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Three natural ingredients for detoxing your skin during this season

Carrot, coffee grounds and a touch of calendula can help detox skin that has suffered the effects of a cold, gray winter. The idea is to deep cleanse skin, to reduce redness caused by changes in temperature, and to restore a natural healthy glow — three essential steps to freshen up skin for spring.

How to detox your skin?

Coffee grounds for gentle exfoliation

Health benefits of coffee

Revitalising your skin requires deep cleansing, and therefore regular exfoliation to get rid of the dead cells that build up throughout the winter. Coffee grounds are the most suitable natural ingredient for this task. Not only do they refine skin texture to make it smoother, softer and more radiant, without stripping it too harshly, but they also absorb sebum. Plus, since they’re rich in caffeine, they can give a real boost to eyes, banishing puffiness and dark circles to make way for skin that’s radiant with vitality and health. Plus, it won’t cost you a thing, since the grounds from your coffee maker were probably destined to be thrown out anyway. And it’s a great way to recycle waste.

Carrots for a healthy glow

carrot benefits

Carrots might be tasty to eat, but they also give your skin that healthy glow it so desperately needs during the winter, while helping to prepare it for the return of the sun. Rich in vitamin A, carrots are known to provide many benefits to the skin, including a healthy glow and a long-lasting radiance — ideal at the end of winter. And that’s not all, since carrots promote tanning and, thanks to their antioxidant properties, prevent skin aging.

Calendula to soothe redness

calendula cream: skin detox

The new season means a change in temperature, and this can be problematic for skin, resulting in redness or blemishes, for example. It is therefore a good idea to look for ingredients that are rich in soothing active ingredients, such as calendula, a plant well-known to people prone to itching, since it calms all types of irritation, leaving skin soft and soothed. In addition to its calming effect, calendula has reparative properties that allow the skin to heal more easily. Add it to your skin detox program to step into spring feeling fresh-faced.

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Three natural ingredients for detoxing your skin during this season

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