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Replace your basic eyeshadows with these five eye-catching pigments

In the world of eyeshadows, there are several different pigments. You have your standard mattes, shimmers and glitters, but what if there were more?

eyeshadow pigments
Image: Courtesy Evie Instagram

The eclectic mix of products that make up the makeup industry has its own sets of products. Taking eyeshadow as an example, we see a plethora of textures and pigments. Moreover, since the colour range is so diverse, you will find eyeshadows of all kinds on the market. Mattes, glitters and shimmers are some pigments used almost all the time. When there are several others available, why settle for the usual?

Here are five eyeshadow pigments to up your makeup game:


Duo Chrome Pigments

Image: Courage Natalie Imbus Instagram
Image: Courage Natalie Imbus Instagram

As their names imply, Duo Chrome eyeshadow pigments change hues as you move away or toward a source of light, or even when viewed from an angle. While a pop of colour always looks good, moving away from the normal can be intriguing. These pigments look absolutely gorgeous on the eyes with their changing hues making it a fun look. There is a wide range of shades that fall in the duo-chrome spectrum. You have green-brown, teal-gold, lilac-blue, peach-green, white-pink, and many more. Imagine the looks you can create with each type! As seen in this look, you can observe a hue of purple and green due to the light hitting the eye.

LSA Recommends: The I AM EYECONIC Duo Chrome Pigments in the shade Drip Drip (Rs 1299), which is a lovely mix of purple and blue. They have other duo-chrome pigments as well!

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Iridescent pigments

eyeshadow pigments
Image: Courtesy Immortal Papillon Instagram

Iridescent is a stunning and updated version of shimmer. It’s a phenomenon you see in soap bubbles and butterfly wings where the colour, usually a mix of two or three colours, transitions between one another under different lights and angles. Mica is the primary ingredient behind iridescent products that come in various luminosities and is responsible for their vibrant colour. When Euphoria first came out, everyone loved how the makeup looks were in the show, iridescent being one of them! With a sheer hue of pinks, blues and purples, iridescent appears very magical on the eyes, as seen in this look.

LSA Recommends: The M.A.C. Dazzleshadow Liquid Eye Shadow in the shade Diamond Crumbles (Rs 1950), a beautiful shade with hints of blue and pink.

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Pearlescent Pigments

eyeshadow pigments
Image: Courtesy Shaprrnova Instagram

Pearlescent is related to iridescent, but here the primary colour seen is white upon the light reflecting. It gives the feeling of looking at a pearl, hence the name. Like Iridescent, this pigment, too, looks striking and magical. Pearlescent pigments make you look classy and give a sheen across the lid, looking natural yet put together. This pigment, when worn by itself or as a topper, both ways would look amazing as seen in the eye look here! So, ditch your usual eyeshadow choices and reach out to some pearly pigments.

LSA Recommends: The PIXI Liquid Fairy Lights in the shade Crystalline (Rs 1460), a pearly white shade with specs of different colours, making it the best choice for this look.

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Holographic Pigments

eyeshadow pigments
Image: Courtesy Funlacquer Instagram

Holographic is a pigment that showcases the entire spectrum of the rainbow upon shining a light on it. The sparkly rainbow that the holographic pigments exhibits appear remarkable in the packaging itself, so it’s safe to say it would look attractive on the eyes as well. Holographic is not only seen in eyeshadows but was also a trend in bags, nail polishes and any other item you could imagine! Holographic pigments are very versatile when it comes to how you would want to wear them. Seeing as how it showcases the rainbow’s colours, it goes with anything and everything. 

LSA Recommends: The MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Glitter in the shade Holographic Silver (Rs 1850), an enticing product that can take your eye look from simple to glam.

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Foil Eyeshadow Pigments

eyeshadow pigments
Image: Courtesy Some More Makeup Instagram

Foiling an eyeshadow is the act of mixing your eyeshadow with a setting spray to give your eyes a bit of a wet look. This technique looks absolutely effortless and provides an impressive finish to your general boring shimmers. Nowadays, brands have started to sell foil eyeshadows in a ready-made manner. This way, you won’t even have to go through the hassle of doing extra work to get that perfect editorial look, as seen. Just swipe the shadow directly from the pan to your eyes, without any worries!

LSA Recommends: The Makeup Revolution Foil Frenzy Creation Eyeshadow Palette (Rs 945), a palette with several shades to pick from that are easy to blend and lightweight!

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Hero Image: Courtesy The Edgy Edit Instagram; Featured Image: Courtesy Pack on the Glitter Instagram.

Replace your basic eyeshadows with these five eye-catching pigments

Dhwani Ajmera

Dhwani is an aspiring beauty writer, passionate about makeup since 1999. When not scrolling through Instagram looking for inspiration or entertainment, she is binge-watching a new show or rewatching an old one with her all-time favourite company – Asian food and a cup of tea!

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