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LSA Discovery: Cinnamon Soul’s soaps are plant-powered and earth-friendly
If there’s one beauty trend that’s here to stay, it’s self-care coupled with eco-consciousness. And if that offering is luxurious and indulgent, we are guilty of pandering to it, especially the ones that promise all of the goodness of nature, packaged in green to suit your skin typeCinnamon Soul is an environment-conscious beauty label that helps you restart your skincare journey with a mindful approach and spa-like touch.
Cinnamon Soul

This Bengaluru-based label comes with unique formulations, natural and plant-based ingredients, and are as gentle as they come. Plus, they add a luxurious, sensorial touch to your bathroom. More than skincare products, they are self-care formulations.

The products free from palm oil, parabens, phthalates, synthetic detergents, artificial colourants, sulphates, or artificial fragrances. It ranges from soaps that you can smell a mile away to weightless after-shower body oils that make your skin super smooth (we tried one of them, and we’re obsessed!). The label also retails oils for babies and mom while catering to men with their beard oils and detox soap bars – suffice to say, everyone at home can take self-care seriously. Everything is handmade.

We spoke to founder Nidha Adeni, who gave us an insider’s view of how the label works and what it brings to the table. “Our sustainability ethos makes sourcing for the purest ingredient from local and certified farms, a priority,” explains Adeni.

Cinnamon Soul

On how the label came about

Cinnamon Soul was born out of the need to fill the void of finding a luxury beauty care brand that was anchored in sustainability. We wanted to introduce eco-luxury in everyday living. The idea was to create a conscious and mindful life, without trading off little self-indulgent moments of self-care.

While we started with soaps, Cinnamon Soul has a variety of products, including the popular Mum’s Belly and Body Oil and the newly launched Hydrating Beard Oil for men. Our collection of body oils, bath products, and gentlemen’s grooming products are an ode to natural ingredients that are time-tested, remarkably potent, and have unique fragrances.

Cinnamon Soul

On what makes Cinnamon Soul unique

We believe that the best things to put in and on your body are derived from the natural world around us. For us, maintaining healthy skin goes far beyond the face. We decided to start with body care because we felt it deserved to be the first thought and not an afterthought. After all, skin doesn’t end at the neck; the skin on our bodies also deserves clean and effective products.

All our product formulations use ingredients that have a real purpose. We take our ‘natural’ tag seriously and do not use lab-created ingredients. One of our keys differentiates is our complex, perfume-like scents achieved by blending pure essentials oils the way perfumes were blended instead of one tonal smell. The result? Unique layered fragrances that everyone loves.

Cinnamon Soul

On bestsellers and popular products

Our Mum’s Belly Bump Oil has been a resounding success with expecting mums dealing with stretch marks. Most pregnant women want to use a mildly-scented, soothing product – this oil is just what they need. It’s quick-absorbing and hydrating made with Argan and Jojoba. The newly launched Men’s beard oil from our Gentlemen’s Collection has been picked as a favourite too – it’s non-greasy, quick-absorbing and universally loved for its smell. Amongst the soaps, our Lavender Shea soap with its gentle scrub of dried lavender flowers, Daily Detox, activated charcoal soap, and Tangerine Delight is what our customers keep coming back for.

 For us, it’s all about sourcing the purest ingredient. For example, kokum butter is best sourced from India, but our olive oil comes from Spain. While we are conscious of reducing the carbon footprint of our ingredients, their purity and efficacy are prime.

On sustainability at Cinnamon Soul

At Cinnamon Soul, we take sustainability seriously and see to it that the entire product lifecycle follows the tenets of it – right from sourcing from fair trade farms, minimising our waste pool, mindfulness during formulation, and then the packaging.

Lessons from India’s beauty industry

There has been a massive shift in the beauty industry of India – from brands not disclosing toxic ingredients and needless green-washing to authentic steps towards conscious products. The consumer is now more invested in what goes in each product, ensuring that the brands are held accountable. We draw our strength from this positive change in the industry.

Offshoots that the brand works with

Apart from consumer products, we customise a range of personal care products for hotels and spas. This gives us a chance to reach more people with pure, natural personal care options and make a more abiding shift in choices. We also work with some of the top wedding planners in the country to reach customers directly.

On what beauty addicts are looking for in India

Indians are looking for uncomplicated and authentic products with transparency. They want indulgence and self-care without any marketing gimmicks. The gap between artisanal natural and organic beauty brands and traditional brands is reducing, thanks to knowledge and awareness.

LSA Discovery: Cinnamon Soul’s soaps are plant-powered and earth-friendly

Latha Sunadh

Deputy Editor

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