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6 reasons why you should NOT share your makeup with your friends

Sharing? Sure, but not your makeup or tools. It’s time to stop sharing your makeup and tools with your friends. Like, for real! You are not only wasting valuable products, but you are also jeopardizing your own health. While it may appear to be innocuous at the moment, sharing makeup can lead to extremely risky diseases such as pink eye or even herpes.

If you don’t think sharing lipsticks or makeup, in general, is a big deal, consider this. Makeup is an ideal place for bacteria to grow. Everything from its wet formula to its dark containers might encourage the growth of bacteria. And it has the capability of disseminating or transmitting diseases.

What might happen if you share your cosmetics

It can make your acne worse

Using someone else’s makeup brushes or foundation base might spread acne-causing germs. Essentially, someone else’s pimples, oils, and germs are coming into contact with your face. That can’t be healthy for your skin, we all know.

Bacteria live in makeup testers

While those testers may seem enticing, DO NOT apply them straight to your face. Makeup testers are one of the most common ways bacteria spreads through cosmetics. So, the next time you go to Sephora, swatch the product on the back of your hand rather than your face, and always use a cotton swab or other disposable tool to grab the pigment rather than dipping your fingers right in.

Sharing make-up might result in a staph infection

While others may not be vulnerable to particular infectious bacteria, this does not rule out the possibility that you are. Many infections may be found in cosmetics. It only takes the right conditions and the appropriate combination of bacteria to develop an infection.

Cold Sores? No, thank you!

Keep your lipsticks or tints to yourself to avoid cold sores. Even if your girlfriend does not appear to be suffering from any signs of irritation, they may be carrying the virus that causes them. According to dermatologists, if you catch the disease, it might stay with you for the rest of your life.

Possible eye infections

Your eyes are one of the most sensitive features on your face, yet they also contain a lot of personalised bacteria. Sharing makeup, particularly mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner, can result in an eye infection, according to a dermatologist. Consider pink eye, styes, and other bacterial buildups. This is especially true for those who wear contact lenses since bacteria can become trapped behind the lens.

You have no idea how clean your friend’s cosmetics are

While you may use clean brushes and applicators to apply your products, your friend may not. Hands are a major carrier of germs and should be avoided when applying makeup.

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6 reasons why you should NOT share your makeup with your friends

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