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Interview: Influencer-led beauty label #Debasreee’s first product is out!

Influencer and beauty blogger Debasree’s makeup label is here, and we got an insider’s view on what’s planned and what’s new.

2020 might have slowed us down with its unexpected side, but when it comes to the beauty business, things are surely moving. With influencers leading the pack with new ideas and interesting ways to showcase beauty – we are glued to our phone screens looking through IGTV and Reels for the next big thing. 

Beauty influencer and powerhouse Debasree has been part of multiple campaigns through the ages, from last year’s Smashbox to this year’s newest launch Becca. But now, it’s time for her reveal her label, one that she has been working doubly hard with co-founder, manager, and friend Nikita Nariani, aptly called #debasreee. Yes, an extra ‘e’ and a hashtag to show that this label has been born and made on Instagram.

Debasree's makeup label

The label launched with much fanfare, and as you see it, you realise that it’s taking bold steps already by making a few things clear at the very beginning. It is gender-inclusive (huge win right here!), vegan, cruelty-free, and most importantly, made in India. There are not too many influencer-led labels in India, at least not like in the west. Collaborations and campaigns aside, there have been few influencers who have gone ahead completely charting their path. In the US, we have Deepica Mutyala and Nabela Noor, but we are yet to see a complete commercial label from an influencer here.

Let’s not also forget that being an influencer can be a double-edged sword – Susan Yara recently got into a soup about disclosure and lost out on fans and credibility. It is a tightrope, there’s no denying it but this Indian influencer has taken up the challenge to create one with no hiccups. Debasree is loved and known for her exceptional makeup, especially eye looks. And she’s hitting the stands with her graphic liners for now, but the label is gearing up to accommodate and create a line of assorted cosmetics for the face and who knows what we can expect next. Hint, the graphic liners in pastel colours have been part of her feed, so we cannot wait to see the packaging, formulation and the final product.

Debasree's makeup label

Debasree’s label comes at a time when the Indian market is ready for its own to create new avenues and new ideas. And we are waiting to see how this unfolds, so we asked founder Debasree to give us an insider’s look at this bold new label that is soon hitting the stands.

Tell us a bit about your label #Debasreee? 

#Debasreee is a vegan and cruelty-free brand that is made for men and women who want to break definitions and stereotypes. It’s for people who think of makeup as a way to express their emotions and mood. 

How did it come about and what is it all about?

I’ve always wanted to have my own label, and this is our hard work. She’s also the co-founder of the brand. We started conceptualising and ideating about the brand much before the lockdown. It’s all about makeup, which is what I am most passionate about.

 Debasree's makeup label

What makes it different from other beauty labels?

The fact that it is a clean and organic beauty brand that is fun and experimental at the same time. We want to break boundaries with our first product line; it’s going to change the way graphic liners work in India. Also, it’s homegrown.

Creating a brand like this from scratch, how challenging was it?

It was full of challenges. Right from the brand name, dealing with legal requirements, creating the correct formulations and finding the right place to get it manufactured to the packaging – we took the challenge head-on. And while it’s a lot of work, the reward of watching your baby come to life is unreal.

Debasree's makeup label

Tell us a bit about the bestsellers you think deserve the attention and if they are ingredients that you used, then your thoughts on it?

All ingredients are organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. The first product is graphic liners – people know me for my eye makeup, and I decided to go ahead with that. D/Fine is a graphic liner that comes in 15 shades – from neon pink to bright violet, there’s so much to explore and they are priced at Rs 799 and you can pre-order it now. There is a virtual consultation as well for those who need a bit if guidance.

Your opinion on the Indian beauty scene and what you learnt from it all these years?

The Beauty industry in India is growing and thriving at a fast pace. With growth, comes saturation. Therefore, coming up with something that fills a gap was the biggest challenge with my label.

What do you think it takes to be successful as a beauty label in India and what’s the future for your label – what’s your vision?

It’s a learning curve for all of us. We’re learning as we are growing. The vision is to create and give my community something in return of all the support and love. I think consumers are more aware now about formulations, ingredients, and just what makes a product good.

Influencers have been under the scanner for their work. How does it feel to have a label at this time – how do you plan to take this forward?

I know it’s hard, but for me, this journey has been amazing. As I said, I’m taking it one step at a time and hope that we do a good job of it.

Follow the label here to know more about their latest fare

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