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14 best sunscreens for oily skin that won’t clog pores

13If you have oily skin, you’re definitely on the anti-SPF bus because you’ve spent your whole life dealing with greasy, heavy, and pore-clogging formulations. But we’re here to tell you that sunscreens for your skin type do exist. Here’s how to choose the best sunscreen for oily skin, as well as the best formulas to try right now.

How to choose sunscreen for oily skin?

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With any sunscreen, it’s critical to choose one with a high enough SPF, since the SPF 15 you’ve been slapping on isn’t going to cut it. For regular daily use, experts normally suggest SPF 30 or higher. If you’re going to spend more time outdoors, it is recommended to use at least SPF 50. However, if you have oily skin, there are a few more factors to consider in addition to SPF.

Choose a lightweight formula

Think gel creams, serums, and sheer lotions. If you don’t want your face to look slick by midday, choose any sunscreen with a lightweight texture. Powder-based sunscreens, according to experts, are also a good alternative to put over a sunscreen to help with shine. The formula you choose—chemical-only, mineral-only, or a combination of the two—is ultimately a matter of personal choice and what feels light on your skin.

Choose oil-free options

It may seem obvious, but you’d be shocked how many sunscreens for oily skin include pore-clogging oils. Comedogenic ingredients, such as isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate, soybean oil, and coconut oil, are advised to be avoided by experts. Look for oil-free and non-comedogenic labels. To make things even simpler, many beauty sites allow you to select “oil-free” as an ingredient choice while sorting through all of the alternatives, so make sure to turn it on before adding anything to your cart.

Keywords on label

Look for words like “mattifying,” “oil-absorbing,” “pore-minimizing,” “non-shiny,” and “blurring.” They’re frequently used on the labels, packaging, and/or product descriptions of sunscreens designed for oily skin.

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Best sunscreens for oily skin

Replace your heavy-duty moisturiser with a light, airy SPF. Supergoop!, one of the leading sun brands in the beauty business, now provides UV protection in the form of a serum. It’s loaded with vital elements like lactic acid and vitamin E to protect against environmental stresses and keep your skin soft and supple all day.

Rs 3,205

A daily, ultralight, oil-free sunscreen lotion for the face with broad-spectrum SPF 42 protection. It helps control excess sebum and gives skin a matte appearance while guarding against daily environmental aggressors. It also helps promote the natural beauty of your skin by protecting against the three major causes of skin cell damage—UV rays, oxidation and over-production of sebum.

Rs 2,875

A self-dispensing brush tip makes this mineral powder sunscreen a breeze to apply, but the ease of use doesn’t come at the expense of coverage. Colorscience’s award-winning sunscreen brush gets its first update, with a product that combines titanium dioxide and zinc oxide at SPF 50, defending against UVA, UVB, blue light, and pollution. The powder can be used on its own or over makeup and absorbs oil for a more matte finish.

Rs 5,667

If you’re going to be swimming or sweating, you must use sunscreen for oily skin that is non-greasy and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Paula’s Choice’s SPF 50 fulfils both criteria. Apply it to your face and body before going to the beach or doing an outdoor workout.

Rs 2,194

This isn’t one of those sunscreens that will ball up or pill beneath your makeup and concealer. The SPF 37 formula acts as a makeup primer, absorbing excess oil throughout the day and even out your skin texture to provide a smooth canvas for long-lasting makeup.

Rs 2,100

Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ is a revolutionary, dermatologist-tested formula that contains Helioplex technology, the latest breakthrough in UV protection. and combines it with Dry Touch Technology for an ultra-light, non-shiny finish. Serious sun protection never felt this light on your skin. This lightweight sunblock has a light fresh scent and is gentle enough even for sensitive skin.

Rs 650

Its sheer, weightless formula includes broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun-blocking ingredients and antioxidants. Perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive, this product can be worn alone or as an invisible makeup primer.

Rs 2,850

Broad spectrum sunscreen helps prevent greasiness and ageing on oily, breakout-prone skin. The lightweight, ultra-sheer formula contains an advanced blend of Zinc Gluconate, Caffeine, Niacinamide, Biotin and Yeast Extract. Oil absorbers help maintain an all-day matte finish, preventing shine without any powdery residue. Sheer formula provides defence against skin-ageing UV light.

Rs 4,200

Simply apply SPF using Sun Bum’s face stick. The simple formula and small packaging make it easy to put into your bag and take with you for easy on-the-go reapplication.

Rs 1,117

With antioxidants like vitamin E, this sunscreen fights against early signs of ageing and works as a barrier against damaging free radicals. You’ll be surprised at how rapidly this formula absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy behind.

Rs 3,047

Apply this mattifying mineral face sunscreen with SPF 30 before you leave the house. When you rub it in, the sheer, antioxidant-rich formula absorbs rapidly and leaves no grease behind.

Rs 2,957

Give this sunscreen a go if you want a smooth, pore-free skin. With its smooth matte texture, the lightweight mineral sunscreen works well as a primer.

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Rs 5,902

The most important thing for a healthy and glowy skin is hydration and sunscreen. Thatmatt gives your skin an immediate matte skin feel by dispersing over the skin surface giving the skin rich velvety texture. It provides effective sun protection while being weightless and undetectable on the skin. If you’re planning a holiday that will keep you in the sun for a while, grab thatmatt, it keeps you Sun-safe. Best part is that it can also be used as a primer, win-win.

Rs 899

This dual action moisturiser protects against harsh sun damage yet simultaneously hydrates + moisturises your skin. It reduces oxidative stress caused by environmental triggers like sun rays, pollution, UV rays and blue light. Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E also help improve the skin’s texture.

Rs 599
14 best sunscreens for oily skin that won’t clog pores

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