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LSA Discovery: Why mindful makeup label Kiro is on top of our list in 2020

With clean beauty being the buzzword among millennials today; Kiro is the new makeup label to check out in 2020.

Makeup in 2020 is a demanding space to be in. You need too many rules to play fair, too many ideas to work with so you can give your consumers a choice of picking a natural lipstick over those that herald the ‘9-to-5, no transfer’ marketing route most popular brands take. 

There ought to be choices in shape (stick or tube), in texture (cream or powder), an array of unique colours from nudes to reds, an inclusive social media set-up and now, more than ever, a sustainable platform that makes the world a better place with each swipe. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. For those of us who like our makeup to be flaunt-able, there is more to look into. We’re talking millennial packaging with metallic clasps and magnetic additions, graphics with enough flex to be reposted on Instagram, and of course, an undeniable brand promise that looks good on paper and on Snapchat, Reels and whatnot. 

Enter: Kiro – a new clean beauty label that has just entered the market with its pretty slick lipsticks, buttery highlighters, blushes, and a vision to take the clean beauty movement a step ahead in India. The vegan brand has managed to pique our interest with just their tagline, ‘skincare infused makeup’. 

Founded by entrepreneur Vasundhara Patni, Kiro manages to stay effortless while offering affordable formulations, curated for all Indian skin tones and types. The website itself gives you a skin tone check when you log in for personalised options. “The journey started when we realised that there are many more women in the workforce now and that they are looking for safe makeup products to use every day. There was a gap in the market for products that are indulgent yet conscientious, and Kiro is our answer to that need,” says entrepreneur Vasundhara Patni on how the label came to be. “With Kiro Beauty, we believe that words like high performance, impactful, luxurious, safe and effective can be associated with clean beauty,” she adds.

Vasundhara Patni, Founder of Kiro

The range comprises impactful, healthy colour cosmetics whose primary focus is clean beauty that comes with skin-friendly ingredients and high-performance products. Nothing toxic, no irritating additions, and everything is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. That also means Parabens, BHA and BHT, mineral oil, and phthalates. Their current roster has creamy matte and matte lipsticks, luxe liquid colours and highlighters, and blushes. The lipsticks are fortified with apricot, jojoba and avocado oil, two nourishing and caring ingredients. Then, there’s the unique Live-in Creamy Matte Lipstick that has ever so slightly raised the bar with its finely milled gold dust. It is, in effect, a beautiful formulation that can take you from day-to-night. The blush and highlighter come infused with Rose hip and Calendula oil. There are minute things taken into consideration too. “There was a need for colour cosmetics that suit the Indian weather conditions and are also perfect for the common yellow undertone that you find in Indian skin tones,” adds Patni. 

It is common knowledge that when makeup is created clean, it comes with other additional issues. There are compromises to be made on maximising effectiveness, whether it’s texture, smell, colour pigments, weather or time it can last, but Kiro hopes to create a balance between the beauty that is effective and easy.

The first thing that catches your attention is the floral packaging with a magnetic click and a matte black look. It is playful yet serious, fun yet seductive and was created keeping the sophisticated millennial in mind. “The vivid colours of our brand identity is what sets us apart in the beauty aisle. We are also the first-ever beauty brand to offer 3D-printed packaging in India. The quest for innovation extends to our lipsticks that are designed to be square in shape with a magnetic closure for added safety. We have focused and invested our time to nail the ergonomic and recyclable packaging to reduce our carbon footprint,” adds Patni.

Kiro Lipsticks

The idea of clean beauty is a multi-layered one in these times. It’s blended with wellness, mental peace and even self-care. “For us, clean beauty is one that also offers a holistic approach to overall well-being. Beauty today is used in conjunction with the right diet and adequate exercise,” explains Patni. 

The launch came in during the pandemic, it was planned months ago but saw the light now. “After months of back and forth, we finally decided to launch it. Innovation and agility help during these challenging times, and it has only strengthened our resolve to ensure that we are delivering a quality product. It has been an interesting journey; however, since we were always digital-first, this has not necessitated too much of an overhaul,” explains Patni.

What does the future hold for Kiro other than the immediate launch of eye products? “As of now our plan is to stick to the classic and most popular colour cosmetic products for our target audience. As we grow, we could evaluate other categories that have an affinity to our consumers,” says Patni. 

Kiro Makeup products

The buying habits among millennials have changed, and consumers want a story with integrity, space where ethical, conscious products are as transparent about their ingredients as they are about their earth-friendliness, their political views and their authenticity. “Young people demand end-to-end experience, value personalisation, and overall brand experience. Therefore, luxury is no longer defined by just a high price point but a high-quality experience,” adds Patni. And the fact that affordable products can also give you a luxury experience by the way they showcase, create and empower their products and services is the future. And Kiro’s journey has just begun.

The products are available on the brand’s own website and on Amazon.in. Prices start at Rs 800. 

Latha Sunadh
Deputy Editor
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