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Perfect your winged liner using these hacks involving unconventional items

Almost every aspect of life in this world has its own hacks to get by, and beauty is undoubtedly one of them! You can find hacks for everything from resolving problems with household items to perfecting a specific look with unusual tools, like keeping your eyeliner game strong.

The internet has seen quite a few absurdities when it comes to makeup. The trends keep getting crazier and crazier with each passing day, like using lube as a primer! With every crazy hack, some actually work out, even though they don’t sound very promising. From how to perfect your contouring to how to get that killer winged liner, there are hacks for all!

Winged liner is something people often obsess over, but it’s easy to see why since it always ties the look together. Even when one doesn’t want to wear full makeup, a simple eyeliner usually makes do. Those who can do it without any help or issue are considered winged Gods, with how flawlessly they apply it! You can be one of them, too, with these simple hacks using items you’ll find around your house.

Wing it with these six tools and achieve the perfect wing eyeliner:

Dental Floss

eyeliner hacks
Image: Courtesy Farah Pro Makeup Instagram

Yes, you read it right! The same tool you use to clean in between your teeth can help you achieve a clean line for your eyeliner as well! Using a floss pick or a dental floss thread, apply some liquid liner to the floss and quickly make use of that to create the precise line at the corner of your eyes before it dries. Once you’re happy with the placement and length, you can connect and fill in your liner as you would usually do. With the line from the floss as your guideline, your eyeliner is unquestionably going to be on point! Alternatively, you can use a stitching thread to achieve the same effect.

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Bobby Pins

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Image: Courtesy Sai Instagram

You will probably find this tool lying around the house at every corner, especially if you have long hair. These handy tiny items have more than one use, it seems. When faux freckles were trending, many used bobby pins dipped in brown eyeshadow to create natural-looking faux freckles. For this hack, apply your liner to the naturally shaped triangle end of the bobby pin, and then place it at the corner of your eye. Once you’re happy with the position, press down to leave the imprint of your liner. You can then go ahead and fill up the space again using the imprint as a guide, and voila! You have the perfect winged liner without any effort. The best part is you don’t even need to worry about matching the size of the wing on the other eye with this tool. You can also leave the shape as is without filling it, making it a fun graphic liner!

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Business Card or any other card

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Image: Courtesy Cassie Instagram

Are you on the go but need to perfect your liner? Well, the solution is right in your bag or wallet. Everyone has some type of card always handy, whether it’s a business card, credit card or debit card. Like a scale on paper, the sharp edges of the card will help you create the perfect line you need to start applying eyeliner that will look flawless. It truly gets the business done with ease!

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Medical tape

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Image: Courtesy Beauty Studio Instagram

These sticky tools won’t be of aid only for their actual purpose but also for creating a killer winged liner. To form a winged-like structure at the corner, cut the medical tape to the preferred size and then place it at the top of the eye along with the bottom edge. Another method is using a long piece of tape that would go from one corner of your eye, under the nose, and then to the other corner of your eye. Make sure to place two pieces above the eye as well to create the required shape for the wing. Then using a regular liquid eyeliner, fill in the space created by the tape or band-aid. Pro tip: Before applying the item to the needed area, place and remove the medical tape a few times from the back of your hand to eliminate the adhesive a bit.

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A Fork

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Image: Courtesy Rose Kawatra Instagram

It might sound absurd to use a fork, but it is best to trust the process. Being extremely careful with the edge, place one of the gaps to the corner of your eye to make use of it as a guideline for your wing. Fill that space up with a liner of your choice once you have placed the fork correctly enough to form the desired shape of your liner. You can also make use of just the edge as a makeshift scale to help you get that perfect straight line needed to complete your winged liner.

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Q-tip and Eraser

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Image: Courtesy Promise Tamang Instagram

Who would have imagined that something used to erase mistakes could be used as a stamp to create the perfect wing? While stamp eyeliners are a thing, there is no harm in trying out a hack using a readily available supply- an eraser. By cutting the edge of an eraser, so it looks like a triangle then glueing it to a Q-tip for a makeshift grip, you have your very own stamp ready to be used! Dip the eraser into the pot of a gel liner, and place it at the corner where you would ideally want your wing. Without any hesitations, go ahead and stamp that perfect wing to the edge before filling it up and completing your look. This hack is as flexible as the tool in question since you can cut the eraser to the size of your choice! Get winging with this simple but effective hack.

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Hero Image: Courtesy Model Malay Instagram; Featured Image: Courtesy Sayble Instagram.

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