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Dry brushing: The secret to unlocking beaming, beautiful skin

We tend to pay attention to whatever perpetually glowy-skinned celebrities swear by, even if it’s as mysterious as dry brushing. You’ve probably heard about this centuries-old beauty ritual, which has long been a celebrity favourite. But the question is, is it really the secret to glowing, flawless skin?

Everything you need to know about dry brushing

What is Dry Brushing?

This method is exactly what it sounds like. You grab a body brush (one with firm, natural bristles) and gently massage your body in an upward direction. As it sloughs off dead skin, this procedure leaves you with silky smooth skin, brightens the skin, and makes your moisturiser even more effective. And, as the name suggests, both the brush and your skin should be dry while performing this process.

Benefits of dry brushing

This method may offer its own set of benefits, from plumping to exfoliating.


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Exfoliates dead skin

Dry brushing, like all exfoliating procedures, removes the day’s dirt and oil as well as dead skin cells. As a result, cell turnover is enhanced, and the skin appears more radiant and smooth.

Boosts blood circulation

If you see your skin turning red after dry brushing, it’s not only from discomfort, and it’s not a cause for alarm. The redness, which is only mild irritation, is caused by increased circulation in the regions where you’ve been dry brushing. The body is simply pushing more blood to those regions.

Makes the skin plump

Many people say that dry brushing makes their cellulite less visible since it temporarily plumps the skin. It may even help with the appearance of sun damage.

Encourages lymphatic drainage

Lymph fluid is carried by all blood and passes via the lymph nodes. Dry brushing increases the pace of blood pumping, which helps in the movement of lymph through the body, eliminating toxins and pathogens more quickly.

Relaxes the body

Maybe it’s the increased circulation, or maybe it’s simply the few extra minutes spent engaging in a self-care ritual, but most individuals people feel relaxed after dry brushing their skin.

Risks of dry brushing

Exfoliation should be done with caution in general. If you have extremely sensitive skin or suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or other serious skin conditions, avoid this method since it might aggravate your problems and create more irritation. Brushing too hard and too frequently can also cause skin irritation. While dry brushing will cause your skin to redden, skin abrasions are not to be expected. If you have an open wound on your skin, avoid this area to avoid introducing bacteria and infection.

How to dry brush your skin?


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There is a way to dry brushing that does not entail scrubbing a brush all over your body randomly. Here are the proper steps to follow:

1. Before you begin dry-brushing, make sure your skin is completely dry.

2. Begin at your feet and work your way up, making long, circular motions in the direction of your heart. Similarly, while working on your arms, begin with the hands and work your way up. Work your way around the stomach clockwise.

3. Harsh exfoliation is never the goal; avoid pressing too hard or using a stiff brush.

This method may be done at any time of day, however, most experts recommend doing it in the morning rather than before bed since they believe it has energizing qualities. This procedure should be done no more than one to two times a week, according to experts. Remember to wash your brush with baby shampoo at least twice a month to remove any dead skin accumulation.

The Aftercare

After dry brushing, take a shower to remove all of the dead skin cells. If you intend on going out for the day, experts recommend using sunscreen because the process might leave your skin more susceptible to the sun.

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Dry brushing: The secret to unlocking beaming, beautiful skin

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