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Lube primer to fake dimples: Craziest beauty trends we found online

TikTok seems like an alternative universe at times. While it’s full of talented creative geniuses, there are times when it creates crazy, cringe content. Take, for example, the recent trend of using sexual lubricant as primer and mixing it with your foundation for long stay makeup.

While Instagram might take time to catch on to the #LubePrimer trend, the TikTok app is blowing up with makeup trials and tutorials. Creators like Lukáš Kohutek and Sean Anthony have shared videos on the platform where they are reacting and later using a tube of Durex lube as a replacement of a primer. And yes, the makeup looks good and if we go by their testimonials, it’s bound to stay on for long. However, as hard as we try (pun intended), we can’t get on board with #LubePrimer trend.


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The trend has dermatologists and other makeup experts weighing in on the safety of using it on your face as well as discussing whether a water-based lube (like the Durex one) or an oil-based one is more suitable for the task. Whether you’re itching to try out this inane trend or simply wondering about more such crazy TikTok beauty trends, we have a complete list.



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It’s 2021 and all the beauty bloggers have confirmed our stance on natural, bushy brows. So when there’s a hack on the horizon, we pay attention. Behold the #SoapBrows technique, started by 18-year-old TikTok-er Millie Leer where she simply sprays a bar of soap with water, rubs a spoolie in it and uses it to shape and brush her brows. It’s that simple and led to brands launching their brow soaps. We still recommend you use drug-store ones like Pears to achieve the bushy look.

Fake Dimples


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If you feel a dimpled simple is going to turn more heads, then this TikTok beauty trend is for you. Behold fake dimples, a simple yet unnecessary hack where you draw on a tiny vertical line with brown eyeliner to mimic the look of a dimple. Looks good on the internet, if not in person. This trend generated a newfound interest in dimples amongst the GenZ which led to people trying out the ‘dimple challenge’ where they created actual dents on their cheeks with the end of a pen by breaking the muscle and creating a ridge. Yes, there goes your smile.

Heated Lash Curlers


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Let’s put a disclaimer out there before we start because this is one trend we wouldn’t want anyone to try without proper understanding. The concept of the heated lash curler trend is same as that of your regular hair curler. Take a metal lash curler, blast air from a blow dryer, let it cool down and use it as a mini curling iron for your eyelashes. Sounds simple yet dangerous, this TikTok beauty trend came under fire for its flammable suggestions. Tread carefully, TikTok-ers.



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We all want rosy, glowy cheeks. And while we millennials are used to using our lipsticks as blush, the GenZ creators on TikTok found a more natural hack. Presenting the #NaturalBlush look where you press down your nose, pinch your cheeks and wait for a natural colour to appear. Yes, we like to keep our makeup hacks natural and without using any makeup. Do remember to film it while. If you’re looking for a blush hack that actually lasts, try Isaac Halvorsen’s viral one where he suggests placing it to the back of the cheekbones instead of the apples of your cheeks. This TikTok beauty trend literally changes your entire face.

Shaved eyebrows


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Celebrities make you do crazy things. In order to achieve the perfect eyebrow arch-like Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Zendaya, many TikTok beauty gurus decided to shave their brows. What started as a little slit on the outer corners of eyebrows led to many shaving theirs off completely. The grow back results were mixed so think before you shave.

Tooth polish


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If you’re looking for an easy solution to get a pearly white smile then the thought of a whitening polish for your teeth is sure to appeal to you. A tinted liquid that comes with a miniature paint brush found its place on the shelves of many beauty gurus looking to brighten their teeth.

Radiator curls

An alarming and hazardous Tik Tok beauty trend that went viral recently was radiator curls. Curling your hair by rolling it around a heated radiator (thank god, those aren’t commonly available in India). This is one trend we won’t be recommending trials for.

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