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Pamper your skin with these new celebrity beauty and skincare brands

The beauty market abounds with an array of products from brands owned by stars and it doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon. Consequently, new celebrity beauty and skincare brands released in 2022 have piqued the interests of beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Celebrity-owned beauty brands often grab eyeballs even before they get launched. Be it Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Priyanka Chopra’s Anomaly, Pleasing by Harry Styles or Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories, several noted artists are dominating the beauty world nowadays.

Natural active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, squalane and vitamin c, make these beauty products soothing to the skin and even more appealing for takers. Celebrities also take special care to keep their own brands free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients as well as strive to make sustainability as one of the strongest pillars supporting their products.

If you are exploring the beauty space and wish to surf through the latest celebrity beauty brands, we have you covered. Recently, Brad Pitt and Travis Barker became a part of this bandwagon and joined Kim Kardashian, Winnie Harlow and Scarlett Johansson, to establish a beauty empire.

Here are some of the latest beauty and skincare brands launched by celebrities in 2022

Skincare and Haircare

Brad Pitt — Le Domaine Skincare

celebrity beauty and skincare brands Brad Pitt
Image credit: Le Domaine Skincare/ @ledomaine.skincare/ Instagram

Pitt forayed into this industry with his maiden skincare line — Le Domaine Skincare — on 21 September. The Mr and Mrs Smith actor announced this gender-neutral skincare line in partnership with the Perrin family, the ones behind his Miraval vineyard.

Currently, four products are available — cleaning emulsion (USD 80 or Rs 6,584 approximately), fluid cream (USD 310 or Rs 25,516 approximately), cream (USD 320 or Rs 26,338 approximately ) and serum (USD 385 or Rs 31,688 approximately). The latter three are also available for refills as the skincare brand has high sustainability goals regarding clean and green products.

The products are completely vegan and made of natural terroir-based ingredients. Their two specialised patented ingredients are GSM10, obtained from Grenache seeds, Syrah seeds and grape skins from the vineyards, which is rich in antioxidants, and ProGR3, derived from plant extracts, vine sarments, chamomile and green tea, which contains anti-ageing elements.

Buy Le Domaine Skincare products here

Travis Barker — Barker Wellness skincare

celebrity beauty and skincare brands Travis Barker
Image credit: Barker Wellness Co/ @barkerwellness/ Instagram

Branding itself as a vegan wellness company, Barker Wellness has a wide range of items including organic gummies, muscle relaxants, bath essentials and various other wellness products to heal the body and soul such as tinctures, snap packets and CBD-infused products like pain relief balm, muscle therapy cream and others.

On 20 September, the Blink 182 drummer expanded his company and launched a dedicated skincare line. It offers five products — a renewal cream (USD 100 or Rs 8,230 around), a daily moisturiser (USD 60 or Rs 4,938 around), a 2-in-1 face cleanser and mask (USD 60 or Rs 4,938 around), a face serum (USD 80 or Rs 6,584 approximately) and an eye serum (USD 90 or Rs 7,410).

All products are non-comedogenic and fragrance-free, containing cannabidiol (CBD), and cannabigerol (CBG) with other natural ingredients including salicylic acid, olive oil, vitamin B3, candelilla wax and bakuchiol, which help in rejuvenating the skin and retain its youthful lustre.

Buy Barker Wellness skincare products here

Kim Kardashian— SKKN by Kim

celebrity beauty and skincare brands Kim Kardashian
Image credit: SKKN by Kim/ @skkn/ Instagram

After launching several companies such as Skims and KKW Fragrance, Kim Kardashian re-entered the beauty industry in June 2022 with SKKN by Kim. She roped in celebrity aesthetician and facialist Joanna Czech to develop the formulae of its line of nine premium products. These are devoid of gluten, sulphates, BHT and PEGs, besides being vegan and cruelty-free.

Positioned as a rebrand of her previous venture KKW Beauty, it offers a range of skincare products comprising cleanser, toner, exfoliator, hyaluronic acid serum, eye cream, face cream, vitamin C8 serum, night oil and oil drops. They contain natural and clean ingredients and can be refilled. Bottled in minimalist packaging, the products aim to nourish and hydrate all skin types and help achieve a radiant glow like Kim K herself.

