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Four fall makeup trends from AW19 that you can totally rock this year 

Come September and we are already on a roll with new launches, exciting new lipsticks and easy, effortless trends to entertain fall. In India, the concept of a season, especially fall is not only limited but highly unexplored. But not this year. This year, as the weather gets chillier and the leaves start falling, we decided that the easiest way to accept seasonal change is with a trend chart – and M.A.C Cosmetics just gave us one that will take our creativity to the next level. Navreet Josan, National Artist , M.A.C Cosmetics took us through AW’19’s beauty trends exploring the myriad moods of makeup for the season and these four will reign supreme. Plus, the good bit about these trends is their versatility and gumption – they can be customised beautifully to each skintone and style. The overseeing trend though is of new rules being established – of exceptional execution and knowing deconstruction. Of being authentic and showcasing artistic self-expression – it’s about extremes coming together to create a new ‘you’. And with AW19, M.A.C Cosmetics infuses the idea of reinterpreting timeless makeup trends into looks that work with artisanal value. Whatever it is, being yourself is the big deal and fall makeup trends point towards this unique idea. 

Art Deco 
MAC Cosmetics
AW19 Ashish

It’s definitely a trend that speaks to the soul – there’s a play of colour and texture at every step. According to Navreet Josan, it alludes to imperfection in perfection and a will to experiment with bold hues. There is a 3-D effect in place alongside ornamentation and glitter. There’s also excess but it’s pared down, executed with finesse. That means, bold colours – blues, reds, purples and greens juxtaposed with glitter, shimmer and matte additions. The reflective look is in. 


The look is self-explanatory – it’s softer but with a purpose, the look is quietly sculpted and effortless. There is a diffused effect, blurred lips and erratic eyes and a seamless richness – all of it is graceful and refined. It’s soft makeup that creates a strong idea of beauty. There are matte bronze powders and taupe blushes – everything is simplistic but subtle and chic. The neutral palette gives way to sophistication and classic looks – so go only with a faint touch of colour, blur it out and smoothen it to perfection. Go for chicory tones that enhance natural beauty and use shiny transparent dewy eyeshadows. Keep the complexion flawless with mineralize powders and poreless-finish foundations. Flushed cheeks and stained lips are in too – we even love the 60s doe-eye that comes with a clumpy mascara look. Make sure brows are groomed to perfection and use your fingers to apply to give a delicate look. 


To a large extent, Suprematism is about reinventing the lip – deeper pigments, multi-layered shading and a punchy bright shade like a red. There is a certain confidence in wearing a Bordeaux, Claret or a Cognac shade. The lip liner is making a comeback and intensity is the name of the game. The rest of the face is kept bright and matte – but the lip colour goes vintage with hues getting darker and more pronounced. Severe lips coated in lip glass are applauded – another take on the classic lip.  Corals are also a big colour trend of the season and velvety textures add much-needed glam factor. 

AW19 Missoni

This look has all the capabilities of tailored, defined surrealism. It’s about graphic lines deconstructed to suit modern ideas – sharp eyes, stretched liners and messy eyeshadows. Smudging the mascara is a trend here, so the eyes look defined but deconstructed – accidental makeup look, they call it. Impactful eyes are here and black liner is blacker than black. But defined eyes also get a softer edge, a sort of freehand technique that one can use to create their own version of a graphic line. Big lashes are in with a “done in a rush” cat eye – that’s punk with a twist. 

Latha Sunadh
Deputy Editor
When she's not trying on a new serum, researching on yet another classic fragrance and sharing lip balms with her 5-year old daughter, Latha Sunadh keeps it reined in with a nice song and a good book. Special skills include obsessing over handmade, home-made and handcrafted luxuries.
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