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Kim Taehyung’s skincare routine: Here’s how the BTS star maintains a spotless glow

Whoever said skincare is the ultimate self-care was absolutely right! After all, what’s more therapeutic than soothing and relaxing your skin after a chaotic day, shelling out those five minutes only to pamper yourself and feel rejuvenated? When it comes to skincare, Korean skincare and beauty is all the rage right now and rightly so! I mean, have you seen how gorgeous the glass-like, porcelain skin of our K-pop idols is? While all Korean stars boast radiant skin, the ones who have grabbed worldwide attention for their stunning visuals are BTS. The septet’s Kim Taehyung aka V is undoubtedly one of the most handsome musicians out there, who’s known for religiously abiding by a skincare routine despite hectic and packed schedules. Kim Taehyung follows an easy-to-emulate, surprisingly simple skincare routine we should all take note of!

From back-to-back live performances, album recordings, brand shoots, and travelling around the globe among the endless list of commitments, BTS members often suffer from dull and tired skin and the boys have been quite vocal about their skincare woes.

So, what are Kim Taehyung’s skincare concerns?

V hasn’t shied away from talking about his occasional bouts of breakouts and lack of skin elasticity that keeps him worried! In a conversation with Allure, V mentioned that his skin becomes dry and oily relatively fast. The Winter Bear singer also added that he lathers his skin with toner and moisturiser during flights, making sure it’s well-hydrated! Well, many of us can relate to V, isn’t it? But despite all this, how has he managed to maintain a spotless glow? Keep reading to find out!

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According to Sportskeeda, V follows the simple yet effective CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturising) method to get a gleaming skin. While the singer uses only a few skincare products, he applies them mindfully and makes sure they’re spread evenly across the hard-to-reach corners as well. Let’s look at his skincare routine in detail:

1. Cleanser to wash away all impurities

kim taehyung skincare
Image credit: bts.bighitofficial/ Instagram

Cleansing is probably the most important part of your skincare routine as it deeply cleans your face, ridding it of all the excess dirt, makeup, and impurities you’ve encountered throughout the day. K-beauty also puts a lot of emphasis on proper cleansing for blemish-free skin, and one should ideally wash their face twice a day for the best results. Taehyung uses a foaming cleanser, which is very soothing on the face and removes excessive oil and makeup without irritating the skin.

The removal of dirt and grime from your face is also important for other products to seep into your skin properly. Additionally, cleansing on a routine basis with gentle products boosts the skin’s hydration levels, helps maintain proper pore size and boosts skin regeneration which makes you look younger. Also, it’s very important to choose a cleanser based on your skin type!

2. Toner for deep cleansing of any residual

Simply put, toner is used to gently refresh your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. It serves as a deep cleanser, removing all the dirt or makeup remnants a cleanser might’ve missed. Kim Taehyung is very careful with his toner application, with his dermatologist suggesting he applies it with a cotton pad instead of his fingers. He gently taps it across his face rather than aggressively wiping it off.

The lightweight, water-based solution effectively minimises the appearance of pores and tightens the skin. Toner further balances your skin after cleansing, keeping it from feeling too dry or tight. It hydrates, refreshes and soothes your skin, creating a clean palette for moisturisers to penetrate deeper.

3. Face cream/ moisturiser for a flush of hydration

BTS V skincare
Image credit: bts.bighitofficial/ Instagram

Is there anything a good moisturiser can’t do? From preventing dryness, slowing the signs of ageing, and fighting acne to protecting from the sun and soothing sensitive skin – the product is game-changing!

BTS’ V sticks to only one moisturiser, using it liberally all over his face. As mentioned earlier, the singer is very particular about how he applies each product. He nicely massages his face with face cream, which promotes blood circulation and ensures the skin stays supple and bouncy. Interestingly the singer moisturises his ears as well, something we clearly didn’t know we should be doing!

It’s advisable to use a separate cream during the day and another at night based on your skin type. Day and night creams differ in what they’re supposed to do to your skin. While night creams usually repair your skin by deeply penetrating into it overnight, day creams provide protection from outside elements.

4. Hand cream to keep hands protected and well-hydrated

Just like our face, our hands also need a dose of moisturisation, given our perpetual handwashing and sanitising habits that leave them dry and dehydrated. The skin on top of our hands has fewer sebaceous glands, which makes it dry and age faster. Additionally, exposure to sun, water, and pollution leads to pigmentation, wrinkles as well as thinning of the skin. Hand creams help repair this damaged and cracked skin by infusing moisture into the hands.

V carefully administers hand cream into the spaces between his fingers, while going a little extra and applying it on his cuticles as well. These areas, which we often tend to overlook, help keep hangnails at bay!

5. Lip balm to break free from chapped lips

kim taehyung skincare
Image credit: bts.bighitofficial/ Instagram

Seal your lips with a lip balm, because chapped lips are just not cool! Taehyung applies it using his fingers so that the product reaches the corners a lip balm stick has trouble reaching.

Lip balm is one of your handbag staples, that goes way beyond serving your ‘pretty’ purpose. Especially since the skin on your lips is much more delicate as compared to your facial skin, it’s important to include a nourishing lip balm before the harsh weather conditions and chemical lip products leave your lips chapped, dull and dark. These balms restore the lip’s natural moisture and oils, brighten them and shed the dead skin cells. Make sure your lip balm is enriched with SPF for protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

Additionally, a lip balm can be applied on your nail bed to hydrate your cuticles and doubles up as a blush and a highlighter to give you a glowy base. Take it from us, K-pop celebrities religiously use balms and tints for plumper-looking and hydrated lips, and you should too!

Rounding up Kim Taehyung’s skincare is one very important lifestyle habit he swears by. V suggests drinking tons of water to not only keep your body hydrated but also maintain your skin’s elasticity. If your skin doesn’t get enough water, it’s likely to become dry, tight, and flaky as well as more prone to ageing.

Will you try out Kim Taehyung’s go-to skincare routine?

Hero image: Courtesy thv/Instagram; Feature image: Courtesy bts.bighitofficial/ Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Kim Taehyung’s skincare routine?

BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung follows the classic CTM procedure. He also swears by a moisturising hand cream and a lip balm for an overall healthier appearance. 

  • What is the skincare routine of BTS?

While each member has their own skincare routine, all BTS members religiously use sunscreen to maintain long-term skin health.

Kim Taehyung’s skincare routine: Here’s how the BTS star maintains a spotless glow

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