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Skincare meets makeup: Forest Essentials launches natural makeup

Forest Essentials launches natural makeup and we reviewed their kajals and lip serums.

Makeup is no longer just another category in beauty. It’s now an integral part of your skincare routine and more and more homegrown labels are discovering how makeup can be an extension to your everyday routine. We have seen homegrown labels like Daughter’s Earth, Earth Rhythm and Soultree create lip tints, kohls and eyeliners that come with the goodness of organic ingredients and sustainable ideas lately but organic makeup is still a niche space. Between understanding one’s makeup needs and cutting through the western labels and their offerings, it’s still a category that needs to be understood. Trying to make that journey easier is well-known Ayurvedic luxury label, Forest Essentials who is trying to bridge skincare with makeup through classic beauty routines.

We reviewed and checked out the offerings as Forest Essentials launches natural makeup. 


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The homegrown label is now home to organic natural makeup that comes infused with botanicals and precious oils giving a whole new meaning to Ayurvedic beauty and wellness. Forest Essentials has been home to some great skincare and haircare in the past two decades and Ayurveda has been an integral part of their offerings – now, with the launch of the launch of their artisanal makeup, the label has come full circle – from wellness to skincare to makeup – a holistic approach to Ayurvedic beauty and we cannot be more excited. Forest Essentials comes with expertise in age-old rituals that have stood the test of time and their skincare is proof of that dedication. The artisanal beauty collection too comes heavily inspired by these traditions and hopes to meet the demands of millennials who are looking for a hint of the past and a drop of futuristic vision in their beauty regimes. 

Clean beauty as it’s seen as, the collection is non-toxic and unadulterated – a trait passed on from their Ayurvedic ethos.  It’s a well-known fact that women in the olden days, wore makeup of the organic sort – soot from earthen diyas to refresh and beautify their eyes while beet root is used to add colour and flush to the lips and cheeks – it’s not just about enhancing your features and making one beautiful, it’s also about nourishment and self-care in the process. 


This beauty collection is crafted with traditional Ayurvedic processes and comes jam packed with natural ingredients and a special miraculous serum that is known to nourish and hydrate the skin giving it that natural flush. It’s also cruelty free and hand-crafted from fresh and sustainably sourced organic seasonal ingredients that nourish the skin and restore its natural beauty. 

What’s in the collection? 

The Kajals 

The Kajal collection that comes with three deeply pigmented and highly nourishing shades that not only add beauty but cool the eyes and offer some respite as we sit on innumerable zoom calls. The Gulaab Khaas Kajal (Rs 775) is inspired by the ancient ayurvedic ritual of ‘Chakshushya’ which translates to something that soothes the eyes. It’s formulation is as unique as they come, made according to vedic traditional processes using Indian ingredients like pure cow’s ghee and fresh rose petals. And then there are other amazing ingredients that take it up a notch like liquorice, amalaki and camphor alongside bamboo charcoal and natural carbon that give the kajal it’s natural colour, pigment and nourishment.

Add to that organic castor oil that helps cleanse the eyes and coconut oil that nourishes and takes care of  dryness. The kajal was not heavy, the colours were a bit muted and they made the eyes stand out. There was a cooling feeling when first applied and we loved the fact that they are in retractable form. They glide in smoothly. The kajal comes in three classic shades and will suit all Indian skin tones: Charcoal Black, Earth Brown and Ash Gray. 

 The Lip Serums

These lip serums are just what the doctor ordered for those looking to work from home without putting on heavy makeup. They are just a tint, healthy and nourishing and come with a sweet smell that lingers on. The Madhu Rasa Tinted Lip Serums (Rs 1,295) come in gold packaging and we’ll be honest, they look super luxe and the hardware is just right. They are slim, sheer tinted lip conditioners that will give your lips that much needed hydration and moisturising in one swipe. They are delicately scented – the rose balm just uplifts your spirits, we’ll be honest. ‘Madhu Rasa’ translates to ‘sweet nectar’ and in Ayurveda, you must start your day with something sweet – small piece of fruit, a piece of rock sugar or even fragrant leaves and so this balm can give you that warm, nourished, happy feeling.

It’s made with hand-pressed virgin coconut, sweet almond and moringa oils alongside the natural extracts of rose, pomegranate, caramelized cane sugar scented with cardamom and fresh coconut cream with saffron, depending on which variant we are looking at. The Cardamom Misri is divine, if you are looking for something compelling and the colour is perfect on Indian skin. The serum glosses are infused with pure cow’s ghee, shea and cocoa butter, organic beeswax and potent herb infusions. Lips are hydrated, tints stay on all day long and that warm smell wakes up your senses. They are available in four stunning shades: Coconut Kesar, Anar Rasa, Gulaab Jal and Misri Cardamom. 

And as with everything Forest Essentials creates its own path in Ayurvedic beauty and it’s time we accepted those precious age-old rituals into our makeup regime too.

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