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Strawberry tints and pink hues: A dive into the trending pink makeup look

The world of makeup is constantly evolving, with trends emerging and captivating beauty enthusiasts across the globe. One such trend that has recently gained massive popularity is the “Strawberry Girl” makeup look, championed by none other than Hailey Bieber herself. This charming trend has taken over social media feeds, bringing forth a fresh and natural aesthetic that embraces the colours and vibes of strawberries in the summertime. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the “Strawberry Girl” makeup trend, how Hailey Bieber achieves the look, and how you can recreate it for yourself.

The Pink Makeup trend is all about capturing a soft, earthy, and coquettish vibe that radiates freshness and natural beauty. Inspired by the colours and essence of ripe strawberries, this trend focuses on achieving a pop of colour on the cheeks, dewy skin, and a touch of whimsy with faux freckles. The appeal lies in its approachability—this look is versatile and suitable for any season, offering a dreamy and youthful appearance that complements various styles.

Hailey Bieber’s take on Strawberry Makeup

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Hailey Bieber is at the forefront of this enchanting trend, showcasing her “Strawberry Girl” makeup routine through a TikTok tutorial. The process unfolds step by step, making it easy for anyone to follow and recreate the look.

Step 1: Skin preparation

The foundation of the “Strawberry Girl” makeup look is hydrated and dewy skin. Hailey begins by prepping her skin using Rhode Beauty’s Glazing Milk and Peptide Glazing Fluid for that fresh and radiant glow.

Step 2: Bronze and glow

Using Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate Cream Contour Duo, Hailey adds a warm and bronzed touch to her cheeks and forehead. This step adds dimension and a sun-kissed effect to the face.

Step 3: Conceal and blend

Hailey applies Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer to her under-eye area, the contours of her nose, and the corners of her lips. The concealer is then blended seamlessly using a large brush, creating a natural and light base.

Step 4: Cream blush magic

The heart of the “Strawberry Girl” makeup trend lies in the application of cream blushes. Hailey expertly blends two cream blush shades—a light pink and a dark pink—along the contours of her cheeks. This step infuses the cheeks with a bold and vibrant flush reminiscent of ripe strawberries.

Step 5: Peachy highlight and freckles

A peachy cream highlighter is applied to add dimension to the pink tones on the cheeks. Faux freckles are then delicately dotted along the bridge of her nose and cheekbones, contributing to the youthful and playful aspect of the look.

Step 6: Subtle eye and juicy lips

Hailey keeps the eye makeup simple with a small flick of brown liquid eyeliner, mascara, and brow gel. For the lips, she lines them with Make Up For Ever’s Artist Color Pencil and dabs the same cream blush shades for a juicy and luscious finish.

The essential products for the Pink Makeup look

The key to mastering the “Strawberry Girl” makeup trend lies in selecting the right products. The following products are highly recommended to achieve this look:

Cream blushes

When selecting cream blushes for this look, opt for shades of rosy pink and deep red. These hues beautifully replicate the colours of ripe strawberries, adding a youthful and vibrant flush to your cheeks. Cream blushes allow for versatile application, whether you’re aiming for a subtle daytime glow or a bolder look for special occasions.

Pink lip gloss

To capture the luscious and succulent allure of a ripe strawberry, opt for enhancing your lips with a delicate pink lip gloss. This simple yet impactful step adds a touch of moisture and glossiness, mimicking the irresistible juiciness of the fruit. The pink lip gloss brings forth a dewy and inviting look, drawing attention to your lips and contributing to the overall “Strawberry Girl” aesthetic.

Faux freckle pen

Infuse a playful and whimsical element into your “Strawberry Girl” makeup by incorporating faux freckles. Utilise a fine faux freckle pen or a super-fine brow pen to delicately dot these charming marks across the bridge of your nose and cheekbones. This delightful detail not only adds a youthful and carefree vibe but also mirrors the natural innocence associated with the trend.

Peachy highlighter

Elevate the dimension and warmth of your look by incorporating a peachy highlighter. Applied to the high points of your cheeks, this highlighter imparts a soft radiance that perfectly harmonises with the rosy pink blush tones. The peachy hue adds a sun-kissed and youthful glow, enhancing the overall complexion and contributing to the natural and dewy appearance of the trend.

Hydrating lip treatment

Wrap up your “Strawberry Girl” makeup with a flourish by embracing a luscious and plump lip. Opt for a strawberry-flavoured lip gloss or lip balm to achieve a lip look that’s as juicy and delightful as the fruit itself. This final touch not only adds a flavourful element but also imparts a visual appeal that’s irresistibly reminiscent of biting into a ripe strawberry. The gloss or balm lends a smooth and hydrated finish, rounding off the entire makeup with a delectably sweet and vibrant allure.

In a world where makeup trends come and go, the “Strawberry Girl” makeup trend emerges as a breath of fresh air, capturing the whimsy and charm of ripe strawberries on a summer day. Inspired by Hailey Bieber’s TikTok tutorial, this trend celebrates the joy of simplicity and playfulness. From rosy pink blushes to faux freckles and strawberry-flavoured lip gloss, each element weaves together to create a look that’s not just about makeup, but a delightful experience. As you embrace the “Strawberry Girl” trend, remember that it’s more than a style; it’s an invitation to relish the juicy vibrancy of life, one playful stroke of colour at a time.

All Images: Courtesy haileybieber/Instagram

Strawberry tints and pink hues: A dive into the trending pink makeup look

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