You can either purchase the items individually (priced between USD 43 or Rs 3,541 around and USD 95 or Rs 7, 824 around) or in bundle packs, comprising different collections of these products (the complete collection is tagged at USD 575 or Rs 47, 361 around).

Buy SKKN by Kim products here

Hailey Bieber — Rhode

celebrity beauty and skincare brands Hailey Bieber
Image credit: rhode skin/ @rhode/ Instagram

Owner of one of the latest celebrity beauty brands in the market, Hailey Bieber had long planned to launch her beauty brand. She finally rolled out Rhode on 16 June.

Taking her middle name as the company moniker, the three-product lip care lineup includes a peptide lip treat, available in unscented, salted caramel and watermelon flavours (USD 16 or Rs 1,317 around), a peptide glazing fluid for a dewy hydrating effect (USD 29 or Rs 2, 388 around) and a barrier restore cream (USD 29 or Rs 2, 388 around). Who said celebrity lines cannot be affordable?

Tapping on the expertise of celebrated dermatologist Dr Dhaval Bhanushali and cosmetic chemist Dr Ron Robinson, the items are made of scientifically tested natural ingredients like shea butter, niacinamide, babassu and squalane, and are vegan with a lowered carbon footprint. Defined as ‘edited, efficacious and intentional,’ this celebrity skincare line also has a strong sustainability motto. With the help of The Rhode Futures Foundation, it is working towards empowering women too.

Buy Rhode products here

Scarlett Johansson — The Outset

celebrity beauty and skincare brands Scarlett Johansson
Image credit: The Outset/ @theoutset/ Instagram

This skincare brand launched by the Black Widow star in March, not only assures soft hydrated skin but also evokes a sense of sublimity with its minimal white translucent packaging. The Outset comes at a time when Johansson decided to quit beauty product endorsements after being the face of brands including L’Oreal and Dolce & Gabbana.

The label offers five daily essentials — a restorative niacinamide night cream (USD 54, Rs 4,447 approximately), a line smoothing eye cream with vitamin C (USD 42, Rs 3, 457 approximately), a micellar antioxidant cleanser (USD 32, Rs 2, 634 approximately), a firming collagen vegan prep serum (USD 46, Rs 3, 786 approximately) and a squalane daily moisturiser (USD 44, Rs 3, 621 approximately).

Devoid of parabens, fragrances and gluten, these products are clean, vegan and use hyaluroset complex — a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid. Crafted to give a plumpy and luscious skin, The Outset comes with products made of simple natural recipes and research-backed formulae to suit all skin types.

Buy The Outset products here

Winnie Harlow — Cay Skin

celebrity beauty and skincare brands Winnie Harlow
Image credit: Cay Skin daily skincare with SPF by Winnie Harlow/ @cayskin/ Instagram

A celebrity skincare label made with island-based ingredients such as sea moss and effective actives like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, Cay Skin was launched by model-turned entrepreneur Winnie Harlow in March 2022. It is vegan, cruelty-free, silicone-free and non-comedogenic.

What makes it different from the other players in the market is that all its products are SPF-based, making them ideal to be applied while out in the sun without skin damage. With this, Harlow is also bursting the bubble that people with dark skin tones don’t need to apply sunscreen.

From lip balms to moisturisers, body lotions and serums, there’s a host of items that are sure to make you beach-ready without fussing about sunburn. The price tag ranges from USD 14 (Rs 1, 152 approximately) for the lip balm to USD 38 (Rs 3,127 approximately) for the body products.

Buy Cay Skin products here

La La Anthony — Inala

Celebrity beauty brands 2022: La La Anthony
Image credit: INALA/ @inala/ Instagram

Television personality La La Anthony donned the hat of an entrepreneur when she launched her haircare brand Inala in January 2022. Struggling with her own damaged hair led Anthony to conceive this idea to help prevent copious hair loss as well as strengthen hair follicles.

