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Best eyebrow pencils for fuller and defined brows

Achieving the perfect makeup look involves accentuating the best features of your face with precision. And expertly done eyebrow makeup can go a long way in doing exactly that. Fuller and defined eyebrows can shape and frame your face instantly. For this, you only need one product  a correct eyebrow pencil.

Most often, only professional artists ace the brow game perfectly. However, with the right eyebrow pencil, you can also define your eyebrows effortlessly. 

What is an eyebrow pencil?

An eyebrow pencil is a makeup tool that can help you fill in your eyebrows to make them fuller, pigmented and defined.  

Know the types

Image: Courtesy Shiny Diamond/Pexels

Eyebrow pencils are available in many varieties. Retractable pencils and the ones that can be sharpened are common options. Most eyebrow pencils also come with a spoolie — a small brush used to brush the brows, fill in the product perfectly in the sparse areas and perfect your brows to the desired shape. Eyebrow pens and eyebrow gels are other popular options.

How to choose the best eyebrow pencil?

When choosing an eyebrow pencil, you need to consider a few factors:

  • Opt for pencils with good pigmentation, to ensure ample colour payoff in a natural way.
  • Pencils with precise tips can ensure accurate definition while filling in the brows.
  • The colour of your pencil can also determine how natural your eyebrow makeover looks. It is best to pick shades that suit your skin’s undertone.
  • If you have a warm undertone, pencils with warm undertones will be ideal. Similarly, if you have cool undertones, go for pencils in cool shades.

How to use an eyebrow pencil

fuller eyebrows
Image: Courtesy Ali Pazani/Pexels

Before starting to fill in your brows, make sure to brush them with the spoolie to get a smooth surface. Start by outlining the shape of your eyebrows. Then, fill in the sparse areas carefully, making sure to stop once you have reached the desired length. If you are a beginner, it is better to avoid filling the inner, thicker portion of your brow. Instead, begin from the middle of the brows and fill along the length of your brows till the tail. 

You can also thread, wax or pluck your eyebrows for a sculpted look before beginning the eyebrow makeup if you wish. 

These amazing products can help up your brow game

INR 2591

This premium eyebrow pencil from Benefit Cosmetics comes in a waterproof formula that offers a 12-hour stay. An ideal product to add volume to your brows, it also lets you fill any gaps in your eyebrows precisely. It is available in 12 shades. 

Image: Courtesy Nykaa

INR 2100

Looking for an eyebrow pencil to perfect your arches? The M.A.C Eyebrows Styler – Spiked can be your perfect pick. This eyebrow pencil offers excellent colour payoff and helps you draw fine hair-like strokes for a natural look. It is also sweat- and water-resistant, as well as smudge-proof. 

Image: Courtesy Nykaa

INR 3910

This one from Bobbi Brown comes with a slanted and chiselled tip that lets you shape your brows expertly. The flat edge of the pencil helps you fill in the eyebrows to make them fuller, while the pointed tip aids in precise definition. It is waterproof, sweatresistant and includes a spoolie for easy colour diffusion and combing. 

Image: Courtesy Nykaa

INR 849

This retractable pencil from LOreal Paris comes with a triangularshaped tip for accurate application and a soft brush to create a blended, natural finish. 

Image: Courtesy Nykaa

INR 1650

This micro shade brow pencil from Huda Beauty comes with an ultra-fine 0.9mm tip to give you fine hair-like strokes for better coverage and create a micro-bladed effect. The formula is also infused with a creamy blend of vitamin E, castor oil and coconut oil. Available in eight natural shades, it is also waterproof, smudgeproof and transfer-proof. The product is also suitable for 24-hour wear. 

Image: Courtesy Nykaa

INR 434

This retractable brow pencil from SUGAR has a flat side that helps you shape the beginning of the brow, a pointed tip to define the edges and a spoolie to comb your brows to perfection. It is sweat- and humidity-resistant. 

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 487

Soft, long lasting and waterproof, this retractable pencil from Lakme boasts a unique precision tip to create evenly filled and defined brows. It comes in two classic shades and is transferproof. 

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 2252

An ultra-slim pencil, this one from SmashBox allows you to apply it in fine strokes, offering medium-to-full coverage. It also has a spoolie brush to groom your brows and disperse colour evenly. The formula is also water-, humidity- and sweat-resistant. 

Image: Courtesy Nykaa

INR 869

This dual-ended pencil from Revlon has an angled tip for extra precision, and a spoolie brush for easy spreading of the product. Offering 24-hourlong wear, it is also waterproof.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 499

This one from Wet n Wild features a unique triangular pencil tip that helps you create strokes that are rub-resistant. The in-built spoolie can aid even beginners in perfectly grooming their brows. The retractable tip allows for quick and easy storage.

Image: Courtesy Nykaa

(Prices of the products mentioned in the story are subject to change.)

(Hero & Featured Image: Courtesy Meruyert Gonullu/Pexels)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-Is there a specific technique for using an eyebrow pencil? 

Choose pencils with flat sides, pointed tips and a spoolie. The flat side can help you fill in the sparse areas and the tip helps define the brows. With the spoolie, you can diffuse the product well.  

-Can I use an eyebrow pencil if I have sensitive skin? 

Yes, you can use an eyebrow pencil even if you have sensitive skin. Choose gentle formulations that are dermatologically tested.  

-How long does an eyebrow pencil typically last on the eyebrows? 

The coverage depends on the product formula. Good-quality pencils can offer 12 to 24-hour wear. 

-Can I use an eyebrow pencil to cover up grey eyebrow hair? 

Yes, you can use pencils or gels in dark shades to cover up grey eyebrow hair. 

-Are eyebrow pencils waterproof? 

They are mostly waterproof, sweat-proof and smudge-proof. Check the descriptions before you buy one.  

-How do I remove eyebrow pencil at the end of the day? 

You can use a good-quality make-up remover that suits your skin type to remove the products from your brows. 

Best eyebrow pencils for fuller and defined brows

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