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Nail the floating eyeliner look with these nifty products

Summer is here, which means it’s time to pull off this season’s coolest floating eyeliner trend.

Call it floating or graphic eyeliner, there’s no doubting the beauty trend behind this summer’s hottest looks. Although your vacation plans may be on hold, experimenting out of your beauty comfort zone seems feasible, especially when you get to flaunt it post-lockdown/on a grocery run. The goal here is to extend, elongate and get creative with the classic cat-eye flick in vivid tones.

Whether it’s dramatic or minimal with an electrifying pop, experiment by boosting your swish-tastic looks like the references above – to draw attention to the eyes when you are masked up. You’ve seen this trend on runways and social media; why not learn to do it yourself? While it can feel terrifying at first, with practice, you can acquire the skills to express it according your personality – tone it down or electrify it. 

How bold are you willing to go? Ask yourself this, and we guarantee that it’ll leave an impact on your overall look. If you’re thinking of trying out the floating eyeliner trend, read on for our round-up of the best products to get creative with on your eyelids and lash lines. 


For a touch of fun, make Shiseido’s MicroLiner Ink Crayon Matte your staple. Gliding effortlessly across the lids, this fool-proof eyeliner by delivers a weightless, smudge-proof line. Moreover, the thermo-sensory technology helps achieve a smooth texture when applied on the skin without tugging it – incredibly helpful for those who don’t have steady hands. The eyeliner is available in brown, black, navy, white and plum shades.

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It’s not too late to add some shimmer to your day, or your lids. With Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter, treat this product as your finisher over a metallic eyeshadow for a little glamour. If you’re looking for ways to amp up your go-to black eyeliner, layer this over for a touch of sparkle to your eyes with a thin application. Perfect for an evening soiree, try lining this glitter goodness over your eyeliner on the outer corners of the crease.

Rs 4,779
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No doubt, Fenty Beauty is a cult-favourite among beauty enthusiasts. The first step to achieving a clean, perfect wing is by gliding on the Flypencil Longwear eyeliner for a smooth, comfortable finish. Whether smudged, traced or lined, the Flypencil promises a desired pop of colour. With over 20 shades to choose from, there are no rules in picking what hue suits your skin, as long as it leaves you looking chic. Our favourites are Lady Lagoon and Grillz.

Rs 1,650
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Classified as a must-have by makeup artists, the Cake Pencil eyeliner radiates that natural finish with neutral tones in white, brown and black. As a super-creamy, rich and waterproof formula, this may be too intense for those who aren’t into pigmented products. However, consider this an essential to have in your beauty kit, if you’re looking at drawing the perfect depth of your floating liner on your lids. For a bolder look, try the white liner.

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With 16 shades available, the trick is to go uninhibited with the colours. Adored by beauty fanatics for its efficiency, the 24/7 Glide-On pencil works wonders when applied on the skin, especially for beginners. If you’re still learning to master the trick around shaping your desired look, this product will help you achieve your goals with a creamy finish. Control the depth of your liner by applying it gently to your crease for a subtle look. But if bold is on your list, apply more pressure for a dramatic finish. If you have oily skin, be sure to prime the lids before application.

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