Hit that pause button on everything else and get working on your signature eye look. We picked out the best, boldest eye looks by Indian influencers for your viewing pleasure.

What’s the future of makeup post COVID-19? According to what we see on Instagram, lipsticks might just hit a snag, highlighters are passe, and your good ol’ blush might just take a long-needed break. The focus, this year, in all likelihood will be the eyes, what with face masks becoming a big part of our life in the coming months.

So, say hello to your new best friend, the eye shadow palette and get working on a look that is not just dramatic, but traffic-stopping. Summer inspiration for the eyes comes in myriad hues and stunning filters from our very own celebrities and Influencers. The trend seems to be matte shadows, oodles of glitter and double-shading – and everyone’s getting creative with their eyes while staying at home.

We put together the boldest eye looks by Indian influencers to take you through this year.

Matte pinks: Masaba Gupta

Pic via Eshwarlog

Do it like Masaba, who took to baby pink like a fish to water and to top it up, went matte to test the waters. The shade is perfect for summer and just right for any outfit you sport.

Double-hued goodness: Juhi Godambe

Juhi, on the other hand, went matte with two stunning colours in this tutorial using the Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Palette. Effortless colours like pink and blue, both stunning are used to create endless magic.

Peach happiness: Malvika Sitlani

Just the perfect shade for summer, this peach matte look with a matching peach lipstick is the way to go monotone this summer, and no one knows it better than Malvika. This look was created by the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette.

Rose gold goodness: Lisa Mishra

Makeup artist Eshwar posted this beautiful look of Lisa Mishra in a copper-rose gold eye that will make sure you stay subtle yet soft.

Peach mattes in violet: Kat Diaries

Trust Khushnaz to mix up two unconventional shades to give you a million-dollar look. We also love that using neons and bold hues makes her outfit stand out. This is colour-blocking that we’re dying to try.

Baby whites: Natasha Luthra

When everyone went with the usual colours, Natasha stuck to a neutral palette and went stark white – now as a liner or as an eyeshadow, this look gets her bonus points right away.

Butterfly basics: Larissa D’Sa

Larissa went out of her way to create this stunning multi-coloured butterfly look with some great neon shades. The intricate design, the deft hand, and the bountiful hues say a lot. The palette is, of course, the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions and follow the tutorial here.

Lilac love: Shereen

It’s tough to go matte with a colour like lilac, but Shereen nails it with an additional slick liner to accompany it. Notice how she includes a white liner on her lower lash to create a 3-dimensional eye. This look was created by Mausam Gandhi and Afreen Shaikh.

Yellow mellow: Debasree Banerjee

Debasree is known for her bold eye looks so much so that she now has filters you can download and use. Of all her current eyeshadow looks, we loved this neon matte yellow liner – it’s stunning and so summery.

Sunset hues: Aashna Shroff

Trust Aashna to use two different matte shades in different eyes – so stunning and so perfect for the season. The palette that gave her this opaque look? The super pigmented Colorpop eyeshadows.

Metallic purples: Ankita Srivastava

Every look that Ankita creates is a work of art, and by far, this purple eyeshadow stands out for two things: Its glossy effect and its spectacular pigment. Only a Huda Beauty eyeshadow can create a look like this and Ankita uses it well to create an ethereal effect.

Neon effect: Kaushal

Spinning the look with two amazing colours like orange and yellow, both neon, using the Colorpop Rainbow palette, Kaushal creates this playful look that’s guaranteed to turn heads. 

Latha Sunadh
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