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Grab these eyelash curlers to achieve the most lifted, fluffy lashes possible

If you want big, lifted, fluffy lashes, an eyelash curler is a must-have beauty tool you need. The best eyelash curlers, when used with your favourite mascara, lengthen and enhance your lashes, delivering instant lift to even the shortest and straightest of them. Check out our picks of the best eyelash curlers on the market.

The best mascara isn’t the only way to achieve those lifted, fluffy lashes; every beauty lover knows that the best eyelash curlers are the key to making the eyes pop. A good one may make even the straightest lashes to bend up and fan out, allowing your volumising or lengthening mascara to coat every single lash and enhance its effectiveness. So, while it may not appear to be an essential product to have in your beauty toolbox, believe us when we say that a lash curler is the quickest method to achieve length and volume quickly without relying on eyelash extensions or false lashes.

What does an eyelash curler do to your lashes?

An eyelash curler is your best buddy when it comes to lashes, especially if you have straight lashes. It helps to lift and curl the lashes at the root, putting them in the ideal position to maximise the impact of your mascara. This causes your eyes to look bigger and more open.

How can you avoid pinching your skin accidentally with an eyelash curler?

To begin, make sure the protective pads along the curler are in place and take your time. Move the curler up the lashes, towards the root of the lash, with the curler open. Tilt the top of the curler down so it touches the lashes; if you feel the top of the curler on your lid, you’ve gone too far. You want the curler to go as near to the root as possible without touching any skin.

Should you pre-heat your eyelash curler?

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You can, but not every time. Since lashes are hair, constantly applying heat to them can cause them to lose moisture and dry out, which can lead to damage down the road. If you really need your curl to stay in place for a special occasion, use a blow dryer to heat the curler for a few seconds. Before putting the curler to your lashes, blow on it to cool it. If you do warm them up, give your lashes some TLC when you come home and put a little lip balm to them to hydrate them.

Lash curler should be used before or after applying mascara?

Mascara should be applied after you’ve curled your lashes. Otherwise, you risk getting your eyelashes trapped in the curler or pulling them out. Not to mention the mascara’s clumpy and uneven finish.

Our top picks for the best eyelash curlers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are eyelash curlers safe?

Answer: When used correctly, lash curlers are not damaging. A tiny tug on your lash roots is natural, but discomfort is not. Keep your hand motionless when curling to avoid pulling out your lashes, and clean your curler with alcohol between usage.

Question: How to curl lashes without eyelash curler?

Answer: For a gentle DIY lash curl, use a tiny brush, such as a clean mascara spoolie (also known as a mascara wand) or an unused toothbrush. Warm the brush with hot water, then dry it on a clean cloth before applying the bristles to the underneath base of your lashes, brushing and pressing up to create an upward curl.

Question: Can I use lash curler without mascara?

Answer: Yes, you can. If you use the curler without mascara, you'll look more awake and fresh; just apply mascara if you want to add drama and depth to your eyes, or if you're concerned your lashes won't hold their curl.

Grab these eyelash curlers to achieve the most lifted, fluffy lashes possible

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