Made with their own hair water complex, some of the best-selling products of this beauty brand include Power Potion, designed to infuse strength into your locks and help hair regrowth (USD 55, Rs 4, 528 approximately) and Reset Rinse. As the name suggests it is the weekly dose of hair treatment and cleansing made with 100 percent rice water extract (USD 30, Rs 2, 469 approximately). Collections such as the Power Reset bundle (USD 68, about Rs 5, 598), Rice Ritual bundle (USD 92, Rs 7, 574 approximately) and Scalp To Strand starter kit (USD 95, Rs 7, 821 approximately) are also among the most popular items.

Complete transparency about each product, fostering community engagement to know more about hair problems faced by people, improving the formula, understanding varied requirements for different types of scalps and how diets, ethnicity and environment affect hair are some of the strong pillars governing the brand.

Buy Inala products here

Sabrina and Idris Elba — S’Able Labs

Celebrity beauty brands 2022: Idris and Sabrina Elba
Image credit: S’Able Labs/ @sable.labs/ Instagram

Actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina launched their skincare brand S’Able Labs in July. The maiden three-product lineup includes Qasil Cleanser (USD 30, Rs 2, 469 approximately), Blackseed Toner (USD 37, Rs 3, 046 approximately) and Baobab moisturiser (USD 56, Rs 4, 610 approximately).

With ethically and sustainably sourced natural ingredients from East Africa, the brand focuses on reducing hyperpigmentation, and brightening, moisturising and replenishing the skin barrier. The gender-neutral products have inclusivity at its core and also suit all skin tones and types.

Buy S'Able Labs products here

Beauty and makeup

Harry Styles— Pleasing

Harry Styles
Image credit: Pleasing/ @pleasing/ Instagram

Former One-Direction member Harry Styles had launched his wellness label Pleasing in 2021 featuring a wide range of bright nail polishes. And now, the “Watermelon Sugar” singer has released the Pleasing makeup line in collaboration with Brazil-born Paris-based fashion designer Marco Ribeiro on 29 September. The vegan and clean products reflect Rebeiro’s vision and creative aesthetics making Pleasing a more vibrant space.

This limited-edition capsule collection comprises pressed powder pigments (USD 50 Rs 4, 116), universal cream pigments (USD 40 Rs 3, 293) and gloss medium (USD 25 Rs 2, 058). And, no Pleasing drop can be complete without some nail paint releases. This collection features four avant-garde shades — Aura Laranja Gelatina, Oceano Água-Marinha Cremoso, Cítrico Vibrante Cremoso and Borgonha Açaí Cremoso. The set is priced at about USD 65 (approximately Rs 5, 351). There is also a premium cotton hoodie in brown and pink, priced at about USD 112 (approximately Rs 9, 221). 

Buy Pleasing x Marco Ribeiro products here

Gwen Stefani — GXVE Beauty

Gwen Stefani
Image credit: GXVE Beauty/ @gxvebeauty/ Instagram

GXVE Beauty, pronounced ‘give’ as an ode to how the founder signs her name, is not just any other celebrity beauty brand, because for singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani, ‘before the music, it was makeup.’ Launched in March 2022, this makeup label aims at recreating some of her iconic glam looks.

For dramatic lips, there are two lipsticks, a liquid lip colour, a lipliner and a vibrant lip gloss. You can let your eyes do the talking with the four-shade eyeshadow palette, eyeliner pencils in intense black and metallic blue as well as eyebrow pencils in myriad shades of browns and neutral tones. And, for a dewy glowing face, there’s an all-time primer.

The cruelty-free vegan products are marked between USD 20 (Rs 1,646 approximately) and USD 48 (approximately Rs 3,951).

Buy GXVE Beauty products here

Marsai Martin — Mari by Marsai

Marsai Martin
Image credit: MARI by Marsai/ @maribymarsai/ Instagram

Mari by Marsai is one of the newest celebrity beauty brands in the nail segment. With a burst of pop colours, trendy nail art designs and reusable press-on nails, this beauty line is sure to make heads turn.

