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Sonic Sarwate of M.A.C on the basics of bridal makeup (Plus, the right products to pick) 

Trust Sonic to always know the right thing to say to Instagram-friendly, Snapchat-wielding brides. As a spokesperson for M.A.C Cosmetics in India and a popular bridal makeup artist, he knows that brides in 2020 need filter-free makeup and maximum shine and he’s here to deliver on that promise. As he created three amazing looks for brides this year, a Bengali bride, a South Indian bride and a North Indian bride, he made sure classics ruled with red lips, defined eyes and a sculpted cheek. We spoke to him about the new bridal makeup rules, what to pick up and what brides must be mindful of this coming year. 

Big trends in bridal this year

Shine is in, ladies and that means lots of highlighter, glitter for the eyes and metallic toppers on lips. The minute you put that shine on you, it changes the whole equation, you entire look and makes you look like you are glowing from within. When I think of glitter a few years go, it reminded me of the chunky craft glitter. Now, every beauty brand is coming up with great finely-milled glitter and highlighters in smooth, subtle colours – from rose gold to holographic and bronze. You can choose the intensity you need to shine through. Refined particles are used in shimmery eyeshadows so try the Pro glitter pigments or the Extra Dimension eyeshadows. Chunky glitter isn’t good if you are getting photographed – some particles in these chunky glitters don’t catch the light and you end up looking like you have blind spots around the eyes. So use smooth, refined glitter to stay safe and photograph well. 

Bold colours

When it comes to eyes, whether it’s a liner, mascara or shadow, big bold colours are in. Experiment with purples, golds and blues – if you use them delicately, they’re good fun to work with. As a makeup artist, I try to experiment with these colours for a Mehendi, Sangeet or Engagement. For the wedding, stick to the classics like a smokey eye or a graphic liner or a big red lip. 

Lipstick shades to get it right

Classic reds, pigmented pinks and easy nudes are always on trend. The classic colours to try are: Ruby Woo suits everyone, Diva is a deep red and Twig which is a deep nude and Relentlessly Red are great on every skin tone. 

Rules for brides when they’re picking up makeup

Be mindful of pictures. Be mindful of shine, it reflects back. So when you choose a makeup artist, make sure you ask for makeup that looks good in person and in pictures. 

Balance is key, don’t overdo any one feature. Lips or eyes – just stick to classic colours and enhance one feature. 

When it comes to working on foundation,s always stick to daylight more than artificial lights to do your makeup for morning functions. You can clearly see your shade and your pigment in daylight and that’s how people see you. For the night time, use the same light as the one you use on the stage or mandap. You can go wrong if you use dim lights to do your makeup. 

Try to stick to your own skin tone, find yours first. It should look like it fits with your neck and shoulders, not just your face. Never go light or too dark. 

Wedding makeup is all about the classics. First, find your jewellery and your lehenga and find a lip colour that suits you first. Then, the rest. 

Skin prep for brides

For a bride, your skin must be in the best condition on your big day. Get your facials and treatments done 3-4 days before. Threading and waxing must be also be done three days before.

Make sure you moisturise your skin, keep yourself hydrated, use a good serum and sunscreen to seal it all in.Invest in a good primer because you want your makeup to last long.

If your skin is hydrated and well-moisturised, your makeup will look better, last longer, blend better and glides easily and the finish is beautiful. 

Also choose primers according to what you need for the day. Do you want a glow? Choose a strobe cream, a hydrating prime, pick one that’s clear – experiment with a few before you find your own. 

Know your skin type, how your makeup feels or sits on your face. Knowing your foundation shade really helps, your skin type also helps you pick good prep products. 

All-time classics one must pick up from M.A.C cosmetics

MAC Fix Plus is a hydrating spray to use before or after makeup, it’s a bestseller. 

If you hate foundation or find it too bold for you, pick the MAC Studio Fix Compact, it’s easy to use, dab it, it’s powder so it’s effortless. Every bride must carry it with you – it’s great for touch-ups. 

Soar, the lip pencil is a all-rounder. 

A good blush is essential. Pick my favourites: Mocha, Gingerly, Fleur Power, Desert Rose and Peachy Keen are great options and they suit every skin tone. 

Highlighters are many, invest in a good gold one. 

A good kajal pencil is great if you want bold eyes – Feline, a kohl pencil, and Graphblack, a strong option. 

Haute & Naughty is a great mascara and has two wands, one for the bold look and the other for that thin, wispy look. 

For the lips, stay with the classics like Mehr, Taupe, Mocha, Ruby Woo and Diva. 

Latha Sunadh
Deputy Editor
When she's not trying on a new serum, researching on yet another classic fragrance and sharing lip balms with her 5-year old daughter, Latha Sunadh keeps it reined in with a nice song and a good book. Special skills include obsessing over handmade, home-made and handcrafted luxuries.
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