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Millennials unite: Kendall Jenner’s new dental care line, Moon has just dropped!

Remember that episode in Keeping Up With the Kardashians when Kendall Jenner completely freaked out because she ate some tomatoes right after getting her teeth whitened?


That early dedication to her pearly whites was perhaps an indication of what was to come. Kendall Jenner, the Kardashian empire’s supermodel sister, has now announced the launch of a new dental care line, ‘Moon’. With supermodel endorsement and the Millennial-magnetic powers of the Kardashians, Moon Oral Care unsurprisingly manages to make oral hygiene the coolest and chic-est thing since Chanel. Forget the costume jewellery, your teeth are your new pearly accessories.

Having met the brand’s founder, Shaun Neff, while collaborating together through the Jenner sisters’ joint clothing line KENDALL + KYLIE , Kendall is now a key partner of Moon Oral Care.

Moon kendall

Kendall and Neff saw that dental care was lacking in style and coolness in comparison to makeup or fragrances, even though it was also a huge market in the beauty industry.

Obviously, Moon products are all incredibly Instagram-worthy. There’s a serious focus on design: The sexy, sleek, matte black packaging is intended to look way better in your glistening marble bathroom than the nerdy primary colours of Colgate. Shaun Neff wanted to emphasise that dental products should be able to look just as good on your beauty counter as your other gorgeous cosmetic products and perfume bottles.

Appealing even more to #woke millennials who are always environmentally tuned in, the entire line is vegan, dedicated to using only cruelty-free and PETA-approved ingredients – all of which are disclosed on Moon’s website. Following the monochromatic theme of the brand, the products also feature the oh-so-trendy charcoal as a key ingredient. With products such as the Peppermint Charcoal-Activated Toothpaste – which foams to a light grey so it doesn’t make a mess in your white vessel sink – ‘Moon’ is about to eclipse every other dental brand.

Kendall Moon

Dental care has never before been looked at as something cool and fashionable, and Kendall Jenner is very much both of these things. But she’s not just the face of Moon Oral Care; she’s also co-created one of the brand’s signature products – the ‘Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen’. With ‘carbamide peroxide to provide instant brightening and whitening over time’, the whitening pen also contains Kendall’s favourite all-natural ingredients such as lavender oil, whitening strawberry extract and honeysuckle flower. Like other Moon products, the whitening pen is also compactly designed to suit on-the-go travellers such as the jet-setting model herself.

Moon kendall

It looks like the Kardashian empire has now conquered every part of our bodies. Kylie has your face and lips; Khloe has your butt; Kourtney has your inner well-being, and, well, Kim will cover whatever is left with her body fragrances. Teeth was the last market gap, and Kendall Jenner has now officially “filled” it. We’ve got to give it to them: these entrepreneurial sisters have certainly got a sweet tooth for business.

Currently only following a direct-to-consumer model, Moon Oral Care products are now available to purchase exclusively on the brand’s website.

All images: Courtesy Moon Oral Care

Millennials unite: Kendall Jenner’s new dental care line, Moon has just dropped!

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