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Powder lipsticks are the newest lipstick trend to try. Here are our picks

When it comes to lipsticks that everything that comes with the territory, it’s all about texture and durability. As we move from drying mattes to shiny metallics in lipstick trends, one tends to see a certain kind of exhaustion that we have not noticed before. The runways and celebrities pandered to the overdone, over layered look which means, the most stunning of lip-colours beautifully gliding on perfectly-lined lips. But as the seasons change, so do lipstick trends and now, we are speeding towards the natural, slightly-reckless, almost-barely-there makeup and lips too are joining the bandwagon with subtle colour shades and blurry hues. The blurred out, powdery look is the name of the lip game this season and brands are following suit with shade cards and colours that are not drying, extremely soft and totally stunning in a natural way. 

Powder lips

What are lip powders?

Introduced to us recently by K-Beauty brands like 3CE and Etude House, the trend is all about using slightly fluid lip hues that spread easily, give your lips a slight powdery effect that ends up in a shaded blurry lip. The consistency of the lippie comes across like a liquid lipstick but is more watery, less pigmented. The powdery ones come with bolder colours but spread easily giving out a slightly thinned out, matte effect. The lipsticks react to the natural oils in your lips and give it that almost-there look – and it’s best to not layer this shade with another colour and not try to even out the colour, the ombre effect these lipsticks give is stunning. Sometimes, these go on as tints, while watery like the Faceshop Tint, they soon settle into a matte weightless base. 

Powder lips

How do lip powders work?

Most powder lipsticks come with a neat cushion applicator that liquifies the formula before it comes in contact with your lips giving you a super soft finish that will stay on for hours. The advantage you ask with this formula? Adding just about a soft tint on the lips that’s both comfortable and moisturising but at the same time, not liquid or glossy – just weightless and effortless. 

Chanel Rouge Allure Powder Matte
Chanel Rouge Allure Powder Matte
How do you apply lip powders?

Using your finger or a sponge is the best way to make this trend work. Just dab a little colour and keep building it up to the consistency you are looking at. The dabbing or blotting with your fingertip can give the lips a more natural, diffused look. If you don’t like the flat out powdered look, just pat it onto your existing lipstick and bam, let it stay even to give out that woke-up-from-bed look. Don’t worry about the lip hues not distributing evenly – that’s the beauty of this lip texture, it gives out a gradient look. If you want the most simplest look – just wear lip balm and dab the lip powder onto the centre – you’re done. 

hiseido Modern Matte Powder Lip Stick
hiseido Modern Matte Powder Lip Stick
What should you be careful about when it comes to powder lippies?

First, the dry, non-creamy formula means that all your lip lines or dry lips will be seen more. So make sure that your lips are exfoliated and well-taken care of. For a natural barely-there hue, you need natural-looking, healthy lips.

A lip primer can help – but a good lip balm sets it better, they form a smooth base.

If you must line the lips, use a neutral, skin-colored liner so it looks more natural – with powder lipsticks, we are trying to avoid that perfect lined look.

And building your lip powder is important – so try saturating it slowly and gradually to give it that matte effect that is weightless. So start from the middle of the lips and move outwards. 

Here are the best powder lipsticks we think you should buy:

Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder in Invincible, Rs 2,100 Approx

Shiseido Modern Matte Powder Lip Stick in 505 Peep Show, Rs 2,700

Clinique Pop Lip Shadow Cushion Matte Lip Powder – Fuschia Pop, Rs 1,950

M.A.C Powder Kiss Lipstick in Clean Red Orange, Rs 1,650

L’Oreal Paris Tint Caresse in Sakura Blossom, Rs 950

NYX Professional Makeup Powder Puff Lippie Cream in Puppy Love, Rs 650

Powder lipsticks are the newest lipstick trend to try. Here are our picks

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