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10 cleansing balms that will leave your pores squeaky clean

Cleansing balms are our absolute favourite product for makeup removal and skin care. You don’t have to strain your skin to remove makeup anymore; simply slather on some cleansing balm and all that heavy makeup will melt away in seconds. They are essential for beauty enthusiasts because there is no other gentler way of makeup removal around.

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Looking for the perfect product to achieve effortless makeup removal and maintain healthy skin? Look no further than cleansing balms. In this article, we have a curated selection of 10 cleansing balms that will revolutionise your skincare routine.

Gone are the days of harshly tugging at your skin to remove stubborn makeup. With these cleansing balms, you can effortlessly melt away heavy makeup in seconds. They offer a gentler approach to makeup removal, ensuring that your skin stays pampered and nourished throughout the process.

What sets cleansing balms apart is their moisturising and skin-loving ingredients. Many of these balms not only remove makeup but also provide essential hydration to your skin. Forget about the hassle of rinsing with water; some of these balms can simply be slathered on and wiped off, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Best cleansing balms you shouldn’t miss out on

Get ready to discover a world of luxurious and effective cleansing balms that will leave your pores squeaky clean. Join us as we guide you through this collection of skincare heroes, allowing you to achieve effortless makeup removal and maintain beautifully nourished skin.

INR 3600

As you rub this lightweight balm over your skin, it turns into a velvety cleansing oil, then into a creamy emulsion that rinses easily for a clean, conditioned feel. It removes makeup and impurities, including pollution, while purifying deep beneath the skin’s surface to enhance your overall appearance of a healthy look.

INR 3800

This cult favourite, formulated with immortelle essential oil and vitamin E, is recognised for its luxurious texture and a unique tendency to leave the face bright after cleaning. The gentle aroma adds to the soothing daily cleansing process, leaving you and your skin at peace.

INR 8790

Elemis’ collagen cleansing balm performs well as a balm, a makeup removal oil, and cleansing milk for deep hydration, all while providing some collagen-boosting action. With a 9-way oil blend, this product is ideal for all the dry skin gals out there. Not to mention it lasts longer than other cleansers and does not require you to repurchase it.

INR 2400

Introducing Good Grease, a convenient and effortless cleansing balm that comes in a tube, ensuring a mess-free and easy application. This sought-after balm texture, which you love, is now available in a tube format. Enriched with a 5-Oil Ferment Complex and Mango Seed Butter, it offers a luxurious melting sensation upon contact with your skin. This balm goes beyond surface-level cleaning, effectively eliminating dirt, oil, environmental impurities, SPF, and even stubborn makeup, all while maintaining your skin’s moisture balance.

INR 1200

This balm does it all — from the non-greasy texture to the lightweight application and simple rinse/wipe-off. This product is a must-have for all emulsification enthusiasts as it is ideal for removing makeup from problematic eye corners with the help of a cotton ball.

INR 542

Introducing Plum E-Luminence Simply Supple Cleansing Balm – the multitasking, non-drying balm perfect for all skin types. With a luxurious blend of Vitamin E and 8 planet-derived oils, it effortlessly removes waterproof makeup, leaving a soft glow. Plus, it’s 100% vegan and recyclable, making it a planet-friendly choice.

INR 770

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm is a cleansing face balm that purifies and detoxifies the skin. Enriched with nourishing extra virgin coconut oil, monoi oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and sweet almond oil — this cleansing balm leaves the skin feeling revitalised and smoother. It gently removes dirt, impurities, oils, and surface bacteria that can make your skin look dull, tight, and tired. It emulsifies with warm water to create a rich, luxurious-feeling lather.

INR 1049

The blueberry + rioboos combination exudes perfect summer vibes, and that’s what caught our attention. This one contains antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin E, and it claims to be smooth to apply and remove deep-set impurities, grime, and makeup.

INR 2364

This balm-to-milk cleanser is a crowd-pleaser. Massaging it into your skin for a minute and a half (or two) allows your skin to absorb all of the moisturising benefits this product has to offer. Baobab and vanilla quickly make your skin elastic and silky after application, so even if you need to go out after cleansing, your skin is photo-ready.

INR 1116

This cleansing balm cleans without drying out your pores and soothes irritated skin with natural actives. It removes any remnants of makeup, sunscreen, or other external pollutants from your epidermal layer while also penetrating deeper to nurture your skin’s inner layers.

Prices of the products mentioned in the story are subject to change.

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Pexels

10 cleansing balms that will leave your pores squeaky clean

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