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Is facial steam the OG skincare hack and can a basin help you achieve flawless skin?

From facial steam being a crucial DIY remedy for inflammation to now Kohler turning this homegrown remedy into futuristic technology, courtesy of their new Sveda basin. Let’s find out the relevance and contribution of facial steam in our skincare regimes.

The domain of beauty is climbing the ladder of success one skincare invention at a time. From homegrown brands taking the lead to organic skincare dominating our shelves, beauty connoisseurs are never going to run out of options anytime soon. Having said that, you all might’ve had your hands tested on some of the best skincare products, but certain home remedies will always be there to steal the deal. Speaking of which, facial steam is one such treatment known for reducing inflammation hence resulting in glowing skin. Likewise, global luxury lifestyle brand Kohler celebrated its 150th anniversary at India Design Week 2023 and launched a futuristic product ‘Sveda’ that tends to elevate every woman’s skincare regime. The Sveda basin from Kohler is here to take the concept of facial steam a notch higher and elevate your skincare regimes by improving blood circulation, deep cleansing pores, and removing toxins. 

facial steam

Dr. Jushya Bhatia Sarin on the relevance of facial steam

With the advent of this product, the brand aims at promoting self-care as a requisite and marks yet another episode of its excellence. But in order to completely trust the process and before turning our baths into wellness retreats, one should know that is facial steam really a one-stop shop for all our skincare troubles. Digging deeper into the same, Dr. Jushya Bhatia Sarin, MD, founder member at Sarin Skin Solutions, throws some light on the relevance of facial steam and whether or not is it crucial for us to make it a permanent part of our daily regimes.

facial steam

“Facial steaming has a myriad of benefits – cleaning, reducing inflammation, and preventing breakouts. While modern-day steaming is an indispensable part of a DIY facial spa, the ritual has been present since the time of Ayurveda. Bathing in steam hammams and elaborate steam baths with botanicals, oils, minerals, and clay has always been in the ritual of the royals. Steaming opens your pores and allows natural oils within the skin to flow. It gently hydrates the top layer of the skin and makes it more permeable, allowing products to penetrate the skin easily. Steaming before applying toners, serums or moisturisers can help the products absorb better. Including steaming in one’s skincare regime can help make skin look firmer and younger as it increases circulation and helps in the production of collagen and elastin. The extra blood flow also helps deliver oxygen to the skin, which is nourishing” says Dr. Jushya.

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Kohler.  

Is facial steam the OG skincare hack and can a basin help you achieve flawless skin?

Jhanvi Duggal

Lifestyle Writer

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