sugar and Urban Decay to get you ready with a flirtatious look.

Barbie Blush

Accentuating your cheeks with shades of pink is the easiest way to get ready for a girls’ night out! Get a natural flush with shades like cherry blossom or sheer pink. Include palettes of plump cheek tints in your Barbie makeup kit to get rosy cheeks on the go.

Barbie Highlighter

A constant shine is one of the trademarks of Barbie. A highlighter, hence, is the best way to recreate the ravishing look. Choose from shiny or shimmery pinks, nudes and rose gold shades. The cheekbones, under brows and inner corners of the eyes are some of the places you can apply the highlighter for it to complement your complexion well. 

Barbie Lipstick

The most exciting part of playing with Barbie dolls was applying the fake lipstick as a child. But what’s even more thrilling is getting to choose from an array of pink shades to colour your own lips. We have picked highly pigmented pink lipsticks from brands like Fenty Beauty, Kay Beauty and Charlotte Tilbury to luxuriously complete your doll-like look.

Barbie Lip Gloss

It’s been two decades since the limited-edition collection of the Barbie Studio’s lip gloss maker let us create our own shiny lip gloss. Today, we can just choose to buy plumpy, glittery or shiny lip glosses from top-notch makeup brands to make our dreams come true. Get lustrous lips with products by Daughter Earth, Too Faced and Pat.

Barbie Makeup Bag

Put all of your precious Barbie-like makeup products in a stylish makeup bag to live your Barbieland dream. Choose sparkly bags or pink vanity cases for carrying your cosmetics and getting ready on the go.

(Prices of the products mentioned in the story are subject to change.)

(Hero & Featured Image: Courtesy Margot Robbie in Barbie, Warner Bros. Pictures/Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures – © 2023 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved/IMDb)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can adults wear Barbie makeup?

Answer: Adults of all genders can wear makeup inspired by the iconic Barbie doll and the live-action movie 'Barbie', directed by Greta Gerwig.

Question: What are some common eyeshadow colours used in Barbie makeup?

Answer: Shades of pinks, beiges, yellow, golds, purple and shimmer and satin finishes are some of the eyeshadow colours included in Barbie-inspired makeup palettes.

Question: Is Barbie's makeup suitable for everyday wear?

Answer: You can tone down your Barbie makeup for everyday looks and tone it up for special occasions.

Question: What type of lip products are commonly used in Barbie makeup?

Answer: Lipsticks and lip glosses are two of the most commonly used lip products that are included in a makeup regime inspired by Barbie.

Question: Can I use Barbie makeup techniques for cosplay or costume parties?

Answer: Yes, you can glam up in Barbie makeup and dress like the Mattel doll to attend cosplay or costume parties as the fictional character.

Question: How can I remove Barbie's makeup effectively?

Answer: You can use a good-quality makeup remover to get rid of your makeup.

Question: Can I incorporate Barbie makeup elements into my regular makeup routine?

Answer: Pink is the most prominent colour in Barbie-inspired makeup, and it's a nice, light tone that you can use in your everyday makeup routine.

Question: What are some tips for beginners trying Barbie makeup for the first time?

Answer: When you set out on trying the Barbie makeup trend for the first time, have fun and play with different pink shades, shimmers and glitters.

Question: Are Barbie makeup products safe to use on the skin?

Answer: The best-quality makeup brands are safe to use on the skin. To prevent allergic reactions, be sure to check the components and do a patch test before applying.

Question: Do Barbie makeup products come in different colours and shades?

Answer: Barbie makeup products come in a variety of shades and tints of pink, undertones of yellows and golds and finishes like glitters and shimmers.

Barbie makeup hacks: Doll up with these 21 best cosmetic products

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