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11 homegrown vegan beauty brands you need to know about now

With sustainability on the rise, we’ve all become conscious of what we wear and the products we use. We have now entered an era where environmentally conscious and friendly makeup and skincare products are on the rise. Consumers are now becoming more attentive to the ingredients used and the science behind cosmetics. The change in mindset has put vegan beauty in the spotlight. Here are 11 vegan beauty brands in India that are worth trying!

Vegan cosmetic brands completely ward off the use of any animal products or their by-products and come with a plethora of health benefits for your skin. It provides a natural source of nourishment made from plants and minerals coupled with safe and tested ingredients. They contain no harmful chemicals and if you have you have sensitive skin, they’re just perfect for you. Gentle formulas and cruelty-free products and are gluten-free, too. They are sustainable for you and the environment, what’s not to love?

Here is the list of top Vegan Beauty Brands in India

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asa Beauty

Clean beauty isn’t simply about the ingredients, it’s also about the sustainable practices, breaking the use and throw cycle and packaging that’s not, well, plastic. One of the most exciting launches for 2021 that ticked these boxes has been asa Beauty. Founded by Asha Jindal Khaitan and her daughter-in-law Sukriti Jindal Khaitan, both strong advocates of a vegan lifestyle who felt the need to take a 360-degree approach to clean beauty. With an entire range of reusable and refillable makeup – lipsticks, concealers, mascaras etc, they are aiming to make sustainability a norm. The brand packaging is made from aluminium that’s 99% recyclable along with FSC certified paper to ensure cleaner earth.

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Image: Courtesy asa Beauty


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Kiro Clean Beauty

Kiro develops every product with a focus on design and ergonomics to provide the best and most comfortable products for everyday use.  Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which means not only are they good for your skin but the planet too. Their formula is crafted without the use of any questionable ingredients and deliver high impact colours and luxurious textures.  Their key ingredients are jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin C, and mango seed oil to name a few. Their lipsticks provide a pop of colour, add hydration to your lips and have an amazing texture.

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Image: Courtesy Kiro Clean Beauty website 

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Ruby Organics

Ruby Organics is Indian’s first vegan makeup brand. They use only natural and organically-sourced ingredients in hopes of making women glow. In addition to sourcing all their products naturally, they infuse bio-active ingredients that are extremely beneficial for the skin. Their liquid eyeshadows are the right amount of sparkle we all need. Available in various colours.

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Image: Courtesy Ruby Organics website 

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Kay Beauty

Kay beauty is Indian’s first launched celebrity beauty brand by founder Katrina Kaif. Kay was launched to bridge the gap between high glamour and care. They aim to provide their customers with luxurious products without the guilt of it. The brand is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their lipstick formula is smooth and luscious, with various choices depending upon your mood.

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Image: Courtesy Kay Beauty Instagram

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After sitting for hours caked in makeup, Parineeta Borthakur always observed and analyzed the makeup artist’s every move. From making the perfect shade to how their hands moved on one’s face. She began to do her research and found out that most brands use various chemicals that were harsh on skin or were using animal-derived ingredients. So in 2017, she decided to start her cosmetic line. Nyor has lipsticks for your every mood, with a list of ingredients that are good for you.

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Image: Courtesy Nyor Instagram 


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Daughter Earth

After trying about 90 prototypes before launching the perfect formula, Daughter Earth uses both biochemistry and Ayurveda to give us the best products. Their Cheek and Lip Tints are plant-based and contain Shea, Almond, Moringa, and Candelilla. Their new red tints come with Red Algae to provide a vibrant pop of colour – just so desirable.

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Image: Courtesy Daughter Earth Instagram 

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Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise is India’s first indie makeup brand that aims to show their customers that they’re not so much a brand but more regular people. They continuously challenge the conventional definition of beauty and it’s their independence that allows them to create honest products for real people. Their eyeshadows are Talc Free and their formulas are creamy and powdery. The best part is they are customizable too!

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Image: Courtesy Disguise Cosmetics website 

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Soul Tree

Soul Tree  is the first Indian brand to provide European certified natural products and makeup. All their products use organic and naturally sourced ingredients with Ayurvedic recipes. Their lip-glosses come in Indian-skin-friendly hues and are lightweight and non-sticky. They also heal and hydrate chapped lips while providing nourishment.

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Image: Courtesy Soul Tree website 


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Earth Rhythm

Earth Rhythm believes in safe eco-friendly skincare. All their ingredients are personally hand-picked to retain their natural potency. The entire life cycle of their products is altered so that they are zero-waste, non-toxic, and plastic-free. Their tinted lip balms are not only light and colorful but also contains sunscreen filters (SPF 30). The use of encapsulated technology helps control the delivery system of the ingredients so that it can have a better effect on your skin. Rich in shea butter and almond oil, their formula keeps your lips nourished all day long.

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Image: Courtesy Earth Rhythm website  


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Ilana Organics

Ilana Organics strongly believe in transparency. Instead of navigating through ingredients that you’re unsure of Ilana Organics is completely transparent about the ingredients and the technology they use. Their Beetroot stain is stunning. It’s a playful and vibrant lip and cheek stain, easy to blend, and glides easily over your skin.

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Image: Courtesy Ilana Organics website

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Just Herbs

Just Herbs is one of our favourite ‘Made in India’ labels that went from skincare to makeup recently. Their stunning lipsticks and skin tints are vegan and PETA-approved. The bespoke Ayurvedic beauty label uses only certified organic ingredients and they are known to crowdsource their beauty – a good reason to pick them up. Their herb-enriched lipsticks are pigmented, lightweight and come in such great colours that suit every skin tone. They contain cow ghee and organic beeswax.

Image: Courtesy Just Herbs

11 homegrown vegan beauty brands you need to know about now

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