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Repair, replenish and hydrate with the top summer moisturisers

With changing climate patterns and heat conditions prevailing for most of the year, it is crucial to have a foolproof summertime skincare routine in place. An essential part of this consists of selecting the right summer moisturiser. 

While there are no shortcuts to attaining flawless skin in summer, the diligent use of a moisturiser can impart the required care and nourishment your dermis needs to protect itself from the harmful rays of the sun. Before diving deep into the world of these hydrating products, take a look at why they are important this season.

Effects of summer heat on your skin

effects of summer on skin
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During summer, your skin tends to sweat a lot. This can cause excess sebum production and frequent breakouts that call for the right moisturiser. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays can also cause skin burns, premature ageing of the skin and hyperpigmentation.  

A perfect summer moisturiser not only keeps your skin hydrated and supple but also acts as a perfect base for your makeup. Hydrating lotions or creams that are lightweight and non-sticky are ideal for the warm months. Soothing ingredients like aloe vera extracts are a bonus if applied properly.

How to apply moisturiser 

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Come what may, moisturisers should be your skin’s best friend for both your AM and PM skincare routine, regardless of age and weather.  

In your morning skincare routine, moisturiser should be applied after using a mild cleanser or face wash. For a complete cleanse, spray a toner and pat on a serum that suits your skin type before moisturising. For your night skin care, moisturiser should be used after double cleansing your skin. 

Apart from following the correct order, you should also know how to properly slather on the right product for the best results. 

Tips for applying moisturiser during summer  

  • Make sure to apply moisturiser on damp skin. It will ensure that you lock in the moisture and keep your skin hydrated all day. 
  • Massage the product using clean fingers. You can also use a jade roller or a facial massager. 
  • Make sure to let it rest on the skin for a few minutes before you apply sunscreen or any other makeup.  

The benefits of moisturising your skin 

Just like your face, the rest of your skin also needs regular moisturisation. When you step out in the sun, your body is likely to lose moisture. This can leave you with dry and dehydrated skin and only a good quality moisturiser with SPF can protect your skin.  

Additionally, prolonged sun exposure can cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear early. Applying a hydrating moisture can delay the process and leave your skin glowing. 

What are the various types of moisturisers?

moisturiser types
Image: Courtesy Ron Lach/Pexels

Moisturisers can be classified on the basis of the ingredients for different skin types and needs. They are: 

Emollients: Oil or lipid-based moisturisers that contain ingredients like ceramides, cocoa butter, collagen, dimethicone, shea butter and jojoba oils fall under this category. These moisturisers fill in the crevices on your skin and make it appear smoother.  

Humectants: These moisturisers made of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerine, lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) hydrate the skin by drawing moisture from the air to the skin’s outer layer.  

Occlusives:  Moisturisers made of heavy compounds like beeswax, silicones, and petroleum act like a thick barrier or protective seal over the skin and prevent moisture from escaping.  

Moisturisers are also classified based on the forms that they are in. They include gels, creams, lotions, and oils.  

Best moisturisers for summer

INR 1951

Clinique Moisture Surge is an oil-free gel-based formula that promises 100-hour intense moisturisation. Fortified with aloe bioferment, hyaluronic acid, activated aloe water and vitamins C and E, it penetrates deep into your skin to keep it nourished and plump. It also features an auto-replenishing technology that helps your skin create its own internal water source to replenish and rehydrate itself. You can use this moisturiser for both your AM and PM routine or also use it as a dewy highlighter. 

Image: Courtesy Nykaa

INR 413

A perfect pick for those looking to repair their skin barrier, this moisturiser from Cetaphil suits normal, combination and sensitive skin types. The niacinamide in the product helps lock in moisture and avocado oil nourishes and moisturises the skin. Additionally, it has glycerine that provides long lasting hydration and panthenol that helps retain skin’s hydration. Besides being noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic, it is also paraben free, sulphate free, fragrance free and mineral oil free.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 270

A non-sticky, non-oily and lightweight cream infused with the goodness of vitamin E, the Pond’s Light Face Moisturiser is ideal for daily application. It is easy to blend and gets absorbed quickly. Providing instant moisturisation for up to 24 hours, it keeps your skin soft. It can also be used on your hands and body. 

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 1001

A humectant moisturiser, the neutriderm moisturiser is enriched with Tocopheryl disodium phosphate or vitamin E. It is a great antioxidant and helps reduce skin issues like dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles and redness. Ideal for sensitive skin, it also protects you from the harmful rays of the sun and imparts a healthy glow.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 316

The Dot & Key ceramides moisturiser is packed with the goodness of hyaluronic acid and five essential ceramides that aid in skin barrier repair. Infused with the goodness of probiotics and rice water, it is ideal for dry, extremely dry and sensitive skin. The alcohol and parabenfree formula soothes itchy, irritated and dry skin. The product is smooth, creamy and non-comedogenic.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 508

This lightweight moisturiser is the best pick for you if you are looking at achieving a glass-skin look. Powered with the goodness of vitamin B3+, niacinamide, rice water and black oats, it is an ideal solution to many skin issues. Niacinamide helps even out your skin tone and reduces dark spots. Rice water is a crucial ingredient that helps replenish and repair the skin barrier. Rich in amino acids, oats help lock in moisture for long.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 1599

This ultra-lightweight moisturiser, packed with the goodness of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, amino pentapeptides, vitamin E and carb seed extracts can aid in hydrating and firming your skin. An easy-to-spread formula, it contains SPF 30 and offers sun protection. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives you smooth skin with a matte finish all day.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 2673

This lightweight moisturiser from Neutrogena is ideal if you have oily or acne-prone skin. The lightweight formula won’t clog your pores and the microclear technology used in the product helps reduce spots and blemishes. The grapefruit helps keep your skin hydrated and leaves it plump. 

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 2750

A great moisturiser to strengthen the skin’s barrier, this one from Kiehl’s is powered with squalane and glacial glycoprotein. Squalane gets absorbed easily into the skin and keeps the skin barrier soft and supple. The glacial glycoprotein helps hydrate and maintain the skin’s moisture balanceThis non-greasy and lightweight moisturiser can be used twice a day. 

Image: Courtesy Nykaa

INR 3398

Powered by the goodness of hyaluronic acid and Vichy volcanic water, this moisturiser hydrates your skin while also strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier. The product is hypoallergenic, paraben free and is tested by dermatologists.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

(Prices of the products mentioned in the story are subject to change.)

(Hero & Featured Image: Courtesy Anna Tarazevich/Pexels)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Why is moisturising important during summer?  

Moisturisation is very important during summer as it helps the skin protect itself from the harsh rays of the skin. A good moisturiser adds the right amount of moisture to your skin and locks it in. 

Which moisturiser should be used in summer?  

Moisturisers, which can add hydration as well as help the skin repair its barrier, are ideal for use in summer. 

How should I moisturise my skin in summer?  

You should use a moisturiser after thoroughly cleansing your skin. Make sure to use sunscreen after the moisturiser has been absorbed. 

Can I skip moisturising in summer? 

No. Moisturisers should not be skipped during the summer. A moisturiser not only hydrates the dermis but also plays a crucial role in nourishing the skin along with addressing various skin concerns. 

What are the natural moisturisers that can be used in summer? 

Aloe vera, honey, coconut oil and cucumber are all great moisturisers. Identify your skin type and pick moisturisers accordingly.

Repair, replenish and hydrate with the top summer moisturisers

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