Once upon a time skincare labels did their best to make your routine shine and makeup labels added on the go-to look to perfection. And just when you thought that the twain shall never meet, 2021, just like the unique snowflake that it is, made sure we now add something called ‘Skincare-infused Makeup’ to our daily routine. It’s where your skincare adds on a little bit of healthy colour and your makeup contains all the benefits that your skincare comes with. 

Ayurvedic makeup
Forest Essentials Skin Tints

Now what is the big deal about skin care-infused makeup? It’s where your skincare is infused with skin-treating, natural, high-performance but skin-loving ingredients that not only make your makeup shine but also add a bunch of health benefits. Yes, the lines are blurring between skincare and makeup this year and we’re here for it. 

First, there’s the question of WFH that brought in two things: skincare back into focus thanks to staying at home and two, minimal, more natural approaches to makeup, thanks to working through our screens. And soon, skincare doubled up to meet makeup and the market was flooded with versatile, multi-tasking products. 

Ayurvedic makeup
Red lip and cheek tints at Daughter’s Earth

The products getting into the market are doing their bit too – kajal that contains ghee (oh so nourishing!), lip balms that just a tint of vibrant colour so you can skip that drying matte lipstick on your next zoom call or lash serums that not only add volume but also protect and comfort these delicate lashes. While using makeup that’s safe on your skin is one thing, adding nourishing ingredients to make your makeup act like skincare is a hefty add-on – one that is likely to stay as probably one of the biggest, most challenging and long-lasting changes the beauty industry is seeing now.  

Ayurvedic makeup

Ayurvedic brands too have entered the market, with their own products that carefully bridge the gap between skincare and makeup. Forest Essentials leads the pack this year, with their newly launched ‘Naturally Infused Botanical Beauty Collection’, with Som Rasa Silk Skin Tints, a luminous lightweight formula that’s perfect for Indian skin tones. These Skin Tints come with a strong ingredient base that’s known to keep your skin nourished – freshly hand-pressed oils of Moringa, Almond, Sunflower and Green Tea and no one of them, pore-clogging. The newest Nayantara Clear Lash and Brow Serum is another add-on in the collection that works to repair and restore lashes and brows and again, has skincare-loving ingredients to boot. There are stunning cheek tints and kajal pencils in the mix too. 

Ayurvedic makeup

It’s not a first for Ayurvedic foundations though – Just Herbs has already been the front-runner bringing in 12 skin tints a few years back and while they did not meet all skin tones, they were pretty much perfectly created to meet most tones. Touted as Ayurvedic BB Creams, they are known to be perfect for that dewy, ‘no-makeup’ look. This month, the label also launched their Herb Enriched Lip & Cheek Tints in seven shades and they come jam-packed with enriching ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Rice Starch and Javitri, that improves skin texture. All colour and no nasties!

The fact that beauty is becoming mindful is one thing – but Ayurveda-friendly makeup takes it a notch up for Indian women interested in homegrown labels that promote the benefits of traditional rituals. 

Ayurvedic makeup

Most of the products are crafted from fresh and sustainably sourced organic seasonal ingredients too. Soul Tree, is another interesting label that’s known for it’s very popular BB creams, lipsticks and fantastic coloured kajals. The brand is clear that they are all about authentic Ayurvedic recipes and honestly-sourced natural, organic ingredients. The kajals especially come with organic ghee known for its nourishing, soothing effect alongside camphor that cleanses and keeps your eyes refreshed. 

Ayurvedic makeup

Recently, another new and modern beauty label with their roots in Ayurveda, Daughter’s Earth has also been revamping their beauty line and in 2021, they have ventured into makeup with lip and cheek tints in interesting colours including a range of red hues that suit every skin tone. Their 100% Vegan, Beeswax-free, Super Antioxidant Lip and Cheek Tints are infused with organic-certified red algae derived super antioxidant – astaxanthin, alongside wild-harvested sea berries that give these tints their beautiful bold colour.

Latha Sunadh
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