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Too Faced is finally in India and we are picking up these five gems

Estee Lauder companies have started the 2020 India chapter with a bang. The company’s smartest brand, Instagram-friendly cult label Too Faced launches in India today, on Nykaa.

The cruelty-free, unapologetically glamorous, and unabashedly pink label was created by two makeup artists, Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, with a penchant for everything vintage and feminine(the packaging is retro and old-school because the founders were obsessed with Paris and Parisian women). Launched in 1998, the label celebrates individuality and fun and is sold in over 30 countries, and has some stunning cult products.

We picked out 5 of our favourites that have just launched in the country. 

Better Than Sex Mascara, Rs 1,050 for a mini

At the risk of sounding like we’re obsessed, we will reiterate the fact that this cult mascara is indeed better than sex. Because it comes with a wand that literally fans your lashes out to give you bambi eyes. The intensely black, collagen-fueled formula gives you a curled, more dramatic look in just two coats.

Pretty Rich Eyeshadow Palette, Rs 4,500

If you are a glitter lover, this party palette is a must-have. There is Diamonds for Breakfast in a subtle white, a copper shade called Diamond Glitterati, and a stunning gold named Fluent in Diamonds. There are also a few matte hues for those looking at colours for work. More than anything, it’s the boudoir packaging that gets us. 

Too Faced Lip Injection, Rs 1,050 for a mini

Want that extra pouty look? Lip Injection is a revolutionary product from Too Faced that does the job. We tried this gloss, which when applied causes a bit of tingling, but then creates a subtle illusion of a pout. It’s a serum-style gloss, and is medically proven to use technology on blood vessels, giving you fuller lips in minutes. Plus, it adds a high shine to your lips so use as a topper. 

Sweet Peach Papa Don’t Peach Blush, Rs 2,300

This one comes with a fun story. Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino loved the peach trifle dessert he had in Paris one time and created this blush in memory of it. The rich bronzy peach colour is a brightening blush that’s infused with a peach fragrance (now that’s unique!). The best bit about this blush is the way it suits every Indian skin tone — it has shimmers and can also be used as bronzer. 

Diamond Highlighter in Diamond Fire, Rs 2,500

The packaging for this beauty is almost as good as you would have for a diamond. The Diamond Highlighter comes with light-reflecting particles that are infused with real crushed diamonds — that’s why it looks like a million bucks and the colour payoff is intense and bright. This beauty comes in three shades, ‘Diamond Fire, Canary Diamond and Fancy pink diamond – a neutral, a gold and a rose gold. 

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