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Hottest beauty products you should invest in based on your Zodiac sign

What is your modus operandi for picking a beauty product? Do you stick to your old faithfuls, or do you rush to the nearest Sephora at the first feature from your favourite influencer? Perhaps you prefer to rely on your friend’s recommendations or opt for one after extensive research and reading articles like this. If you fall in the latter category, we recommend a new approach, which is Zodiac beauty, aka picking products according to your sun sign.

You turned to your Zodiac signs for all issues in life – love, career, money, and education. So why not let the stars guide you towards the perfect makeup purchases with Zodiac beauty? Derived after careful study and introspection of the personality traits, moods and alignments of planets, we have concluded that these beauty products should suit you just fine. 

Hero image: Courtesy Anastasia Beverly Hills. Featured Image: Courtesy Dromen & Co. All other images: Courtesy brands.


The first sign of the Zodiac Aries is ruled by Mars, which means they are a sign of action. Bold, brash and energetic – they need beauty products that work as quickly and efficiently as them. If you ask us, the no-fuss makeup looks were made for Aries. One of the most striking characteristics of an Aries is their unibrow like the Ram. While you might have trimmed the bushy brow, there is still merit in taming and training them to behave. The beauty horoscope this month is in support of this process.

Try the Huda Beauty’s BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil (Rs 1,500). This retractable brow pencil creates thin, hair-like strokes, and the spoolie brush at the back helps you create that bushy microblade effect. It is waterproof, smudge-proof and basically, idiot-proof. An important criterion by Aries standards.

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The cynical Taurean is possibly giving a skip to this list. However, we will indulge just in case they change their mind. The down-to-earth, practical Taurean ruled by Venus is more likely to indulge in home remedies and natural skin care products that give them that natural glow. But what the heck, there are times when you can convince them to add a little glamour to their look. Remember the old school paper soaps you carried on road trips in the 90s? We found a chic, eco-friendly version of that in Dromen & Co.’s Bronze Highlighter Paper (Rs 999). Made from pure pulp, it absorbs excess oil and works as a highlighter/eyeshadow for use on the go. Add to makeup kit now.

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It’s time for air-kisses and party makeup because if there is one Zodiac sign that is up new experiences, it is Gemini. These social beings are happy to experiment, which often makes them trendsetters rather than followers. Stylish and free-spirited, the sign of the twins is going to resonate with a gender-neutral makeup label. Enter Fae Beauty with their Glaw Gloss (Rs 499), an ultra-hydrating, high shine lip gloss with a rollerball application mechanism.

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Ruled by the emotional moon, this water sign is all about romantic, old school beauty. Loyal, loving and intuitive, they know what works and doesn’t for them when it comes to beauty. It is difficult to draw a Cancerian out of its hard shell unless and until you can win its trust. Which is why we are suggesting an established makeup brand i.e. MAC’s In Extreme Dimension 24-hour Kajal Eye Liner (Rs 675). This highly pigmented liner promises to stay on and carry the Cancerian through a little tear-up.

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The lion is a natural leader, which is why it’s crucial for Leos to pick beauty products that suit their personality. This fire sign needs makeup products that are bold and beautiful. Luxury is always an important criterion for the lazy lion, and they don’t just need a strong pigment but the whole works, aka from a luxe label with beautiful packaging. The French beauty brand Guerlain’s KissKiss Matte Lipstick in Fire Red (Rs 3,500) is sure to keep them purring in appreciation.

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The kind and hardworking Virgo will not trade off a flashy option for a reliable and authenticated product. This Earth sign is rooted, so when it comes to beauty options, they will do their R&D before committing to a product. The product in question has to meet Virgo’s highest standard of perfection – clean, sustainable, quality and price are all important considerations in their mind. So after much evaluation that Ilana Organics Beet Tint (Rs 1,220) is sure to gain approval. A lip and cheek tint made with a water base, beetroot powder and nothing else, this is as clean and effective as they come.

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When it comes to a Libra, the scales can tilt any which way. However, the only thing permeant is their love for perfection – in life and beauty routines. This is one sign that will take time to follow their day and night steps to a tee. Three things that bring out a Libran’s dimpled smile – beauty, symmetry and a party. Highlighting these three needs, we derived at Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Iced Out Highlighter (Rs 3,800). The gorgeous golden pigments bounce off your skin.

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This mysterious water sign needs makeup that is as enigmatic as them. One of the most sensual sun signs, Scorpions are passionate and determined. So while most lack the patience and skill for mastering the art of eye makeup, Scorpios not only nail it but do it with passion. Our recco is Givenchy’s new signature, the Le 9 De Eye Palette (Rs 5,575). A set of nine eyeshadows with matte, satin, glitter and metallic finishes to create a multitude of looks that last for long.

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Ruled by Jupiter, the Sagittarius is a wanderer fuelled by a sense of adventure. Always on the move, the extroverted Sagittarius needs makeup that works as hard as them. The Contour De Force Face Palette from SUGAR (Rs 799) is one such product. A travel-sized trio of matte bronzer, highlighter, and creamy blush with a built-in mirror that is sure to create some jaw-dropping looks.

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Don’t go by the friendly demeanour of the ambitious Capricon. Ruled by Saturn, they are always chasing professional goals and that too with utmost discipline. They are happy going makeup-free on most days. But on days that the Capricon does make an effort, they prefer to pick clean fuss-free looks and easy to apply products. Making the cut is Kiko Milano’s Dolce Diva Powder Foundation SPF 50 (Rs 2,390) that gives you a business-like flawless matte finish while taking care of your sunscreen needs simultaneously.

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Ruled by Uranus, this air sign is always thinking ahead of the curve. Whether it’s a game-changing tech product or a TikTok fad, they are open to trying new things. Bold and friendly, they are always on the lookout for unconventional ways to make their presence felt. Or perhaps that’s just the way they are, and all they need is a blue-liner to catch the attention. This liner from Katrina Kaif’s brand, Kay Beauty Quick Dry Liquid Eyeliner in Bespoke Blue (Rs 499), is a good example. Great formulation, long-lasting, and a flexible applicator, it’s the easiest way to line your eyes.

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Pisces, the symbol of fish, is said to be creative individuals who are often caught daydreaming about their next artistic or spiritual project. Ruled by Neptune and surrounded by water, they are highly emotional beings. As a result, tears are sometimes shed on the slightest of altercations. Investing in waterproof mascara is essential for them, and we strongly recommend Too Faced Travel Size Damn Girl, especially the new mini size (Rs 1,150). Achieve full-bodied lashes without the fear of panda eyes with this buildable mascara.

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