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Treat skin damage with these 8 best tan removal creams for men

Back from a beach vacation with a noticeable variation in your skin tone? Or do you have dull, sun-tanned skin due to built-up dirt and pollution? Although sunscreen is a great way to prevent any damage, one can still end up with an unsightly tan.

Besides being unflattering, sun exposure causes premature ageing and wrinkles. To treat it, a tan removal cream for men is an effective option. A good product will tackle discolouration, eliminate excess melanin, cleanse dirt collected in the pores and remove dead skin cells.

Here is all you need to know about gently getting rid of an adamant skin tan and our picks of highly-rated products to buy.

All you need to know about tanning

While the sun provides the essential vitamin D, its rays can also harm our skin. If you spend extended time outdoors, the long-wave ultraviolet A (UVA) and short-wave ultraviolet B (UVB) rays can damage the upper layers of the skin.

In response, the lower layers of the skin produce melanin. The melanocyte cells in the melanin are our skin’s efforts to block sun damage. Hence, it turns a darker shade and causes tanning or even sunburn.

Tan-removing creams work by gently scraping off the top layer of sun-damaged skin. The layer beneath then reveals fresh, lighter skin.

Factors to consider while buying a tan removal cream for men

Ingredients: De-tan creams that contain elements like walnuts, lemons and natural oils are safer to use. Avoid products with chemicals and synthetic compounds that irritate the skin. Alcohol and parabens are hazardous, so it’s best to avoid creams with these ingredients. You can also look for hydrating solutions.

Skin type: Determine whether you have normal, dry, oily, or combination skin. Check for creams that help you get rid of the tan and are suitable for you. This will ensure you do not irritate your skin by drying it out or triggering rashes.

Results: De-tan creams might come with a timeline in which you can see effective results. You can also check customer reviews to understand the product quality and outcome. Pick a product that works quickly and some time on your skin.

Steps to apply tan removal cream

  1. Cleanse your face with a gentle face wash or cleanser.
  2. Apply the de-tan cream to your skin evenly. Avoid using it around the eyes, lips, and other sensitive areas.
  3. Massage in circular motions with damp fingers.
  4. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.
  5. Pat dry and then moisturise.

Try out these 8 best tan removal creams for men

INR 1040

Known for a mix of natural and science-backed products, Raaga’s tan removal cream is an effective solution. It comes with kojic acid, which cleans your pores of dirt and impurities. This helps to revitalise your skin and restore its natural complexion. The formula also contains milk, which aids in hydrating the skin, leaving it supple. Raaga’s Professional de-tan removal cream is suitable for all skin types and for both men and women. It does not include harmful chemicals like sulphates, peroxides, hydroquinone or parabens.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 195

From a men’s grooming brand, this product comes with the magic of Canadian Rumex, which helps treat hyperpigmentation. This Ustraa de tan cream also contains vitamin B3, which helps to retain moisture. The added liquorice root helps you avoid dark eye circles and discolouration of the skin, and the Japanese yuzu, which is rich in ceramides that repair the skin, reduces irritation and decreases wrinkles. It is also free of bleaching agents and other harmful chemicals.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 205

DR.RASHEL, a vegan brand, offers this face cream for effective de-tanning with natural ingredients. It is available in several options of different organic elements like almond, aloe vera, rose, papaya, coffee, cucumber and more. Suitable for daily use, the de-tan cream is perfect for getting rid of blackheads and hyperpigmentation and deeply cleanses the skin to ensure it remains free of impurities and spots.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 649

Buddha Natural is an organic, vegan brand that offers this anti-tan face cream with natural ingredients. It contains aloe vera, almond oil, Himalayan water, shea butter, liquorice oil, turmeric extract, carrot seed extract, papaya extract, bergamot oil and raspberry oil. This blend improves the facial tone, refreshes the face, unblocks clogged pores and boosts the elasticity of the skin. The anti-tan face cream removes tanning, repairs dead skin cells and helps to brighten dark circles and under-eye dark spots. It has a thick texture that turns less dense when rubbed on the skin and then gets completely absorbed. This face cream has no synthetic fragrance or harmful elements.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 1469

Beatitude Essentials is a brand that emphasises nature-rich products with high-quality ingredients for the best effectiveness. Its anti-tan cream helps in tackling tired and tanned skin. To be applied overnight, the product contains ingredients like mulberry and saffron extracts, which help stimulate collagen production. These organic ingredients contain antioxidants, which help lessen UV radiation damage. Mulberry extract, which is well-known for its all-natural skin-brightening effects, aids in removing pigmentation and dark spots brought on by sun exposure. Brown spots and other imperfections are reduced by the saffron in the cream.

Image: Courtesy Nykaa

INR 949

The skincare products by Zobha are made with high-quality ingredients backed by science and nature. Its tan cleansing cream is a lightening formula that treats uneven skin tone. This contains raspberry seed oil, which, with its anti-ageing benefits, helps improve skin elasticity. Vitamin A and fatty acids also leave the skin smooth and supple. Within a single use of the cream, it helps lighten wrinkles, fine lines and treats sagging skin. The product offers effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. It does not contain a bleaching formula. Use it regularly to reduce dark spots and old scars.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

INR 419

Riyo Herbs, a gender-neutral brand, is known for providing skincare products tailored for all skin types. A no-bleach formula, the Riyo Herbs de-tan cream is an effective remedy for sun damage and getting radiant, even-toned skin. It is formulated with natural ingredients that give it an instant glow. The product contains grapeseed oil, which comes with vitamin E, and linoleic acid, which treats skin discolouration. The chamomile oil works to remove sun tan.

To ensure hydration, olive oil is included, which keeps the skin nourished. Damage caused by harmful UV rays may also be treated, thanks to the antioxidants and antibacterial properties of the cream. It can be used on the face, neck, hands, feet, and neck. The cream is also free from parabens and sulphates and does not have any side effects.

Image: Courtesy Nykaa

(Prices of the products mentioned in the story are subject to change.)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

– Which is the best tan removal cream for men?

Some of the best de tan creams for men are by brands like Raaga Professional, Ustraa, DR.RASHEL, Buddha Natural, Beatitude Essentials, Zobha and Riyo Herbs.

– How often should I use a tan removal cream?

To ensure the skin’s health, it’s best to use tan removal creams once or twice a week. Some creams that have a gentle effect are safe to use daily.

– How can a man treat a tanned face?

Tan removal creams are an easy and effective way for men to treat skin tanning due to sun exposure.

– How long do tan removal creams take to start working?

Tan removal creams help to reduce skin tanning and get even skin tone between one to four weeks, depending on the usage.

– How does tanning affect the skin?

Prolonged sun exposure can lead to severe skin damage. Additionally, tanning causes skin to age prematurely, which is challenging to reverse.

Treat skin damage with these 8 best tan removal creams for men

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