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#GlazedDonutSkin: Get that natural glow with these best liquid highlighters

In the age where glass skin reigns supreme, it’s no surprise that matte finishes have taken a back seat to the dewy glow. And achieving that desired glazed donut skin look (while avoiding UV damage) is now easier than ever. Simply add a liquid highlighter to the mix. This list has something for everyone, regardless of liquid highlighter preference, skin tone, or budget. So, here’s a list of the top liquid highlighters that will leave you with the dewiest skin of your life.

What is a highlighter?


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Highlighter is a double-whammy product, attracting light and enhancing skin tone, for a lit-from-within look, and can be used to accentuate and lift bone structure. It’s incredible! It’s also a little perplexing if you’re new to the world of makeup.

How to apply a liquid highlighter?

Makeup experts recommend applying liquid highlighters to the high points of the face, such as the top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your Cupid’s bow. If you choose to apply products with your fingers, use your ring finger lightly.

Since the ring finger is the weakest, you may be more exact with where you apply your highlighter. You pick up less of your complexion products and have the added benefit of warming the product, which results in a flawless, skin-like glow.

How to pick the right highlighters for your skin tone and skin type?

Incorporating a highlighter into your beauty regimen isn’t as straightforward as sprinkling sparkles on your skin. There is an art to choosing one, and it all depends on your skin tone. It’s pretty simple. A specific colour complements your skin while another does not. How can you hone your highlighter skills to perfection? It is best to choose a colour that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. Your highlighter should be able to mix in with the rest of your makeup. Here’s how to choose a colour that complements your skin tone.

Fair skin tone

Revive your glow by brushing a touch of silver onto your skin – silver hues, when combined with a lighter complexion, reward you with the sought all-natural glow. Lilac, pink, and icy undertones also combine beautifully. Stay away from bronze and copper hues. Remember that the goal is to simply enhance your look. In this situation, choose highlighters with a cooler tone.

Fair to medium skin tone

Choose highlighters that have golden or peach undertones. You may also use a champagne-pigmented highlighter to accentuate your complexion. Highlighters with warm tones are ideal. Keep away from pearlescent and icy hues.

Medium to deep skin tone

Look for warmer colours like golden and bronze. To obtain a warm-toned look that complements your skin, consider combining a peach shade with your bronzer.

How to pick the right highlighter as per your skin type?

When selecting a highlighter, keep your skin type in mind. If you have large pores and use a highlighter in the wrong places, it will merely accentuate them. If you don’t have oily skin, moisturise first, then apply a moisturising highlighter in cream or liquid form. Before applying foundation, use a glowy primer with highlighter as a base. If you’re going to use a heavy foundation and concealer base, skip this step.

Cop these best liquid highlighters

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How to apply liquid highlighters?

Answer: Makeup experts recommend applying liquid highlighters to the high points of the face, such as the top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your Cupid's bow. If you choose to apply products with your fingers, use your ring finger lightly.

Question: Do liquid highlighters last long?

Answer: Due to humidity, friction, and heat, cream highlighters melt and glide off the skin. Surprisingly, it is the gel-based liquid highlighters containing alcohol that seep into the skin, set in place after the alcohol evaporates, and last all day.

Question: Can I mix liquid highlighter with foundation?

Answer: Mixing highlighter with foundation is an excellent technique to give luminosity and lustre to the final look. To impart a subtle glow to your skin, combine a liquid highlighter with your foundation and apply it all over your face. A small amount of highlighter should suffice, but if you want the illusion of luminous glass skin, you may increase the amount of highlighter in your foundation.

Question: Do I apply highlighter after foundation?

Answer: Use liquid highlighter after foundation and concealer, but before powder, blush, or bronzer. In general, you don't want to apply a liquid over powder since your make-up will look patchy.

Question: What is the difference between highlighter & illuminator?

Answer: The key distinction is that a highlighter casts light in a concentrated area, whereas an illuminator casts light more generally.

Question: Is liquid highlighter better than powder highlighter?

Answer: So, if you want a highlighter that will make your skin glow from within, go for a liquid highlighter. If you want to add a more dramatic glow effect, choose a powdered one.

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