A sustainable, responsible, zero-waste beauty routine — is it even possible?

Aware of the new environmental challenges, cosmetic brands are rolling out new innovations at a dizzying speed, in the aim of allowing consumers to embrace a 100 percent responsible beauty routine.

As reducing waste consumption — unless you skip makeup, skincare and hygiene — can only be done through recycling, upcycling, or through biological degradation, it is on these two points that more beauty brands are now focusing their research, and some have already begun to provide innovative solutions.

Let’s take a look at some of these recyclable, biodegradable and compostable beauty products that promise to make our everyday routine more sustainable.

Making bathroom waste obsolete with reusable items

For some, disposable cotton makeup remover pads have already vanished from their vanities. Both brands and consumers have already begun to pay attention to excessive, unnecessary packaging of skincare and hygiene products, and to sort them in order to embrace a cleaner beauty routine with natural fibres, solid cosmetics, and washable, reusable accessories. This, however, is just one step in moving toward a zero-waste beauty routine.

Recyclable, plastic-free lipsticks

Juni Cosmetics is one of the brands that has gone big on recycling. Founded by makeup artist Madeleine White, the brand worked with designers to eliminate plastic from its beauty products. The result is Luxury Hydrating Lipstick, a capsule collection of high-end lipsticks with strong moisturising power, formulated with organic oils, vitamin E and plant hyaluronic acid, whose tubes are made entirely of aluminium, therefore fully recyclable.

Note that the entire lipstick tube is made of aluminium, including the mechanism’s cogs, giving consumers the option to recycle the product without having to disassemble it. Certified vegan, the lipstick contains only organic and sustainably sourced ingredients and has not been tested on animals.

Eyeliner that transforms into flowers

At the end of its life, the Sprout eyeliner can be planted in a pot, then watered, to turn into flowers. (Image: Sprout World)

Initially specialising in sustainable writing tools, Danish company Sprout World has also taken a step towards a circular beauty routine. It recently released a plantable eyeliner. Yes, you read that right. Its Sprout eyeliner, totally free of microplastics, is used like any other eyeliner with one exception.

At the end of its life, it can be planted in a pot, then watered, to turn into flowers. This is made possible thanks to the capsule nestled at the end of the product, which contains seeds. Read more about it here.

No-waste mascara

In the same vein, Izzy Zero Waste Beauty has introduced the world’s first reusable and recyclable mascara, which therefore generates no waste. Made of a stainless steel tube, Zero Waste Mascara is delivered without any packaging in reusable envelopes made from recycled materials.

A subscription service allows consumers the possibility to receive a new sterilised and filled mascara every three months, accompanied by a prepaid envelope to return the previous mascara which will be completely cleaned and refilled for a second life.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

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