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Makeup must-haves from homegrown beauty brands to bolster your makeup kit

Makeup can get overwhelming with the umpteen number of options available these days. But, there are a few essentials in your kit to get you set, ready, and going, that we would be covering. What’s more, these are all homegrown beauty brands! 

Do you ever enter a makeup store or scroll through a website and get a complex with the brands and products? Are you scattering to see what is essential and which brand should you invest in to add to your makeup kit? We are here to make your life easier. With this curated list of must-haves, these products are all you might need to go from drab to fab. Forget investing in multiple products for your makeup kit, only to end up using a few! 

homegrown makeup kit
Image: Courtesy Tint Cosmetics Instagram

As everyone edges towards using lesser products and keeping their makeup simple at times, it is best to not include the whole extravagant list of makeup products in your makeup kit. Not only are these products the essentials you need, but we are also sharing product must-haves from homegrown brands. Several unheard-of indie brands are now getting big in the makeup scenario. Many are going ‘Vocal for Local‘, making use of indie brands in their everyday lifestyle. Why not introduce homegrown brands into your makeup kit as well? It’s time to put homegrown brands into the spotlight, especially since most conform to sustainability and clean beauty standards. 

Discover these makeup must-haves for your makeup kit from homegrown beauty brands:

BB Creams are a mix of foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen, the three products you use in your beauty routine. Even if you don’t use foundation daily, moisturizer and sunscreen are definitely essentials to a makeup kit. Why not enjoy all three in the convenience of one. The Lenphor BB Cream is infused with SPF15+, has a light texture and a lovely matte finish. The cruelty-free and premium quality product is affordable, reliable, and absorbs into your skin instantly.

Rs 499

Concealers are one of the much-needed items in your makeup kit. This particular product can cover scars, pigmentation, spots or even enhance your face as you please. The asa Beauty concealer will be the ideal addition to your kit. Formulated with vitamin E and a mix of oils, the asa Beauty Easy Blend Concealer comes in 5-custom made shades. This product is not only vegan and cruelty-free but also refillable, packaged in consciously-crafted aluminum.

Rs 1,950

Eyeshadows can be a bit of a challenge to do, but liquid eyeshadows are easy and give you a luminous look in just one swipe. A simple shade of liquid eyeshadow in your makeup kit will do wonders, and you will definitely be thankful you added it. Ruby Organic’s Quick Set Liquid Eye Shadow are simple to use, fast-drying and even crease-resistant. It comes in various shades to choose from, but this particular shade of Metallic Pale Pink-Silver named Luna will look amazing with any outfit you wear. Made with plant-based ingredients to add a skincare component to the product, it has a high-impact colour that stays all day.

Rs 800

Intensify your makeup looks with a simple winged liner or go crazy and let your inner artist out with a graphic one. But it’s a no-brainer when it comes to eyeliner and makeup. It is a must-have in your makeup kit because sometimes that’s all you need to look awake! The Boss Lady Waterproof eyeliner is a perfect choice, with its tip designed to suit your needs. This buildable, cruelty-free and vegan eyeliner makes applying liner seem easy.

Rs 675

Mascara can either make or break your look. This particular product, when coated over your lashes, frames your eyes better, making them pop. Kajal is that one product that has been a constant in everyone’s makeup kit. The go-to product of every college kid, or even a working individual. So, why not have both in your makeup kit. Nehbelle’s Enchanting Eye Set includes mascara and a kajal, the perfect combo to accentuate your eyes. The Kajal is smudge-proof, water-repellant and moisturizing, gliding smoothly over your eyes. The mascara is an intense black, long-lasting and also contact lens safe.

Rs 600

Blush is a must-have in your makeup kit as it instantly gives one the natural flush needed on the face, adding a bit of colour and always completing the look. The consciously crafted Daughter Earth Lip and Cheek Tint will give your cheeks the natural tint, with its various colours and the ability to blend easily. It is clean and safe, made using vegan and kind ingredient alternatives, drawing inspiration from the colours of the earth.

Rs 975

You can never have too much shine on your face! Highlighters are one of the best makeup inventions one could include in their makeup kit that, without a beat, make you look fresh. Pop in some highlighter at all the right points, and it’s sure to light up your face right! The creamy, buildable and nourishing Ārem Beauty Dew Stick Highlighter comes in 3 gorgeous shades designed to brighten and enhance. The satin-like shine has a subtle payoff, not looking too glaring and patchy. This highlighter is formulated in Italy and made in India with a few certified organic ingredients, sure to give that natural gleen.


Rs 950

Some colour on the lips is always the cherry on the top of any makeup look. Lipsticks are, therefore, yet another essential you need to have in your makeup kit to complete your look. The Renée Cosmetics Fab10 Combo is a combination of all the lipstick shades one would essentially need. It has five shades that pop, and you could rock at a party and five nude shades for your everyday wear. The versatile, ready to wear anywhere shades all come in a single box, saving space and making it convenient to carry all the best shades in one go!

Rs 1,500

While you can use your hands to blend away your products, a beauty blender can sometimes help speed up the process. Achieve the seamless makeup look using a beauty blender, another essential to your makeup kit. The Tint Cosmetics Beauty Blender is the ideal fix for your makeup. With its high-quality sponge, it smoothly picks up and blends any texture, making it the perfect makeup applicator. Made with non-latex and non-allergic material, this sponge effortlessly blends makeup, giving complete coverage with even a minimal amount.

Rs 350

After using all the makeup, there is a time when you do need it out. A makeup remover is essential to your makeup kit as you surely don’t want to sleep in it. The ENN Erazer is an oil-based cleansing balm that breaks down even the most stubborn makeup and impurities off your face. The cruelty-free product helps protect the sensitive layer of the skin and prevents stripping off the moisture on the skin. The balm is ultra-light and works against breakouts as well as dryness.

Hero Image: Courtesy Shutterstock. Featured Image: Courtesy Tint Cosmetics Instagram. 

Rs 1,250
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