Launched in February 2022 by Black-ish star Marsai Martin, the brand has various nail art options and colours named as ‘Quiet on Set,’ ‘Ring Around the Rosé,’ ‘Sips Tea,’ ‘Azure Skies’ and ‘The Sun’s Day.’ Providing end-to-end easy solutions for some gorgeous nails, the brand also has nail art tool kits, various bundle boxes and even a card snatcher.

Products fall between USD 20 (approximately Rs 1,646) for the single-hued nail set and USD 249 (approximately Rs 20,449) for the attractive bundle boxes.

Buy Mari by Marsai products here

Halsey — AF94

Image credit: AF94/ @af94_/ Instagram

Halsey’s AF94 is one of the budget celebrity beauty brands launched this year. Debuted on 25 July at Walmart, the label features pop eye colours, vibrant lipsticks, eyeliners, cheek tint, face stickers and more. The cosmetics are vegan and made with natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid and cherry butter.

All tagged below USD 10 (Rs 823 about), AF94 is the second venture from the makers of the About Face makeup line. The label derives its name from the initials of its founder’s actual name, Ashley Frangipane and the birth year 1994. The “So Good” star teamed up with the retail giant to create this line and make it accessible to all makeup lovers.

Buy AF94 products here

Peyton List — Pley Beauty

Image credit: Pley Beauty by Peyton List/ @pleybeauty/ Instagram

After working on it for nearly two years, Peyton List unveiled her makeup and beauty brand Pley Beauty in January.

A range of vibrant products for the eyes including eyeshadow palettes and eyeliner pencils, blush and tints for the cheek, bright pop lip colours and gloss, make Pley Beauty quite a playground for makeup junkies who opt for all things vegan and clean.

With a price range between USD 98 (approximately Rs 8,066) for a set of eyeliners and USD 16 (approximately Rs 1,317) for a pack of stick-on pearls and rhinestones, Pley Beauty offers a wide spectrum of vegan and cruelty-free beauty products that are high on performance as well as sustainable.

Buy Pley Beauty products here


Kate Moss — Cosmoss

Image credit: Cosmoss/ @cosmoss/ Instagram

Besides being a supermodel, Kate Moss is a yoga and wellness enthusiast and in September 2022, she stepped into the wellness arena with Cosmoss.

It offers a zen-like feel through its products such as Golden Nectar, CBD pro-collagen oil drops (approximately USD 120 or Rs 9,877), face cream (over USD 108 or Rs 8,890), Dawn tea, which comes in a set of 20 bags (approximately USD 23 or Rs 1,893) and Sacred Mist (approximately USD 136 or Rs 11,197).

The brand focuses on a spiritual rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul and has designed the products in a way that they form a daylong wellness ritual. With consumers becoming more aware of the well-being of the mind and taking out time for meditation, these items are part of essentials now.

Buy Cosmoss products here

(Main image credit: rhode skin/ @rhode/ Instagram; Cay Skin daily skincare with SPF by Winnie Harlow/ @cayskin/ Instagram; Featured image credit: Le Domaine Skincare/ @ledomaine.skincare/ Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which celebrity has the best beauty brand?

Answer: Brad Pitt and Travis Barker are the most recent celebrities to launch their skincare brands. Other such noted labels include SKKN by Kim, The Outset by Scarlett Johansson and Cay Skin by Winnie Harlow.

Question: Which celebrity has the most successful makeup brand?

Answer: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez and Humanrace by Pharrell Williams are some of the highly successful celebrity beauty brands that are totally worth it.

Question: Which celebrity has a skincare line?

Answer: Celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Brad Pitt, Selena Gomez and Alicia Keys have their own skincare lines.

Question: What beauty products do celebrities use?

Answer: Celebrities use a wide range of beauty products from their own brands and even others for a glowing look. Natural serums, toners, cleansers and various other sustainable makeup products are used by them often.

Question: Why do celebrities have skincare brands?

Answer: Celebrities often launch their own skincare brands to let fans use products which they use themselves to get the camera-ready look. These brands use natural ingredients which are scientifically proven, are sustainable and clinically tested to provide effective results.

Pamper your skin with these new celebrity beauty and skincare brands

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